Class A Public All-State

View our selections for Class A Public All-State team down below. Also, we have selected 4 players for “Player of the Year” and you can vote for that honor below as well. Voting will end Saturday 12/17 at 10 pm. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the webpage and join the discussion!

Editor’s Note: Devin Wynn from Greene County ran for 2343 yards and 34 TD’s, making him one of the state’s leading rusher. I have added a 4th running back spot for this egregious oversight.

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QB – K’Hari Lane, Macon Co.
RB – Lyn-J Dixon, Taylor Co.
RB – Jared Daniels, Macon Co.
RB – Charles McClelland, Clinch Co.
RB – Devin Wynn, Greene Co.
WR – Trey Brown, Macon Co.
WR – Cassius Allen, Pelham
WR/TE – Tamorrion Terry, Turner Co.
OL – Christian Meadows, Macon County
OL – Carson Hall, Commerce
OL – Zach Carruth, ECI
OL – CJ Leggett, Macon Co.
OL – Rodriquez Hudson, Terrell Co.
K – Thomas Johnson, Charlton Co.
ATH – Tray Bishop, Terrell Co.


DE – John Mincey, Clinch Co.
DT – Casey Gamble, ECI
DT – Malik High, Turner Co
DE – T.K. McLendon, Treutlen
LB – Trezman Marshall, Clinch Co.
LB – Kentarius Felton, Macon Co
LB – Jonathan Jason, McIntosh Co.
LB – Jarkevin Clark, Warren Co.
CB – Cartavion Benyard, Irwin Co.
CB – Zebulon Johnson, Clinch Co.
S – James Mock, Randolph-Clay
S – Cole Chaney, Commerce
P – Jesse Harper, Wheeler Co.
RET – Raykwon Anderson, Charlton Co.


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  1. Just wondering how #27 and number #63 according to MaxPreps, are chosen before the #1 receiver in the state Ramel Keyton? They weren’t even close in stats!

    1. Well because Ramel Keyton plays in Class 7A and these are the smallest schools in Georgia.

  2. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Why isn’t Machari Bighams name isn’t up here? He lead region 2-A in interceptions

  3. Reply Post By Anonymous

    How are these players picked? Cause several of Montgomery were chosen for first team all region, and not one Montgomery county high school player made this list.

  4. This is only single A I believe

  5. Reply Post By Anonymous

    So McIntosh County Academy is the #2 team in the state and doesn’t have a nominee for offense???

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      yes, I agree with this!! doesn’t seem to make any sense to me!

    2. Reply Post By Football Head

      MCA is for from being #2 in the state! They are not even #2 in single A…had no business in the championship game

      1. no MCA got looked over all season and proved to be #2 team in state beating a heavily armed clinch co to get to dome game and possibly beat themselves in dome game.

        1. Yeah, way too much would’ve, could’ve, should’ve talk going on… MCA won hands down. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, they won, and got to the championship game. I watched the entire state championship game like I did for everyone in the state of Georgia, and MCA played one of the hardest fought games. They are a tough group of kids, and deserve all the credit that they earned. That’s just my .02 cents.

    3. Reply Post By Football Head

      MCA is far from being #2 in the state! They are not even #2 in single A…had no business in the championship game

  6. Reply Post By Erika LeCounte

    Congratulations Johnathan Jason! #GoBucs

    1. Reply Post By Football Head

      Gives thanks to them ppl who stayed glued to the computer and voted for him from MCA lol….he surely didn’t earn anything on the field

  7. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Carson Hall should not be on this

    1. 100% disagree with this statement. Commerce had a great rushing attack and Hall just obliterates his man on film. He has great fundamentals and finally fillout his body at 250 now. If anything colleges are sleeping on him heavily because of the fact that he plays in Class A.

  8. Reply Post By Crazy Eight

    Because Trey Brown lead single A in receiving touchdowns

  9. Reply Post By Greene47

    Why didn’t Devin Wynn of Greene County make the all-state team and he was the 2nd leading rusher in the state all classification with 2,343 yds and 34 TDs. This is ridiculous!! Who pick the teams, do they even evaluate everyone.

    1. I have added Devin Wynn to the All-State team. It was a gross oversight by me, especially since he has a profile on the website, and has been evaluated by myself. It was a terrible error to leave him off and I own up to it 100%. No more changes will be made.

  10. Reply Post By Sunny Powell

    So proud of our MCA Bucaneers this year! Go Jonathan Jason!!!

