Class AAAAA All-State

View our selections for Class AAAAA All-State team down below. Also, we have selected 5 players for “Player of the Year” and you can vote for that honor below as well. Voting will end Sunday 12/18 at 10 pm. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the webpage and join the discussion! Need help deciding? Click HERE to watch each athlete’s exciting highlight film.

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QB – Tylan Morton, Griffin
RB – Chris Rodriguez, Ola
RB – Dameon Pierce, Bainbridge
RB – Jalen Holston, Stockbridge
WR – Jacquez Sloan, Grady
WR – Nick Singleton, Jones Co.
WR – Marquez Ezzard, Stockbridge
WR – Kerrson Aikens, Griffin

TE – Kemari Averett, Grady
OL – James Ohonba, Woodland
OL – Dean Powell, Buford
OL – Jalynn Strickland, Ware Co.
OL- Case Cook, Carrollton
OL – Christian Armstrong, Warner Robins
OL – Zach Kadum, Rome
K – Connor Mendelson, Kell
ATH – TD Roof, Buford


DL – Brenton Cox, Stockbridge
DL – Ja’Quan Griffin, Rome
DL – Josh Walker, Carrollton
DL – Adam Anderson, Rome
DL – Yaya Diaby, North Clayton
LB – Terray Bryant, Arabia Mtn
LB – Solon Page III, Kell
LB – Jaylen Griffin, Rome
LB – Ernest Jones, Ware Co.
DB – Yusuf Corker, Woodland
DB – Zay Brown, Clarke Central
DB – Quindarius Hale, Carver
DB – Malcolm Easterwood, Fayette Co.
DB – Trey Dean, Dutchtown
P – Sam Barge, Carrollton
RET – Malik Route, Griffin


7A | 6A | 5A | 4A | 3A | 2A | 1A Public | 1A Private
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  1. Reply Post By Willie L.Taylor

    Cambridge has tremendous skills at Quarterback he reminds me of Clemsons quarterback Watson with his patients and arm strength and even at times he’ll surprise you with his running ability.His only downside is that he try’s to make the perfect pass the kid is a star. I see nothing but greatness for Cambridge in the furture that’s why he gets my vote.

  2. Reply Post By Rich Stannard

    Kell was led by it’s defense this year, and it’s defense was led by Solon Page III. He not only took over and dominated games with his own play, he elevated the play of his teammates with his strong leadership.

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Awesome compliment!

      1. Reply Post By Anonymous

        Morton has celebrities supporting him too,so please stop with the Cam talk.

        1. What celebrity is helping Morton ????

        2. So I guess u didn’t do your homework before talking about something you don’t know!!!!! Tylan has no celebrity backing him up what so ever. Please talk what you know not what u think. At the end of the day record speaks for itself and CAMERON should not be mentioned period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Shakur Brown from woodland high is the best punt returner in the region without a doubt. Malik route who?

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Well apparently woodland is irrelevant in this case, so get off of my boy Malik Route. Malik will out do Shakur in any game!

  4. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Joseph Cambridge is probably the must underrated player in the state. Exceptional player. Out played Morton head to head. Morton just had a few more offensive weapons.

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Head did not out play Tylan head to head.

  5. Reply Post By Rick Toland

    Tylan broke the Ga high school passing record this year. How could he not be Player of the year.

  6. You shouldn’t let a poll decide who is the best players when majority of the people voting don’t know any of them. Newton will win because of his brother Cam. He’s already tweeted it to tell people to vote.

    1. ESPN held a vote about 8 years ago called Title Town USA where Valdosta beat out every major city in the country in an online vote, so anything is possible. I would share this page with local media’s facebook pages or other online outlets if you want to make an impact. I’m sure there are a ton of people in your community that do not know about this poll! Also voting has not been out for 24 hours yet, it’s hardly even decided yet, but I understand your grievances about there being little context, so I’m going to make a page with the player’s highlights that will be linked above the poll.

  7. Reply Post By West Coast Morton Fan

    Tylan Morton set the state record for passing. Amazingly talented young man. He did not get the press he deserves. He understands the game from more than just his QB perspective and gets the ball to the teams receivers. Let’s get this young man the recognition he so rightly deserves and make his player of the year!!

  8. Ask Brenton cox about the offensive tackle from south effingham.

  9. Reply Post By Ginny Phillippi

    Caylin Newton is a leader on and off the field!

  10. Reply Post By Anonymous

    How can you be eligible for player of the year and not be on the all-state team?

    1. Caylin Newton had right at 4 k total yards, 44 total TD’s, and a 131.4 QBR in 11 games. It’s not really up for debate whether he belongs….

      1. Reply Post By Anonymous

        Now go look at Tylan!!! The kid is amazing!!!

  11. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I have watched Tylan for the past 2 years play at QB. This kid has skill and patients. He plays understanding the game. The college that picks him up will get a healthy man and will have plenty of depth with him. Good luck Tylan. It was great watching you play. Sure do look forward seeing you under the big lights again.

  12. Reply Post By Anonymous

    ….unless you’ve already decided that Tylan Morton had a better year, which it appears that you have since he’s the QB on the team.

  13. Reply Post By Randy Lee

    And how do you not put Joah Curry Locust Grove in as a DB. Led the country in interceptions with 11. Only reason he is not playing at the next level is because he is committed to play baseball where he was an all state selection last year

    1. I know how many INT’s he had and I watched his film. He’s a good player with very good length. I’m not here to argue if he’s a good player or not – we both know that. Have you watched the film of the kids that I selected?

