Class AAAA All-State Team

View our selections for Class AAAAA All-State team down below. Also, we have selected 5 players for “Player of the Year” and you can vote for that honor below as well. Voting will end Sunday 12/18 at 10 pm. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the webpage and join the discussion!

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QB – Trevor Lawrence, Cartersville
RB – Michael Thomas, Thomson
RB – Colby Wood, Jefferson
RB – Jalyn Shelton, Ridgeland
WR – Josh Johnson, Woodward Acd.
WR – Jay Jones, Northwest Whitfield
WR – Avery Showell, Cartersville
WR – Ryan Carter, Heritage
TE – Parker Mallett, Sandy Creek
OL – Will Nana Fabu, Columbus
OL – Caleb Chandler, Jefferson
OL – Jacob Bolton, Blessed Trinity
OL – Caleb Etheridge, Mary Persons
OL – Cole Neely, Sandy Creek
OL – Charlie Clark, Marist

K – Cole Phillips, Cairo
ATH – Steele Chambers, Blessed Trinity


DL – Malik Herring, Mary Persons
DL – Dontae Wilson, Jefferson
DL – William Green, Westover
DL – George Lira, West Hall
DL – Torrian Scrutchins, Cartersville
LB – RJ Cummings, Carver
LB – De’Morreal Burnum, Salem
LB – K.J. Phillips, Woodward Acd.
LB – Walter Grant, Cairo
CB – Trey Creamer, Cartersville
CB – Christian Tutt, Thomson
CB – Tyricus Danielly, Mary Persons
S – Zack Boobas, Jefferson
S – Markeith Montgomery, Ridgeland
P – Juwan Gibbs, Eastside
RET – US Beasley, Carver


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  1. Reply Post By Anonymous

    No AJ Howard from Stephen’s County? #incomplete

    1. He’s a great player no doubt! Region Offensive Player of the Year and a really tough customer out their on the field.

  2. Reply Post By Anonymous

    No Keiston Lowery

  3. Reply Post By Anonymous

    No Keiston Lowery from Luella

  4. Reply Post By Are You Kidding Me

    Wow no AJ LaGrand from Carver at DB. One of the top tacklers in the state and a ton of TFLs from the safety position, plus turnovers as well. Wow.

  5. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Colby Wood was region 8 offensive player of the year.

  6. Reply Post By Anonymous

    No kids from Spalding High School

    1. Spalding is a very talented football team and was so close to beating media darling Houston Co. this year.. They have college talent all across their team but it’s not like the kids that made this list were any slouches themselves. I tried to be as fair as I could be when making this list and had no preconceived favorites, since I am completely neutral.

  7. Savon Simmons? Best Offensive Tackle in the state. No question.

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Uh. No sir or madam. Caleb Chandler is, hands down, the best OL prospect in the state.

      1. Reply Post By JeffersonDragon


  8. Reply Post By Anonymous

    What about Savon Simmons

  9. Reply Post By Joel Banks

    I think Savon Simmons should be up there with the other Sandy Creek kid. Both are a very good tandem

  10. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Fullbacks get no love

  11. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Fullbacks get no love

  12. Reply Post By ANONYMOUS

    No Eric Brown from Americus Sumter High CB! No Daveon Johnson from Americus Sumter High WR! The southern schools always gets the crappy end of the deal!

    1. I took in account of strength of schedule, stats, film and All-Region accolades.

      1. Reply Post By ANONYMOUS

        They both made all Region 1st Team

  13. Reply Post By Joy Perrin

    Colby Wood, Jefferson is not only an exceptional athlete, he is a great young man! He takes time out if all of his training, practice, scholastics to spend time with kids in Jefferson. What a great role model that they look up to. If you ask my 7 year old son who his favorite football payer is., he doesn’t name an NFL or college player…it’s Colby Wood, Jefferson, Dragons!

  14. Reply Post By Kelly S Evans

    You need to look at Anthony Larkins #94 from Thomson. He had a great year!

    1. thank you for the suggestion, I will spending time next week for a 2nd team for each class since there are so many great players in the state.

  15. Reply Post By Anonymous

    No Zach Johnson from thomson …. Shame

  16. And JaCorey Crawford #2 from thomson is missing on this list.

  17. Reply Post By Anonymous

    personally I think the list is great it’s not your fault everybody want to see their favorite player up on the list. this list consist of the best of the best out of this region and you made the right decisions.

    1. Thanks, most of the other All-State teams have been more positive. It seems like after a few negative comments that just seemed to open up the floodgates for this All-State team. If you like the site be sure to come back again!

  18. Zack Johnson from Thomson is the best defensive player the Bulldogs had on their roster.

    1. Reply Post By Joyce lewis


  19. Reply Post By Anonymous

    y’all need to check out the corner back from Thomson #24 Quatrell Hunt .

