North Georgia Elite 80

With offers being thrown out earlier and earlier, it’s time to face the fact that football players are going the way of basketball. Verbal offers are going out before many high school prospects have accomplished anything significant at the varsity level.

Below is the initial North Georgia Top 80 for the Class of 2019. This list will change dramatically over the next two years. Why? Some athletes physically develop later in life, especially offensive linemen, while others peak at an early age and never seem to get any better by the time they are seniors. So this list will expand exponentially and players will make movement. It’s way too early to set anything in stone.

What is my definition of North Georgia? Any school above the gnat line starting with Macon all the way to the Tennessee line.

Over the last three recruiting cycles, Georgia has produced 599 FBS signees; 80 percent of those players hail from north of Warner Robins. That means in any given year there are approximately 160 football players going DI from North Georgia.

It’s our goal to help as many football players in the state of Georgia reach their goal of playing football on a full or partial scholarship. In the end, it’s the education that a student-athlete receives that will eventually carry them through their entire life. Football is a great sport, but eventually it comes to an end at an early age no matter how good you are.

Any coach who feels that their sophomore athlete has been missed on this early list should contact us via Twitter @BVEvery or @RecruitGeorgia. Please include the Hudl link when promoting your player, and the film must be at the varsity level.


1. Owen Pappoe OLB Grayson
– 6-1/210 RG Profile

2. Dominick Blaylock WR Walton
– 6-0/185 RG Profile

3. Jaylen McCollough S Hillgrove
– 6-1/190 HUDL

4. Luke Griffin OL North Murray
– 6-6/285 HUDL

5. Jadon Haselwood WR Cedar Grove
– 6-4/190 HUDL

6. Keiondre Jones OL Callaway
– 6-3/290 HUDL

7. Travon Walker DL Upson-Lee
– 6-4/245 HUDL

8. DJ Turner II CB North Gwinnett
– 5-11/170 HUDL

9. Derrick McLendon DE Tucker
– 6-4/235 HUDL

10. Charlie Thomas LB Langston Hughes
– 6-1/220 HUDL

11. Andre Tarver ATH Ringgold
– 6-2/190 RG Profile

12. Jalen Perry CB Dacula
– 6-1/175 HUDL

13. Ryland Goede TE Kennesaw Mountain
– 6-5/210 HUDL

14. Christopher Hinton OL Greater Atlanta Christian
– 6-4/265 HUDL

15. Jalyn Phillips S Archer
– 6-0/185 RG Profile

16. KJ Wallace CB Lovett
– 6-0/180 HUDL

17. Jonathan Sewell APB Clarke Central
– 5-11/185 RG Profile

18. Zach Owens WR Pope
– 6’3″ 190 RG Profile

19. Steele Chambers ATH Blessed Trinity
– 6-1/200 HUDL

20. Ramel Keyton WR Marietta
– 6-2/180 HUDL

21. Wanya Morris OL Grayson
– 6-5/260 HUDL

22. Mataio Soli DE Douglas County
– 6-3/210 HUDL

23. Joseph Charleston S Milton
– 6-2/185 RG Profile

24. King Mwikuta OLB Troup County
– 6-4/206 HUDL

25. Dante Walker DE Riverdale
– 6-3/240 HUDL

26. Warren Burrell DB North Gwinnett
– 5-11/175 HUDL

27. Tru Thompson DL Grayson
– 6-2/320 HUDL

28. Emmanuel Jenkins CB Seqouyah
– 6-2/180 RG Profile

29. Allen “JJ” Banks DE Westside
– 6-4/240 HUDL

30. Zach Gibson QB Johns Creek
– 6-3/205 RG Profile

31. Kenyatta Watson CB Grayson
– 6-1/170 HUDL

32. Ty Murray OL Carrollton
– 6-4/305 HUDL

33. Andrew Booth CB Archer
– 6-0/170 HUDL

34. JD Bertrand OLB Blessed Trinity
– 6-1/210 RG Profile

35. Jamious Griffin APB Rome
– 5-9/180 HUDL

36. Jamari Thrash WR LaGrange
– 6-0/185 HUDL

37. Richard Benton DE BEST Academy
– 6-3/215 HUDL

38. Nick Jackson LB Lovett
– 6-2/205 RG Profile

39. Jeremy James OL North Forsyth
– 6-5/270 RG Profile

40. Omarious Burnam RB Salem
– 5-11/200 HUDL

41. Ross Malmgren QB North Paulding
– 6-2/195 RG Profile

42. Bryce Nelms DE Langston Hughes
– 6-5/230 RG Profile

43. Daniel Walker Jr. S Brookwood
– 6-0/170 RG Profile

44. Joshua Agbenou ILB Apalachee
– 6-2/225 HUDL

45. Aaron Pyron OL Arabia Mountian
– 6-4/285 HUDL

46. Kasra Bojnordi OL Cambridge
– 6-4/260 RG Profile

47. Knox Kadum QB Rome
– 6-2/175 RG Profile

48. Marcus Gaye OL Columbia
– 6-3/260 HUDL

49. Artemus McCorkle CB Salem
– 5-11/185 RG Profile

50. Paris Brown APB McEachern
– 5-10/180 HUDL

