2018 North Georgia Player Rankings (175-100)


175-100 | 99-50 | 49-1

Below is the initial North Georgia Top 175 (175-100) for the Class of 2018. We will be releasing 99-50 tomorrow night and 49-1 on Thursday, so be sure to check back to see the complete list.

This list will change over the next year, with players being added and moved around. Why? Some athletes physically develop later in life, especially offensive linemen, while others peak at an early age and never seem to get any better by the time they are seniors.

What is my definition of North Georgia? Any school above the gnat line starting with Macon all the way to the Tennessee line.

Over the last three recruiting cycles, Georgia has produced 599 FBS signees; 80 percent of those players hail from north of Warner Robins. That means in any given year there are approximately 160 football players going DI from North Georgia.

In 2016, the Peach State produced an all-time high of 207 high school football players signing FBS scholarships. California, with four times the population of Georgia, only produced 20 more DI signees in that same year. Yes, Georgia has become a hotbed of recruiting for colleges all over the country!

It’s our goal to help as many football players in the state of Georgia reach their goal of playing football on a full or partial scholarship. In the end, it’s the education that a student-athlete receives that will eventually carry them through their entire life. Football is a great sport, but eventually it comes to an end at an early age.

Any coach that feels that their current junior athlete has been missed for consideration on this list should contact us via Twitter @BVEvery or @RecruitGeorgia. Please include the HUDL link when promoting your player.

One important tip when making your highlight is to keep it between three and six minutes long. Make sure your top plays are first, and remember that not every tackle, run, catch or pass is highlight-worthy. Your goal is to seize the attention of college coaches.

