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This process is not AUTOMATED. Each profile must be individually made unique to whatever information provided, so please fill this information out as much as possible! Do not submit twice in a row, it worked. Also, have a HUDL link ready and please be sure to provide the correct social media account names. This will ensure college coaches can contact you the easiest! 

There is currently over +2500 RG Player Profiles made in our public database. Demand for profiles is very high right now, so we are also working on creating a massive excel sheet that we will provide to college football programs. 


As of May 3, 2017 Recruit Georgia became an official NCAA certified recruiting service. The NCAA granted us permission to put this language on our website “NCAA Division I coaches are permitted to subscribe to this service for Football. For more information, visit:” This is a major step in our ultimate goal in bringing free exposure to all recruits in Georgia, so please fill out this form as complete as possible, and share with all of your teammates who want to play at the next level.

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