2018 North Georgia Player Rankings (99-50)


175-100 | 99-50 | 49-1

Below is the initial North Georgia Top 175 (99-50) for the Class of 2018. We have already released 175-100 yesterday, and 49-1 will be posted on Thursday, so be sure to check back tomorrow to see the complete list.

This list will change over the next year, with players being added and moved around. Why? Some athletes physically develop later in life, especially offensive linemen, while others peak at an early age and never seem to get any better by the time they are seniors.

What is my definition of North Georgia? Any school above the gnat line starting with Macon all the way to the Tennessee line.

Over the last three recruiting cycles, Georgia has produced 599 FBS signees; 80 percent of those players hail from north of Warner Robins. That means in any given year there are approximately 160 football players going DI from North Georgia.

In 2016, the Peach State produced an all-time high of 207 high school football players signing FBS scholarships. California, with four times the population of Georgia, only produced 20 more DI signees in that same year. Yes, Georgia has become a hotbed of recruiting for colleges all over the country!

It’s our goal to help as many football players in the state of Georgia reach their goal of playing football on a full or partial scholarship. In the end, it’s the education that a student-athlete receives that will eventually carry them through their entire life. Football is a great sport, but eventually it comes to an end at an early age.

Any coach who feels that their current junior athlete has been missed for consideration on this list should contact us via Twitter @BVEvery or @RecruitGeorgia. Please include the HUDL link when promoting your player.

One important tip when making your highlight is to keep it between three and six minutes long. Make sure your top plays are first, and remember that not every tackle, run, catch or pass is highlight-worthy. Your goal is to seize the attention of college coaches.

175-100 | 99-50 | 49-1

50. Tobe Umerah
DE Stratford Academy
6-3/215 HUDL

51. Christian Turner
RB Buford
5-10/185 HUDL

52. Terell Smith
CB South Gwinnett
6-1/170 RG Profile

53. Christian Jackson
CB Lassiter
6-1/185 HUDL

54. Tyquan Johnson
WR Screven County
6-3/195 HUDL

55. Josh Vann
WR Tucker
5-11/175 HUDL

56. Katerian Legrone
TE B.E.S.T. Academy
6-3/220 RG Profile

57. John Harris
OL Mill Creek
6-4/275 RG Profile

58. LJ Fisher II
WR North Gwinnett
6-3/185 HUDL

59. Maleak Bryant
TE Mays
6-7/220 RG Profile

60. Jonathan Gipson
S Mill Creek
6-1/185 HUDL

61. Casey Holman
OL Brookwood
6-4/287 RG Profile

62. Thurman Geathers II
DE North Cobb
6-3/217 RG Profile

63. Christian Ford
WR Roswell
5-10/170 HUDL

64. Darnell Jefferies
DL Newton
6-4/265 RG Profile

65. Ben Bresnahan
TE West Forsyth
6-5/215 HUDL

66. Soloman Egbe
ILB Grayson
6-0/218 RG Profile

67. Nolan Edmonds
RB Alpharetta
5-11/190 HUDL

68. Josh Walker
DL Carrollton
6-2/290 RG Profile

69. Omar Jones
TE Westside-Macon
6-5/200 HUDL

70. Octavious Battle
QB Carver-Atlanta
6-4/185 HUDL

71. Jalynn Sykes
RB Rome
5-11/195 HUDL

72. Jaycee Horn
CB Alpharetta
6-0/170 HUDL

73. Dante Black
RB Brookwood
5-11/205 HUDL

74. Blake Watson
OL Milton
6-5/280 RG Profile

75. Bryson Richardson
S Buford
6-1/190 HUDL

76. Charles Gadie
CB Douglas County
5-11/175 RG Profile

77. Jaylen Rivers
OLB Grady
6-2/195 RG Profile

78. Kendall Williamson
CB Brookwood
6-1/185 RG Profile

79. Daniel Troutman
S Mays
6-0/170 RG Profile

80. Genuine Potts
WR McEachern
6-3/205 HUDL

81. Brock Mattison
OLB Buford
6-2/230 RG Profile

82. Kenneth Dicks III
S Lambert
6-0/190 HUDL

83. Steven Peterson
WR Harrison
6-2/185 RG Profile

84. Spencer Gaddis
WR Alpharetta
6-0/175 RG Profile

85. Jayden Patterson
CB Mountain View
6-0/175 RG Profile

86. Jaquavius Lane
ATH Grayson
5-10/175 RG Profile

87. Luke Shiflett
QB Northwest Whitfield
6-2/183 RG Profile

88. Gino Appleberry Jr.
APB Creekside
5-10/190 HUDL

89. Lichon Terrell
DE Callaway
6-2/240 RG Profile

90. Tre Leslie
ILB Tucker
6-1/210 HUDL

91. Antonio Grier Jr.
ILB Mays
6-1/220 RG Profile

92. Tae Hammond
RB Pepperell
5-11/212 HUDL

93. Josiah Futral
APB Kell
6-0/192 RG Profile

94. Michael Fairbanks
DE McEachern
6-3/255 RG Profile

95. Antonio Showers
OLB Tucker
6-2/230 HUDL

96. Tyrese Black
DL Eagle’s Landing Christian
6-4/290 HUDL

97. Justin Birdsong
CB Stephenson
5-11/170 RG Profile

98. Realus George
FB Pace Academy
6-1/248 RG Profile

99. Lamarius Benson
OL Eastside
6-3/305 RG Profile


175-100 | 99-50 | 49-1
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  1. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Is Thomson in the south or the north 175

  2. Reply Post By Terry Williams

    Wow this list is crazy!! There are players on here that didn’t even have a productive year, that’s ranked
    Higher then some players that had a breakout season!! I guess player status always determine the rankings ?

  3. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Where is KJ Phillips II from Woodward Academy over 400 tackles in 3 years?????

  4. Make a list for class of 2019 i think thats fair

  5. https://www.hudl.com/profile/4125698/jalen-cannon . Tap on link above and watch one of the best line backers in the state that did not make your top 175

  6. Cant believe you guys missed Lunden Bailey out of Buford, C/O 2018 and he’s even listed on your web-site. The kid is a absolute stud. Diamond in the ruff will be playing on saturdays watch and see!!

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