175-100 | 99-50 | 49-1

100. Roderic Forts
DE Cedar Grove

6-4/205 HUDL

101. Myles Best
OL Lovejoy

6-3/285 HUDL

102. John Fitzpatrick
 TE Marist

6-6/230 RG Profile

103. Christian Malloy
APB Parkview

5-10/190 RG Profile

104. Banks Ramsey
QB Wesleyan

6-5/215 RG Profile

105. CJ Wright
DL Screven County

6-0/285 HUDL

106. Colby Wood
APB Jefferson

5-10/180 RG Profile

107. Nick Markus
DE Alpharetta

6-1/240 RG Profile

108. Latrell Bankston
DL Woodstock

6-1/255 RG Profile

109. Willie Green III
OL Glenn Hills

6-4/290 HUDL

110. Nicholas Sligh
OL Clarke Central

6-3/305  RG Profile

111. Nasir Love-Porter
CB Dalton

5-11/165 HUDL

112. Tony Jones II
WR Langston Hughes

6-0/180 RG Profile

113. Bryce Jones
OL Peachtree Ridge

6-3/285 RG Profile

114. Justin Long
WR Parkview

6-1/175 RG Profile

115. Khaleb Hood
S Eagle’s Landing Christian

6-0/170 HUDL

116. Austin Donaldson
OL Stockbridge

6-4/300 RG Profile

117. Gavan George
OL Eagle’s Landing Christian

6-5/270 RG Profile

118. Kurott Garland
DE Heritage-Conyers

6-3/225 HUDL

119. Jake Camarda
P Norcross

6-2/175 HUDL

120. Elijah Fluker
ATH Villa Rica

5-11/170 HUDL

121. Zion Custis
APB Lovejoy

5-7/175 RG Profile

122. Hajj-Malik Williams
QB Hapeville Charter

6-1/175 HUDL

123. Jake Broom
ILB Decatur

6-2/210 RG Profile

124. Sam Tardits
OLB Clarke Central

6-3/205 HUDL

125. Blane Mason
S Centennial

6-1/170 RG Profile

126. Matthew Hall
OL Walton

6-6/310 HUDL

127. Fred Payton
QB Peachtree Ridge

6-2/185 RG Profile

128. Nuru Tinch
RB Newton

6-0/210 HUDL

129. Tyler Gillis
WR Lambert

6-2/180 HUDL

130. Quintavius Gooden
OLB Douglass

6-2/190 HUDL

131. Kashawn Robinson
OLB Screven County

6-2/200 HUDL

132. Rashad Ajayi
CB Langston Hughes

5-11/170 RG Profile

133. C’Bo Flemister
RB Pike County

5-11/190 RG Profile

134. Armis Stokes
RB Mays

5-11/195  RG Profile

135. Kurt Voltaire
DE Luella

6-2/235 HUDL

136. Luke Grant
WR Heritage-Ringgold

5-10/175 HUDL

137. CamRon Carter
OLB Tucker

6-1/200 RG Profile

138. Aaron Casey
OLB Alexander

6-2/205 HUDL

139. Brandon Shelnutt
TE Archer

6-3/215 RG Profile

140. Dustin Pope
OL Chattooga

6-6/300 RG Profile

141. Uriah West
RB Douglas County

6-0/190 RG Profile

142. Marvion Fields
DL Strong Rock Christian

6-2/275 RG Profile

143. Cole Williamson
OL Carrollton

6-5/325 HUDL

144. Mark Heard
WR Forsyth Central

6-3/180 RG Profile

145. Dexter Manior
TE Rockdale County

6-3/230 RG Profile

146. Richard Taylor II
OL Arabia Mountain

6-3/285 RG Profile

147. DeMond Ellison
WR Cherokee

6-3/200 HUDL

148. Bailey Ottaway
OL Flowery Branch

6-5/270 RG Profile

149. Jayln Shelton
RB Ridgeland

5-11/205 RG Profile

150. Derik Lawrence
WR Central Gwinnett

5-9/160 HUDL

151. Noah Sherburn
OL Sequoyah

6-3/285 RG Profile

152. Markeith Montgomery
APB Ridgeland

5-8/166 RG Profile

153. Brandon Onuorah
DE SW DeKalb

6-6/240 RG Profile

154. Jaylon Head
S McNair

6-2/185 RG Profile

155. Javarious Phillips
ILB Walnut Grove

6-0/225 HUDL

156. Chris Reid
QB East Coweta

6-2/185 RG Profile

157. Myles Gadson
DL Tucker

6-2/300 HUDL

158. Josh Taylor
OL West Hall

6-4/305 RG Profile

159. Bryce Christensen
K Lambert

5-11/171 HUDL

160. Louis Hall
ATH Woodstock

6-0/180 RG Profile

161. William Huzzie
WR Duluth

6-3/180 HUDL

162. Brian Mitchell
ATH North Paulding

5-10/185 RG Profile

163. Will Van Pamelen
K Grayson

6-0/185 HUDL

164. Cedric Davenport
APB Drew

5-10/185 RG Profile

165. Blake Jones
WR Etowah

6-2/180  RG Profile

166. Wilson Catoe
ILB Peachtree Ridge

6-1/215 RG Profile

167. Luke Johns
DE SE Whitfield

6-4/220 RG Profile

168. Jacob Brumby
QB Pickens

6-6/205 RG Profile

169. Harrison Taylor
DE Eagle’s Landing Christian

6-4/220 HUDL

170. Joe Egan
WR Westminster

5-11/175 RG Profile

171. Isaiah Rorey
S Brookwood

5-11/175 RG Profile

172. Jason Pierce
K Hillgrove

6-2/200 HUDL

173. Keith Harris
ILB Gainesville

6-0/235 RG Profile

174. Tommy Rogers
S Parkview

5-8/185 RG Profile

175. Taurean Taylor
APB Tucker
5-5/170 RG Profile


175-100 | 99-50 | 49-1
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  1. How do you come up with these rankings?
    Some kids on here are all state and there’s others that missed half the season and ranked!

    1. Talk about hyperbole – I believe two kids from the list missed the entire season!

      How did we come up with these rankings? Well first keep in mind that All-State players are for each classification and this is for the entire class of 2018. So this is a much smaller pool but for the most part from watching film and seeing the kid live at camps. These are college prospects and are guys we think are the best players from what we have evaluated in the class of 2018 so far. Barry told me he looked at every Max Preps page and HUDL page there was for each team and spent several weeks on it. I myself, spent the entire year watching these kids progress and as you may notice, a lot of them have profiles on the website. We collaborated together but I’ll admit Barry did most of the legwork and deserves over 90% of the credit.

