Class A Private All-State

View our selections for Class A Private All-State team down below. Also, we have selected 4 players for “Player of the Year” and you can vote for that honor below as well. Voting will end Saturday 12/17 at 10 pm. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the webpage and join the discussion!

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QB – Banks Ramsey, Wesleyan
RB – Ahmad Barron, Tatnall Square
RB – Lofton Tidwell, Landmark Christian
RB – Trevor Gear, ELCA
WR – Harrison Cook, Wesleyan
WR – Ryan Reid, Fellowship Christian
WR/TE – Titus Moore, First Presbyterian
OL – Zach Quinney, Savannah Christian
OL – Al Hogan, Landmark Christian
OL – Gavan George, ELCA
OL – Brady Scott, Mount Paran
OL – Tad Aycock, Fellowship Christian
K – Alex Usry, ELCA
ATH – Jack Hardin, Fellowship Christian


DE – Harrison Taylor, ELCA
DT – Edward Verdree, Holy Innocents’
DT – Dalton Owens, Prince Avenue
DE – Tobe Umerah, Stratford Academy
LB – Alan Harris, Mount Vernon
LB – Seth Thompson, Strong Rock
LB – Richard Jibunor, Athens Christian
LB – Evan Reese, Savannah Christian
CB – Tre’ Douglas, ELCA
CB – Torrian McSwain, First Presbyterian
S – Joey Blount, Landmark Christian
S  – Josh Mays, ELCA
P – Crimmins Hankinson, Aquinas
RET – Wizo Wieczorek, Calvary Day


7A | 6A | 5A | 4A | 3A | 2A | 1A Public | 1A Private
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  1. Reply Post By Jason Huggins

    Thanks for your hard work – I thought I would share a couple of quick items:

    The voting link won’t work correctly. I can’t vote for Banks Ramsey or Jack Hardin.

    Additionally- it’s Harrison Cook at WR. His last name is not Cooks.

  2. Reply Post By Fullback Nation

    Y’all should have took the third RB category and added Fullback. What a snub to all the fullbacks in the state

  3. Trying to VOTE … the first and second selection is not active to allow anyone to vote for them…. please check.

  4. Reply Post By Marlon Field

    Great selection of kids all are deserving

  5. Having trouble voting . Please check

  6. Voting is fixed everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. Reply Post By Elaine Lefton

    No long snapper?

  8. Reply Post By Dick Run

    Hey Recruit Georgia – I think your voting poll has a problem! A group of us just voted for Jack Hardin, and Jack’s percentage of the vote continued to drop consistently while Banks Ramsey’s went up. In other words, a vote for Jack Hardin appears to be going to Banks right now.

    1. I can assure you that is not the case. My program tracks every single vote, and I can match your IP address if you really want me to, but the reality is that 16 k visitors to our site yesterday, so I would assume more people were voting for Banks over Jack. I will increase the cap from 10 votes to 25 soon. I usually only do polls for a week, so I did no do a good job anticipating how long the vote will be taking but this program has never failed outside when I forget to refresh the cache on the website, and trust me, I’ve been working on the site all day long – it has been done several times.

      1. Reply Post By Dick Run

        You’ve fixed it now, but I can assure you that when we were voting, the votes for Jack Hardin were going to Banks Ramsey. It was mathematically impossible to have any other explanation. It’s no big deal though. Paladin nation has all week to Get Jacked!

        1. Okay you made me do it. I looked up your IP Address. Somehow you have managed to 43 times and every time it has been for Jack Hardin. I mean I can take a screen shot but at this point it’s getting petty.

  9. Jack Hardin at Fellowship was the best offensive player in Single A hands down. 3 of the 4 LB’s on the list are defensive ends; only one Inside backer on the list. You might want to watch the HUDL for ILB Jackson Reese at Mount Paran. Was voted DPOY for 6A as a junior.

    1. Did you watch their film? Jibunor played WR and OLB this season and never had his hand on the ground. Harris played OLB and ILB and had somewhere around 130 tackles when I looked up his stats. Also Evan Reese lined up at ILB within the first minutes of his film and was a monster this year.