  20. Reply Post By Floyd Barnett

    They’ll be someone to say( like they did Deshaun Watson) that Lawrence isn’t the best QB in the state because he’s not going to Georgia

  21. Reply Post By Anonymous

    All the Thomson bulldogs are great players ..

  22. Reply Post By Anonymous

    So proud of you Dontae! Continue to keep God first and give it your all !
    We love you !
    Drik, Cody and Lay

  23. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Michael Thomson is a good player!!

    1. Great player

  24. Donate Wilson is the most solid defensive lineman I have witness in some years, can take over a game.

  25. Reply Post By Dexter Thompson

    Donte Wilson is the epitome of what needs All-State, All-American football player should be. His dedication not only on the field, but especially in the classroom, proves time and time again that hard work definitely pays off! Good luck with all of your future endeavors on and off the field!

  26. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Damien fouts west hall

  27. We are so proud oy you Dontae you been in our life since you were born you and Denarius is like brothers and he admires you your so blessed stay focus and always put God first love you from Debra ,Jimmy and Denarius

  28. Reply Post By Sammie L Wilson

    Michael Thomas is a around back with good hands good luck on the next level.

  29. I’m trying to vote but it will not let me anymore. It says Bad Request in Red writing. Please help.

  30. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I Think Michael Thomas Of Is An Offensive Player Of The Year And Christian Tutt A Defensive Player Of The Year.

  31. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Thomson had a great all around team this year! Those guys were AWESOME!! Hunt #24 Tutt#1 Parker #18 Crockett #8 Murray #3 Thomas #22 and this incredible kid Taylor #12! Great job bulldogs! You guys are the truth

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous


  32. Mr Chandler sure be pro now

  33. I’ve been staying up all night trying to make the website run better and instead I made it crash, so I had to get a backup of everything that happened and it reset everything on the site to 8:20 pm on Saturday. I’m extremely sorry but I do believe it should run 100x better today.

  34. Reply Post By Dontae Wilson

    Dontae Wilson
    Class 4aaaa
    Player of the uear

  35. Reply Post By Anonymous

    DONTAE Wilson is the best I have seen at his position. Exceptional player.

  36. Reply Post By Anonymous

    DONTAE Wilson is the best I have seen at his position. Exceptional player.

  37. Reply Post By Anonymous

    DONTAE Wilson is the best I have seen at his position. Exceptional player.

  38. Reply Post By L Gillespie

    DONTAE Wilson is the best I have seen at his position. Exceptional player.

  39. Reply Post By Stacey E. Milian

    Thomson Bulldogs had a banner year, just fell short at the end…

  40. Reply Post By Anonymous

    to the creater I think it should have been an offensive player of the year and a defensive player of the year, only because Michael and Dontae are clearly both good players and their contribution to their teams are different. Mike is a workhorse point blank period. and Dontae is great on defense from his highlight

    1. Dontae also plays on the offensive line a lot but I do like your idea about splitting stuff up. I don’t know if my website could handle it this year, but hopefully next year the website will be generating enough revenue so that I can get the unlimited visitor package so that people can come to the site all the time with no issues. I had to upgrade it 800 k a month this weekend to try and handle the load. Next fall I will be doing offensive and defensive player’s of the week for sure, as well as a few other ideas that has been sparked from all this attention to the website. Feel free to provide any suggestions, I’m all ears!

      1. Reply Post By Anonymous

        Who was the genius that thought of the popular vote for the player of the year award????

  41. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Mike Thomas!!!

  42. Reply Post By Kawanda

    Michael Thomas of Thomson Ga…has had an outstanding year..i would definitely vote for him if only the system would allow me to. Ive tried to vote for him on three different occassions and it wont allow me

  43. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Mike Thomas had a great season but he only played on offense. While Dontae Wilson was a monster on the defensive front, he also played Tight-End and fullback. Go look at the Secomd Jefferson/Thomson game and tell me how many times they ran to Wilson’s side. It’s clear that Dontae Wilson deserves the POY award.

  44. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Mike Is a workhorse he can do it all the coach didn’t want his best RB injured or anything of that sort trying to play both ways. but if the coach played h there he would’ve. Jefferson lost against Thomson so the footage shouldn’t be your outlet for examples

  45. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Mike T all the way….Kid had over 2000 yards rushing this year!!

  46. Reply Post By Pamela Borders

    Dante Wilson he is an All-American high school football player for Jefferson dragons also he is a higher right college recruit for all American

  47. Reply Post By Anonymous

    dontae wilson : Best Overall DT in the State! Hands Down ! Most underrated player in the nation!

  48. Go Dogs

  49. Who won

  50. Why would you play your best player both ways especially at RB? Thomson doesn’t play players both ways. Doesn’t mean Mike Thomas cant play Defense because if he was at a smaller, less deep school he would have been playing D

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