      If you think we missed somebody you should contact us or even leave a comment here and we will check him out for when we release Version 1.1

  2. Reply Post By Eric Bailey

    Wow Coach I think you guys missed out on Lunden Bailey Hudl was closed by coaches because they were playing in the championship you might want to go back and recheck it out his hudl

  3. I realize that all classifications are involved, with that being said you still have guys on here who statically have not produce more than others so I have to ask what is it that your looking for when it comes to ranking these players???

    1. It’s a college recruiting website so we are projecting off of college potential. Stats are not everything and can be misleading in fact.

  4. You have a player on the list that’s listed as a DT but it appears that he also plays RB. He rush for just over a thousand yds on offense and recorded just under 50 tackles and 2 sacks which in that case he should be listed as an athlete instead of a DT to keep confusing down cause clearly those stats especially on defensive side doesn’t warrant top player status.

    1. Okay Tim, let’s see if he plays DT or RB in college.

  5. I always thought your play speaks for itself. How many times have college recruiters been wrong because they thought a player was to small or not fast enough??? Really stats don’t matter?

    1. The best college recruiters are right more than wrong. That is why Clemson, Alabama, and Ohio State are consistent playoff teams.

  6. Not denying that, key word most of the time. If you look at history, some of the best to ever play the game came from small colleges. The original question was how do you pick these rankings if stats don’t matter, I’m guessing this is how you feel they are rank, I guess I can live with that, just a matter of your opinion! Gotcha…

  7. Reply Post By Mwebster

    How do you omit Marcus Webster Jr from Alpharetta High School? He came from Gwinnett County and was 2nd team All Region and County as a Sophomore and was invited to the Opening Regionals. This year he again had great stats and runs a 4.3 40 yard dash his HUDL is link is below:
    Check out this highlight!

  8. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Where is Jay Jones? He is a phenomenal talent but didn’t appear on your top 175.

  9. How does DJ Atkins from Callaway not
    Make it? All-state and ran for over 2000 yards! Only a handful of backs out rushed him yet there are a ton of RB’s on this list and not him

  10. Reply Post By Ed Barnes

    No Bailey Fisher on any of these lists?

  11. How about jalen cannon MLB /Fb//TE best academy Atlanta Ga. What is the criteria for this team. You have players listed who didn’t even play half a season. If you look at his HUDL and say he is not one of the best in North Ga, I will accept that.

  12. Reply Post By Coach Mills

    took on 2 or 3 blockers most of the year
    Deporess Schletty’s Junior Highlights on @Hudl http://www.hudl.com/v/wJDic #hudl

  13. Reply Post By Parish

    How does a kid that makes your all-state team not make this list? Instead I see kids that did not make your all-state team on the list; this is just a crazy- not well thought out list.

  14. Reply Post By Parish

    How does a kid that makes your all-state team not make this list? Instead I see kids that did not make your all-state team on the list; this is just a crazy- not well thought out list.

  15. Wow! Still no answer?

  16. Dillon Knepp #25 2018 LB/RB/Safety for Lakeview Academy in Gainesville won 1st place in LB category on Feb 12, 2017 at the Adidas Showcase Football Camp at Buford High School. He rank top 5 as a sophomore and top 10 as a freshman! He played both sides of the ball for Lakeview and was an outstanding blocker. He’s 6’0 and 185 lbs. He deserves a look. He trains with Elite Talent Football Academy.

  17. Reply Post By GHSAfan

    1 player from the 478.. blasphemy!!! no player from Northside High, Warner Robins High, Houston County, nor Jones County High Schools. Elite Seniors are easily found in those programs around these parts. Guarantee these webmasters are from Atlanta somewhere, city boys! Great site but the North Georgia bias is easily seen on here. No players on here are from middle to south ga unless they have 4stars or more. At the beginning I thought this site was for the more less fortunate but I think I’m wrong.

    1. Hey friend, thanks for leaving a comment. Please understand that these are NORTH Georgia rankings and rather old ones at that. We have a SOUTH Georgia Top 100 that we last updated back in May, which has players from all over middle and south Georgia. Also the rankings are about 1/100th of what this site is about. We have over 2 k profiles that help players who are looking for additional exposure all for free. It has been extremely successful. From what I can gander, it seems like you came to my website looking to find something to be upset about. and luckily you found North Georgia rankings from back in December of 2016. Next time please take a moment and read the title of the article at least!

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