      1. Reply Post By Randy Lee

        Yes I have. But you lost credibility with me when you also left Caleb Huntley off the list. He wins player of the year in the region and that was selected by the coaches who sees the kids every week. No disrespect to the ones selected but not sure how you came to taken them above him

        1. I looked at individual games and how they competed against the best competition in Class 5A. Caleb is a great player no doubt, and someone that has used our recruiting service for years. In fact, we broke his commitment to Western Kentucky over the summer. I understand he’s a great player and an extremely hard worker. Truthfully, his stats are extremely similar to the players above, so I looked at how they did against top run defenses. There is an argument for any of these players, so complete lost of credibility is a little drastic.

          1. Post By Randy Lee

            So i still don’t understand if it was by stats game by game Caleb rushed for 100+ yards in every game and 166 vs Stockbridge which is considered to be the best run defense in the region. I believe that CR had 14 against the same Stockbridge defense . But i guess we will just agree to disagree. Like I said all are great backs and would love to have any of them on my team. I just felt like he earned that recognition

  14. Reply Post By Team Tylan

    Cambridge, didn’t out play Morton head to head. They had almost identical stats the exception being Cambridge threw a pick six. Morton passed for 4741 yds while completing 69.5% of his passes for the season. That was an excellent year!

  15. Reply Post By Sonia Watson

    Wishing everyone a successful and prosperous career doing what they love doing. I don’t know any of the athletes personally but I cast my vote for Caylin Newton in support of my sole sister Sandra Tarver. If she says he’s good then that’s good enough for me. They’re all winners in my eyes. Wishing you all a long and injury free career

  16. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Morton has tremendous upside thats all i got to say

  17. Reply Post By P. Walker

    Caylin Newton is charting his own path. His stats on the field and his personality off the field has him right where he belongs as a top candidate for Player of the Year.

  18. Reply Post By Officer A. Smith

    Tylan Morton is the standard. I have observed this young man on and off field and I’m totally impressed. Theses skills that I have observed, is totally undeniable.

  19. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Tylan (TO) Morton..just remember the name..enough said

  20. Reply Post By Bubba ( Bearman) Crowder

    My good Friend Tylan Morton is a fine young man who broke the State passing record. Please vote for this young man as he is more than football…a 5 star kid that does a lot for his community and a very good role model for the younger kids here in Griffin and the State.

  21. Reply Post By Tymara Douglas

    Caylin Newton

  22. Reply Post By D. Phoenix

    Calling Newton is most deserving off the award…great player and leader.

  23. Reply Post By D. Phoenix

    Caylin Newton is most deserving of the award…great player and leader.

  24. Besides being Cams brother what has is done. Is is not even all state. Smh

  25. Reply Post By Lateshia K Ducksworth McCurdy

    Caylin Newton

  26. Reply Post By Chandler scott

    Catkin newton

  27. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I think it is a shame that this is a popular vote only. It should be based on the record of the player. Newton did not even naked all state.

  28. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I think it is a shame that this is based on popular vote. Look at the record!!!newton should not even be on this list. He did NOT even make All State. This is a Joke

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      I agree 100?

  29. Tylan and team mates couldnt vote today THEY were winning the allstar game. 24-17. Tylan threw 2 TDs

  30. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Caylin had over 10,000 votes yesterday, now it’s back to 9,000. What happened to the other votes?

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      I never seen that 10,000 lol

    2. I was working on the site late last night to make it run smoother and it crashed so I had to use my backup. It looks like a few hours of voting was lost but I successfully worked with the people at GoDaddy until 4 AM to make so the website runs 100x better today. I’m really sorry about the lost of votes, but it affected both players the same. I will be staying off the site mostly today unless any issues pop up so everyone can use the site as smoothly as possible. Good luck voting!

  31. Reply Post By Celeste P.

    Caylin Newton is a beast.

  32. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Morton has celebrities supporting him also, so please stop with the Cam talk. Caylin is an awesome player and he is worthy of this title.

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous


      1. Please look at these stats and tell me how it’s so clear cut who the obvious winner is…

        Newton’s stats per game: 362.5 total yards, 3.833 TD, and .6153 INT

        Morton’s stats per game: 384.2 total yards, 3.7692, and 1 INT

    2. Reply Post By Anonymous


  33. Reply Post By Anonymous

    It must be nice to have your big brother ask fans and followers to vote for you!

  34. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Seems like a hater to me .Celebs have sent out tweets for Morton too.

    1. Reply Post By Tylan fan

      Name one then

  35. I will be banning posters that are not constructive and are just bashing a kid. This site is to promote players, not tear them down.

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      And who is you?

    2. Reply Post By Tylan fan

      Tylan is better… Numbers don’t lie!!

  36. Reply Post By Team Tylan

    Tylan Morton and Caylin Newton are both fierce competitors no doubt and their programs will miss both.
    Tylan Morton passed for 4741 yds, a STATE RECORD. Newton had a respectable 3322 yds for the season.
    Morton threw 42 TD passes, Newton had 33. Of the 13 games Morton played, he passed for over 300 yds in 11 of them. Newton had only five 300 or more yd games.
    Morton had 3 games for over 400 yds and 1 for over 500 yds. Newton never had a game throwing 7 TD passes, Morton did.

  37. Reply Post By Anyomous

    Why does it keep saying establishing a database connection???

  38. Reply Post By Tylan fan

    Votes should be casted only in Georgia!!! NOT CAROLINA!!!

  39. Reply Post By Celeste P.

    Caylin you have worked hard to get where you are. You are talented and deserve to be player of the year. You have fans because of your skills not blood.

  40. Reply Post By Anonymous

    How could someone be nominated for this and weren’t even 1st team all state? Don’t understand that.

  41. Reply Post By Anonymous

    That Dutchtown player, Dean, for DB. Has anyone really seen him play. Go watch him. Sorry but ridiculous selection…

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