Class AAAAAA All-State Team

View our selections for Class AAAAAA All-State team down below. Also, we have selected 6 players for “Player of the Year” and you can vote for that honor below as well. Voting will end Monday 12/19 at 10 pm. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the webpage and join the discussion!

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QB – Jake Fromm, Houston Co.
RB – Ahmad Tanner, Dalton
RB – Kaelin Byrd, Cambridge
RB – Zion Custis, Lovejoy
RB – Trey Sermon, Sprayberry
WR – Josh Vann, Tucker
WR – JR Ingram, Valdosta
WR – Amari Colbert, Houston Co.
WR – AJ Morton, Heritage
TE – Jontae Baker, Valdosta
OL – Jalil Irvin, Stephenson
OL – Dylan Wonnum, Tucker
OL – Zalontae Hillery, Glynn Academy
OL – D’Antne Demery, Brunswick
OL – Caleb Kelly, Northside-WR
OL – Jordan Rhodes, Creekside
K – Ivan Mora, Dalton
ATH – Tobias Oliver, Northside-WR


DL – Aaron Sterling, Tucker
DL – Aubrey Solomon, Lee Co.
DL – John Whiteside, Dalton
DL – Derick Newton, Coffee Co.
DL – Wallace Cowins, Heritage
LB – Jameon Gaskin, Coffee Co.
LB – Zackoby McClain, Valdosta
LB – Tyler Taylor, Lanier
LB – Akileis Leroy, Lee Co.
CB – Jayce Rogers, Valdosta
CB – Jaylon Jones, Dacula
CB – Jarquavious Jefferson, Coffee Co.
S – Otis Reese, Lee Co.
S – Tyree Robinson, Gainesville
S – Terrance Carter, Northgate
P – James Bushware, Valdosta
RET – Justin Hall, Alexander


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  1. Reply Post By Robin Tanner

    Good luck Ahmaad Tanner

  2. Reply Post By Scott Tibbs

    Ahmad Tanner is the most important piece of his team’s success. He got stronger as the game went on. Also a tremendous blocker for his team’s air attack.

  3. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Good luck Ahmad

  4. Shout out to that boy ahmaad #ontop?

  5. Reply Post By Elkanah Crockett

    I can’t believe that there is not one player for the Valdosta High Wildcats that’s considered for Class AAAAAA MVP. We are talking States Champions. Take for instance, Jayce Rogers, shut down half the field as a defensive back. His return ability made coaches kick away from him, and when they didn’t, he hurt them. Just saying.

    1. Does the team that wins the national championship in college football always always have the Heisman or Maxwell award winner?

  6. Reply Post By Mr.Moseley

    Ahmaad Tanner best player and RB in the state. Gonna be a steal for wherever he goes. Very smart and dedicated. Great young man.

  7. Reply Post By Catherine McPherson


  8. Reply Post By Lucas Grant

    Ahmaad’s the best back in the state. Go watch his highlights if you want to argue with me.

  9. Reply Post By Shelly Bryant

    Great job Ahmaad !!!! So proud of you!

  10. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Ahmaad Tanner had an incredible year behjnd an average O – line… player of the year!

  11. Reply Post By Kendra Mckoy

    Ahmaad Tanner all the way baby!!!!

  12. Newton has proven game after game he is unstoppable an has done so against 4 and 5 star athletes. FROUM AND OLIVER HAD HARD HAMES AGAINST HIM AN GASKIN

  13. Reply Post By Montrell Harris

    Hands down Mr Tanner is the best back in the classification.

  14. Zion Custis, you are the best running back around. I have been pulling for you since you were around 7. I love the way you can run anybody over like a truck.

  15. lets go ahmad there is no arguing ahmad should be the player of the year he has been dedicated and is a great one #GOBIGRED

  16. ahmad deserves it he has been dedicated to it and has put in that work plus he is a good one #GOBIGRED

  17. Reply Post By Nicky Starling

    Ahmad Tanner is the Most Valuable Player, and probably the smartest in the Classroom also. If those big school don’t recruit him, they are missing a Blessing, he’s going to higher places!!!

  18. What about #1 Antwan Kincade..the leader of the VHS defense

  19. Ahmaad is an amazing athlete but he is also an amazing young man!! He works hard at everything he does! He makes the right choices and is very disciplined! Finest young man I know!

  20. Let’s go derick newton ?? proud cousin

  21. Reply Post By Zykerionna

    Derick newton #1 defense !!!

  22. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Let’s Go D.Newton ??Big Bro

  23. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Good luck Ahmaad

  24. Reply Post By Anonymous

    It’s Great To Be A NORTHSIDE EAGLE.
    Tobis is the best quarterback very versatile and quick.

  25. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Let’s go NEWTON #88 ! Best defense proven hands down

  26. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I agree Derick Newton has proven himself, rooting for newton

    1. Reply Post By Colleen Johnston


  27. #Team Newton

  28. #88Coffee County GREAT TO BE A TROJAN !!

  29. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Let’s keep voting for Mr. Tanner. LET’S GO MAAD!!!!! your aunt Vicki

  30. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Derick Newton you got it cousin#88

  31. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Where is Mark Robinson from Lee Co.?

  32. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I think he’s at home in Lee Co

  33. Reply Post By Melanie high

    Good luck Ahmad…

  34. ITS OVER!!! AHMAAD WON BY OVER12%!!!!!!

  35. Reply Post By Anonymous

    When will we know the results of Ahmaad Tanner winning?

  36. Reply Post By C BARGERON

    Congratulations Ahmad Tanner…well deserved award to you! Keep working hard and take it to the next level!

  37. Great job Ahmad keep up the good work…You will go far in life great young man

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