      I watched Jackson Reese, Emmett Talliaferro and Holt Shannon’s film for Mount Paran and each one could have made an argument to be on All-State. Also since when did being a 3-4 OLB not count as being a linebacker? I’m pretty sure Von Miller goes to the Pro Bowl as an OLB every year.

  10. Reply Post By FCS dad

    Jack also had over 65 tackles on defense this year, played both ways. This vote is for overall player of the year, not just offensive. Lead his team from 5-5 in 2015 to 13-1 in 2016 with a region championship and then to the State Championship game in the dome, where it had to go to 2 overtimes for the defending state champs to win.

  11. Reply Post By Jean McManus

    Lofton Tidwell was amazing to watch as he took off like a ball of fire when he received the ball. He was a challenge for anyone to tackle in that he usually took others with him, and I don’t mean just one other. In several games it looked like he was taking the team with him across the goal line. It seemed as if he was saying ti the others, ” I’m going across the goal line either with you or without you.” He is smart and strong. Thank you, Lofton.

  12. 2 of those games were to ELCA who beat Fellowship and Fellowship never played Landmark. Look up the stats on his passing yards and you will see why. Have you ever even seen him play??

    1. ELCA also has the best DB’s in Class A regardless of it being public or private.

    2. Not disputing ANY of the boys . Recruit Georgia does their research and knows what players should be up for player of the year. Just vote instead of criticizing other. Banks had 31 TDs passing and 13 rushing. 2700 yards passing and over 350 rushing this season and he’s a junior. Just sayin. And Tidwell is a tremendous athlete as well. And I’m sure the Athens Christian guy is also. Just requesting that you be respectful of these hardworking athletes. They all are deserving . And no game is ever lost by the actions of one person alone just like it’s not won by one person. Football is a team sport.

    3. Reply Post By thediesel

      Mct – you’d be wise to stay in your lane, dude. Why do you feel the need to criticize one player over another and question why Recruit Georgia would submit the four players they did for player of the year? Stay in your lane and leave the voting to people who know the game. When considering who should be player of the year, there are many things to consider such as players talent, what they mean to their team, how their team would fare without them, how they played in big games, the list could go on and on. Jack Hardin had a terrific year, no doubt, and he’s a great player. What you’re ignoring is that there are three other players on this list that are great players and had great years as well. All three will probably play more at the next level than Jack but that’s just my opinion and it doesn’t take away from the outstanding year Jack had. Stay in your lane. I saw the Ramsey kid threw for 384 yards against ELCA rushed for a couple TDs, at least one. That’s a good night against The state champions. Wesleyan put up 40 points in the playoffs in the first half against Pinecrest and Ramsey didn’t even play in the second. Pinecrest is a team FCS struggled with for 3 quarters. Plus, he didn’t even play in the second half at all in four games this year. Again, that doesn’t take away anything from Jack Hardin. In conclusion, Jack Hardin had a great year! So did Ramsey, Tidwell, and Jibunor. Stay in your lane. Cheer your guy on and quit acting like Stephen A. Smith!

  13. Trey Robinson should be linebacker.

  14. Trey Robinson from Fellowship Christian

  15. Reply Post By Trexton

    Jack Hardin is my hero

  16. I appreciate all those who are keeping it real but kind. All these guys have worked hard this year. I personally have watched a lot of games but voted for Jack after his stellar performance in the Dome.

  17. Hey thanks to all who are keeping it positive! I feel these guys have all worked extremely hard and should be proud of what they’ve done. I have watched a lot of games and all of the games at the dome this past weekend. After watching all that I did vote for Jack Hardin. I was extremely impressed that he can play quarterback and help his team on defense. Most of the quarterbacks have only been quarterbacking. But congratulations to all nominated you deserve it!

    1. Completely agree. I’ve been very pleased that I have had to do very little moderating on this page compared to other ones. Way to keep it classy guys! On a side note, MTC did email me saying he felt bad about his comment and for me to delete it. Also, just want to thank everyone who came to my site and participated – it really means a lot!

  18. Voting for Jack because he played both ways all year. All well deserved nominations on this list, congrats!

  19. Reply Post By Anonymous

    My link to vote for Banks Ramsey is not working either.

    1. What is it saying? I need more information to be able to figure out what is wrong.

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