  11. Reply Post By James Files

    Sure wish folks knew that Lead is an element and that to have led means to have been at the forefront. Although one can lead by example and use proper grammar when talking about athletics. Unfortunately, too many folks talking about athletics played too much football and attended too few classes. Sickened by the fact that we lead the world in football and trail the world in academics. At each level of athletics for every one that goes to the next level, I can show you a hundred that don’t. Even those who play pro, for every one making a living after 5 years, I can show you ten that are bankrupt or making minimum wage. Wouldn’t it be fun if we encouraged our students to learn instead of glorifying the behavior that keeps them from doing so. Really proud of the McIntosh County Buccaneers for making it to state. I hope that every player graduates and has a successful career.

  12. Reply Post By sekeitha cochran

    Congratulations Kentarius Felton you were awesome

  13. Reply Post By MrsSweat

    K’Hari Lane & Trey Brown (Macon County) both broke records this year plus took home the State Championship.. Don’t over look them because we’re Single A.

  14. Congratulations Khari Lane job well done…you deserve everything comes your way…love your Aunt…

  15. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Go bucs. Congrats Jonathan Jason. You really deserve it.

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Congrats K! Those Dogs are #1

  16. Reply Post By Pam Pekins

    You’re sounding like a “haters”.Education is very important in being successful .MCA had a woulda,shoulda coulda bus ride back to Darien.I know football hopefuls are on there,tell them the statistics.

  17. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Why isn’t Hunter spires the Te from Irwin county on here?

  18. Congratulations Jonathan Jason, I am proud of you. MCA BUCS

  19. there ain’t no haters in McIntosh fool. I take McIntosh in one more against Macon county any day of the week. proud of our team and Jonathon Jason for some great work on defense and offense. same time different place see you next door to the dome next year.

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      And they will get shut down again anyday don’t sleep on Macon conunty love

      1. Reply Post By Twarren

        Trust me they still wouldn’t win they would get beat down worse than before for talking smack Bulldogs ruled Single A

    2. Reply Post By Anonymous

      And Macon county will shut them down again any day of the week seem like you really are a hatter

    3. Reply Post By Football Head

      MCA shouldn’t have even been in the championship… They fluked and beat Clinch, who had already drugged MCA in reg season…. That Macon County vs Clinch would have been a more interesting game to watch than that blow out Macon county put on mca.

  20. Reply Post By Siretta Brennon-Jackson

    Congratulations Jonathan Jason and the McIntosh County Buccaneers for an amazing season! Let’s make history again nephew with this win! #LB #BucNation

  21. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Congradulations Khari Lane & Trey Brown Georgia STATE record holder’s and Macon County Bulldawgs Football team, home of the CHAMPS BANG,BANG !!!! Montezuma producing some of the best talented all around athletes out of Macon County community, that are now exploding at a D1 level Big time hard hitters players like Georgia Bulldogs LB Roquan Smith#3. These next couple years don’t be surprise to hear these kids come cross your T.V screen.”You bark we bite!!!”Region Champs & State Champs. Great things or on the arise stay tone and stay humble.

  22. The Best athlete and player on ECI’s team and region 3 is David Durden and he’s not even listed. Ask Trey Brown from Macon if he can lock down a receiver. A triple threat on offense, defense and special team

    1. Yeah that’s very true. Durden ran a 4.49 at Mercer’s combine this offseason and made him my preseason All-State selection at DB to start off the year. I have always been impressed with his play but Mock had a great season too. Cannot say it was an easy choice, and I know Randolph-Clay’s schedule is not very tough but it’s not like they were winning for no reason this year.

    2. There’s not reason for a debate here MCI…You allowed them boys to send a “We ready” video down to Macon County and they got their heads blower off.Straight embarrassed.Theu didn’t allow them to even put up obe touchdown.You guys should really be congratulating us instead of still going back and forward saying who is best.Best the scoreboard didn’t lie…The big screens at the dome didn’t lie…And stats show ain’t lieing.Next time you Wanna send for us…….. DON’T!!!!!You have a nice day…

  23. As far as the McIntosh County Remarks…i just watched the Dawgs make their offense look REAL PEDESTRIAN like with a mid-level defense….and evidently ECI’s corner wasn’t that serious….Trey got his record & Khari Lane did too
    You guys are biased about your own schools….same guys on this same forum had alot of negative things to say about Roquan Smith …who was on an ok team but was the #3 LB in the nation, an ESPN televised commit & was rated the #2LB IN THE SEC THIS YR…..AS A SOPHMORE….DO SOME READING & LEAVE YOUR FEELINGS AT HOME!!!?

