Class AA All-State

View our selections for Class AA All-State team down below. Also, we have selected 5 players for “Player of the Year” and you can vote for that honor below as well. Voting will end Saturday 12/17 at 10 pm. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the webpage and join the discussion!

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QB – Bailey Fisher, Rabun Co.
RB – JD King, Fitzgerald
RB – Jasquiz Rucker, Elbert Co.
RB – DJ Atkins, Callaway
WR – Braylon Sanders, Callaway
WR – John Wesley Kennedy, Benedictine
WR – Tyquan Johnson, Screven Co.
TE – Lecitus Smith, Fitzgerald
OL – Gage Blackston, Benedictine
OL – Keiondre Jones, Callaway
OL – Jason Poe, Fitzgerald
OL – Worley Robinson, Elbert Co.
OL – Ye’Majesty Sanders, Spencer
K – Trey Wiggins, Heard Co.
ATH – James Graham, Fitzgerald


DE – BJ Sharpe, Southwest
DT – Bailey Clark, Benedictine
DT – CJ Wright, Screven Co.
DE – Kendrick Cox, Screven Co.
LB – Nate McBride, Vidalia
LB – Chris Harris, Benedictine
LB – Randy Green, Southwest
LB – Giovonnia Moore, Spencer
DB – William Poole III, Hapeville Charter
DB – Christopher Smith, Hapeville Charter
DB – Josh Reliford, Fitzgerald
DB – Charlie Thomas, Thomasville
P – Noah Cannon, Rabun Co.
RET – Dyquan Bloodsaw, Washington Co.


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  1. Reply Post By Ed Barnes

    Would you please provide some information related to how your all state decisions are made? I am curious.


    1. Certainly, Ed. Today I spent about 5 hours watching film, looking at stats, all region teams, strength of schedule, I read Georgia HS football daily too, and took that all in account while also using the thousands of hours of film that I have watched in the last few years to make these decisions. Is it perfect, I must concede, probably not, but it is not because of lack of effort, I can assure you. Now here’s my quasi-criticism of the hand that has been dealt to me. In my opinion, more people should treat MaxPreps like a real database instead of something “maybe I want to use.” It’s 2016 and people cannot seem to jump on board to a massive public database where you can upload your stats – go figure.

      Also, just some side items that I have done to enrich my knowledge of the game but I do top 10 power rankings every week during the regular season and this year I predicted almost every game during the regular season (I never picked a lot of Thurs games), and correctly guessed 77.8% of the regular season games. I picked 26-32 games correct on quarterfinals week as well. Actually Class AA is a perfect example. My preseason top 5 teams were Fitzgerald #1, Benedictine #2, Callaway #3, and Hapeville #5. You will be hard pressed to find anybody that accurate.

      I’ll admit, when the regular season ended I ended up with several thousand film at my feet to review and evaluate, so I’ve been fairly swamped, but I did predict preseason All-State teams on this site, and I’m going to finish what I started. Hope that explains everything your are concerned about, but feel free to ask anymore questions.

      1. Reply Post By Ed Barnes

        Thanks for the reply, and for all your work on this.

  2. I am excited to see the Hapeville QB among the PLAYER of the YEAR selections! He had an outstanding year!

  3. Reply Post By Donna Fisher

    Way to go Bailey Fisher so very proud of all you have accomplished this year!!!

  4. Reply Post By John Paul

    No way tyleek collins isn’t on this list

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly!

  5. Reply Post By Danny Hughes

    J. D. King was, without a doubt, the most versatile running back in AA. Not only did he run, but also blocked and was one of the
    best receivers on his team. My vote goes to J. D. King!

  6. I think Bailey Fisher is by far the player of the year, but he is the only player that I can’t select. Can you fix that?

    1. Sorry, I must have done something when I added every player’s film last night. Changing now.

  7. Braylon sanders

    1. Reply Post By Mattie Harrell

      Braylon Sanders has had an outstanding year
      Playing this year.

    2. Reply Post By Carrie Burger

      YES! Braylon Sanders is an all-star! We are so proud of all his accomplishments this year and the last 4! He has our heart and VOTES!!