51. Bubba Murray RB Thomson
– 6-0/200 HUDL

52. Jaelin Humphries OL Mountain View
– 6-4/305 HUDL

53. Harry Miller OL Buford
– 6-4/295 RG Profile

54. Wykevious Thomas DT Riverdale
– 6-3/315 HUDL

55. Michael Brooks OL Cedar Grove
– 6-2/280 RG Profile

56. Kevon Glenn ILB Dutchtown
– 6-1/210 HUDL

57. Brandon Spencer CB Lassiter
– 5-11/150 HUDL

58. Jaden Jenkins ATH Jefferson County
– 6-2/170 HUDL

59. Dominique Sistrunk FB NW Whitfield
– 6-1/220 HUDL

60. Kaleb Wenson DE Cambridge
– 6-2/225 RG Profile

61. Dyquan Bloodsaw ATH Washington County
– 5-9/170 HUDL

62. Juan Powell ATH Douglass
– 6-0/160 HUDL

63. Jamel Starks ATH SW DeKalb
– 5-10/175 HUDL

64. Jeffrey Blake TE Greater Atlanta Christian
– 6-4/210 HUDL

65. Parker Spillers S Pace Academy
– 6-1/195 HUDL

66. Jalen Samuels APB South Gwinnett
– 5-10/175 RG Profile

67. Javonni Cunningham ATH North Gwinnett
– 5-10/175 HUDL

68. Malik Washington ATH Parkview
– 5-9/185 HUDL

69. Nate Hope ATH Pope
– 5-10/190 RG Profile

70. Kameron Brown ILB Lanier
– 6-0/225 HUDL

71. Zion Hawkins WR North Paulding
– 6-0/170 HUDL

72. Trevor Stephens OL Woodstock
– 6-4/308 RG Profile

73. Khalil Wilcox S Newton
– 6-0/180 HUDL

74. Randy Green ILB SW Macon
– 6-1/230 HUDL

75. Michael Mathison WR Newton
– 5-10/170 RG Profile

76. Adarius Thomas APB Newton
– 5-9/175 RG Profile

77. Ryan Martin ATH Woodstock
– 5-10/195 RG Profile

78. Kaveh Brantley WR Lithonia
– 6-1/185 HUDL

79. Benjamin Tooks ILB Duluth
– 5-11/200 HUDL

80. Ivan Mora K Dalton
– 6-0/160 HUDL


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  1. Reply Post By Kasandra

    So wrong

  2. Reply Post By anonymous

    These are wrong

    1. Care to add any reason why or just spreading the hate?

  3. clueless – have you actually seen any of these players in action or just look at size? or if they have an earlier offer?

    1. See, none of you guys have actually offered any real critique. It’s all just “so wrong” or “clueless” but that doesn’t support your case nor do I really have any understanding of your gripe. Please, if you care to talk about my list in a productive way I am more than happy to have a discussion but at this point you might as well not even respond.

      If you have an athlete that you feel should be on the list please let me know. I have already been contacted by many HS coaches with them submitting their athletes. Also, I can assure you 100% of every single player that is on this list has been watched by multiple people and in some cases I have seen develop over the last 2-3 years. Also, most of these players don’t have offers yet, so that would make it pretty hard to do rankings based off that.

  4. how can I get on here cause I didn’t know anything about this

  5. Reply Post By Mario K Jordan

    Check out Stephenson High School DT #90. Huge kid and disruptive for 2019

  6. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I can tell you this. For all of you that say this is so wrong, that top 20 is undeniable, this coming from a sports writer who has seen over half of those top 20 in person.

  7. Interesting list. Check out Westlake 2019 QBs all over 6′ Caleb Dixon, Andres Walker and Lazarus Anderson. Great promise going to be fun watching them the next two seasons.
    In addition to
    RB Darrell Nichols 5′ 9″
    WR Kadmiel Avraham, 5′ 11″
    WR Tyson Ross, 6′ 3″
    CB Joel Girtman 5′ 11″
    WR Devan Hall 6′ 0″
    WR Amir Spivey 5″ 11″
    C Ashton Beavers 6′ 0″
    WR Myles Farmer 6′ 2″

    1. Absolutely will do. We have about 15 Westlake player’s on our site currently with profiles. I’m sure these young men will be signing up soon enough.

  8. Reply Post By Kareem Bennett

    Can u check out my film I would love to be considered for a spot Kareem Bennett 5’11 205 2018

  9. Reply Post By Jeremy New

    Zack Scott Heritage High School in Ringgold
    Guard 6’4 292 Played in the Elite Sophmore All Star Game

  10. Reply Post By Shimeka

    I feel as if Brandon Bunkley OL Columbia High School should be apart of the list I see Marcus Gaye one of The OL from Columbia, Brandon is 6’2 280 and us ELITEE !! HUDL

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