    1. Brown did not catch a pass against Durden when they played ECI

      1. Nor did he catch a pass during the game, He did touch the ball for a second before Durden wiped him out on the sidelines

  24. Reply Post By Pervisha Allen

    K’Hari Lane is the best QB no doubt in Class A…. Congrats K❤️

  25. Reply Post By Anonymous

    K’Hari Lane and Trey Brown and the Bulldawgs out smarted ECI. Do anybody remember that score against ECI? It got to feel good to break records in a Championship game. Macon County has a lot to offer when it come to skilled players like Jared Daniels #21. Congratulations Macon County.

  26. Reply Post By J Stokes

    Awesome job Khari. A fan from Kansas.

  27. Reply Post By Nicola Hudson

    My nephew, K’Hari Lane, Trey Brown and the rest of our guys are the best. They are dedicated, hardworking, smart, courageous and willing to work for what they want. Bulldogs Rock!! #ProudAuntieAndFan

  28. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Congratulations K’Hari….your future is bright young man. Keep God first and you are on your way. Awesome!

  29. Reply Post By Kenyatta

    Congratulations K’Hari….your future is bright young man. Keep God first and you are on your way. Awesome!

  30. Who let them Dogs out! Roof Roof Roof….Macon County!!!

  31. Macon County BULLDOGS are awesome there’s no need for this negative vibes at the end of the day it their education that counts because once some of these kids leave that field it’s over.

  32. Reply Post By Felisha Hudson

    Congrats to the Macon county bulldogs and Khari Lane and Trey Brown both broke records so don’t over look them because of the school being single A.

  33. Congrats to the Macon Co Bulldogs. So proud to have been raised in such a great community and to have been educated in such a achieved school system. Thanks to all the coaches who have brought out the best in our players. To all the standouts and record setters ,keep pushing and continue to work hard on your craft. Lets make it the Mercedes dome next year and repeat as state champs!! Lets all be unbothered by any negative comments about our program because we won the State Championship with class. Have a Happy Holidays!

  34. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Congratulations Macon County Bulldogs! Great job Kahri Lanes and Trey Brown “breaking records”

  35. Congratulations TK Mclendon DE Treutlen County you deserve it !!

  36. Reply Post By Anonymous

    T.K is a beast!

  37. Reply Post By Kathy Cazenave

    The Brown broke the record for touchdown receptions in a single season…he deserves his place on the list.

  38. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Buc Nation Baby ?❤️? !!

  39. Let’s go kahari lane!!!! #DAWGS #WEBEATTHEBUCS

  40. Reply Post By Barry laroche

    Not sure how mcintosh finished 2nd and you guys only put one of their players in this recruit class. Yall need to check yall methods.

  41. Jarkevin Clark of Warren County lead his region in tackles complete season with 133 tackles so don’t over look a good athlete on and off thr fields because he coming ftom a small single A school

  42. Reply Post By Charlton Harris

    This award bogus if Khari Lane don’t win it… This guy set a state record! That along should make him player of the year! A winner shouldn’t be named by a bunch of teenagers glued to the computer voting multiple times. This MCA player surely don’t deserve to win nothing getting blown out in Atlanta.

  43. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Let’s Go Bulldogs !
    K’Hari Lane . ❤ #2

  44. Reply Post By Sonja Watson

    Congratulations Jonathan Jason, great job. Love ya!!!!

  45. Reply Post By Scott Herpst

    I understand and appreciate the challenge of trying to put together an All-State team, but there is a glaring omission on the Class A Public School team .
    Gordon Lee senior RB Drew Cobb finished the regular season as one of the top 3 rushers in the entire state (in all classifications). He finished the year with 1,727 yards and 30 rushing TD’s and also had 305 yards receiving and 5 TD catches, not to mention nearly 100 tackles as a defensive back. Nine times this season, he went over 100 yards rushing and broke the 200-yard mark on four separate occasions, including a 295-yard, 5-TD effort against Class AAA LFO. He also had five games with four or more total touchdowns.
    If this kid isn’t All-State, I don’t know what else he has to do. His team missing the playoffs shouldn’t be counted against him as he did all he could.


  47. Reply Post By DawgNation

    Sorry don’t understand how one of McIntosh player is in the lead and didn’t show nun of his athleticism at the Dome when they played MaCo. 0-35 ! But congrats.. “player of the year” .

    1. Middle linebacker cannot impact the game when Macon passes the ball as much as they do. Also, how many people predicted MCA to make it to the championship? It wasn’t magic and it’s called Player of the Year, not player of the game. I’m not here to bash K’Hari because I know he had a great year. Both players are great athletes and you can absolutely make an argument for both guys being Player of the Year but talking smack about Jones is just a poor argument and not really right to be talking about HS kid that way anyways.

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