  8. Reply Post By Terry Turner

    Worley Robinson is the best OL/DL on this list!!!! Watch out for him this kid is Greatness in the making

  9. Reply Post By Bryce Wright

    Great Selections. Not just a selection based on stars and hype but on-field production.

  10. Reply Post By Dra Bray

    Braylon sanders, without a doubt.. J.D. King guy is very good as well.. but B. SANDS with 1000+ receiving yards with less than 50 catches on the year.. scored 3 touchdowns to bring them back against Screven County in Elite 8.. + game Winning TD.. outstanding kid..

    1. That game winning touchdown was a thing of beauty. Incredible desire to win!

      1. Braylon has that personality even in clasd. I hope he wins!

  11. Reply Post By Major Ceo

    JD King from Fitzgerald! !!! GREAT PLAYER

  12. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Jd king thats easy 1800 rushing yards and almost 500 receiving yards

  13. Reply Post By Eddie Robinson

    Braylon Sanders is not only an extraordinary player but a student athelete..Very respected by teachers, student, community and church..Braylon has the ability to play Q.B. and could carry the role quite well..Not Only should he be PLAYER OF THE YEAR for AA per football..but wait until you see/ hear of his phenomenon gift on the basketball court..

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Thanks from his famly. You are absolutely right!

  14. Definitely, without a doubt…Braylon Sanders! This humble young man has great potential and will go far in life.

  15. Reply Post By Anonymous

    hi i love tacos

  16. Reply Post By John Wesley Kennedy Jr

    John Wesley Kennedy 3rd from Benedictine Military School. He had 37 TD’s this year and only played 2 1/2 quarters and 89TD’s in his high school career. Check the stats numbers don’t lie !!!!!

  17. Reply Post By Karmeta Foster

    Hajj Malik Williams will be an excellent choice for Player of the Year! This young man has impressed his family, friends, Northbridge Community, coaches, and various NFL players. We are so proud of you Malik for being a wonderful example on and off the field.
    God Bless you in all your future endeavors.

    1. Reply Post By Veverly Griffin

      Thank you Foster Family for your continued support!

  18. Reply Post By Melissa Register

    JD King is not just an awesome athlete but a great student as well! He is an awesome role model for many younger students as well! He has my vote!


  20. Reply Post By King Barber

    I watched JD King in 7 games this year. He blocks as hard as he runs with the ball. He elevates the level of play for all the backs and receivers on his team. Great individual talent and even better person and teammate.

  21. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Callaway High School all day!

  22. Reply Post By bc pride

    Brooks county wide receiver Khalid humphreys 30 catches 725 yds 9 touchdowns w/ backup qb

  23. JD King, hands down!

  24. Reply Post By John Kennedy Sr.

    John Wesley Kennedy III is very worthy for Player of Year. When his stats is considered, he has 897 yards receiving and he also has 1156 yards rushing followed by 37 touchdowns this season. A total of all purpose yards of 2599.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking when I saw his all-purpose yardage I fully realized how special his season was. Everyone had a great year that was nominated though and was extremely important to their team, so the let the best man win!

      1. Reply Post By Anonymous

        Your site is not functioning properly. Some people can’t vote at all today. If you knew who you wanted to win from the start why make us go through this bogus voting process.

        1. I’m not trying to throw the vote at all and my responses to everyone’s concerns in the comments should be proof enough. I didn’t expect 35,000 people to visit my site this morning so I did not refresh the memory of the site. I believe the voting should be working fine now but I’m extremely sorry about people receiving the “BAD REQUEST” error earlier. I’m trying to make this as fair as possible, so again apologies. Please let me know if you are still having problems. I will be working on the website up until 7 pm tonight.

  25. Reply Post By Neida Owens

    All my votes go to JD King! Awesome player and Awesome guy! Canes always #1 in my heart!

  26. Reply Post By Anonymous

    My vote goes to John Wesley Kennedy 3

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      I hope you vote for him 15 times a day.

  27. My vote goes to John Wesley Kennedy 3

  28. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Why is it when you vote, the numbers decrease?

    1. I just looked it up and every single one of your votes counted. The voting number has gone to 17k now, so one vote will not change the percentages.

  29. Reply Post By Eric G.

    Hajj-Malik hands down. A true field General.

  30. Congratulations Hajj-Malik for making this list! We love you. ❤

  31. Reply Post By Anonymous

    We are voting for john WesleykKennedy and the numbers are not moving

  32. Reply Post By Anonymous

    We just did 40 votes for John Wesley Kennedy and his numbers are not moving!!!!

    1. I just looked at all your votes and they are going through.

      There has been a total 16,759 votes currently for Class AA Player of the Year

  33. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Thanks but I think the damage has been done…

    1. Every single last one of your votes have been counted for. I have not fixed any issue, because nothing was broken. A lot of people were voting this morning but I can assure you nothing is wrong with our system.

  34. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I just voted the max amount for BENEDICTINE and the number keep going down instead of up.

  35. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I just voted the max amount for BENEDICTINE and the number keep going down instead of up.

  36. Reply Post By Anonymous

    A co-worker just voted 15 times for John Wesley Kennedy and every time she vote the number would go down and not up. This is the same thing that happened to me so there has to be something wrong!!!!!!

    1. Guys, I’m not lying. I can see everything that is happening and your votes are accounted for. John Wesley’s vote number has increased by 400 since I last commented. Braylon Sanders has gone up 500. A lot of people are voting please understand that.

  37. Reply Post By Anonymous


  38. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Bailey Fisher is an incredible player but also a great student and friend whom has overcome many adversities in his life and become a leader both on the field and off! My vote is for him!

  39. My first vote for JD King had him at 23.45 next vote 23.41 next vote 23.41 next vote 23.40 something is wrong !!!!!

  40. Reply Post By Harriet Reliford

    I vote for J.D King, he’s and awesome player and a very responsible student off the field. We love you J.. King.

  41. Reply Post By Jessica

    I just voted again and it says 23.36 I am sure if you vote it is supposed to go up not down!! SOMETHING is not right with your voting system sorry to tell you!!

    1. I just checked, and all your votes have been accounted for. Please guys, there is nothing wrong with my system. I have looked up every single person’s complaint and their vote has counted 100% of the time towards the player you are voting for.

      At the moment of writing this, 19,449 votes have been made. Please understand that just in the last few hours over 3 k votes have been cast and that volume can make a difference to the numbers from every refresh.

      I want to thank everyone for participating in this this poll, I really appreciate everyone coming to my site and I promise you guys I’m making sure that everything is done fairly.

  42. Reply Post By Anonymous


  43. CHS all day ! 3 great players from Callaway , all great guys !

  44. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I have 20 students in my class and all are voting for John Wesley Kennedy and the numbers are not moving. My co-worker has 12 in her class voting as well.

  45. I have added the actual voting #’s.

  46. Reply Post By Anonymous

    John Wesley Kennedy 37 touchdowns for the season and he doesn’t play all four quarters. He only plays 2 quarters of each game. Sometimes he plays 2 and 1/2 quarters. 2599 all purpose yards. This isn’t about the stats its about how many votes you can get from who you know. Everyone has done a great job but if we look at the stats John Wesley Kennedy III has earned this title fair and square!

    1. I would share this with news sites or other online source then to get more votes! I’m sure there are plenty of people in your community that do not know about this!

  47. Reply Post By Anonymous

    We just did 6 votes and only three were added.

    1. I don’t know what to say. Every time I vote it works. In fact, it’s going up 2-3 times per vote for JWK. Your IP address is telling me that 519 votes have been cast. Many times happening 15 seconds apart from each vote.

  48. Reply Post By Zaki Yahya

    Hajj-Malik is a phenomenal player and field tactician. He stands out amongst the other immensely talented candidates, which is a testament to this young man’s greatness. He is truly a giant-amongst-giants. For those who know the Giant that is Hajj-Malik, he is the defacto Player of the Year. This accolade will formalize what the people who know Hajj-Malik already acknowledge: Hajj-Malik Is The Player Of The Year.

  49. Reply Post By Destini Kennedy


    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      I vote for j d king he’s the man so proud of him he’s going places that’s our purple hurricanes

      1. Reply Post By Aneesa Richardson

        John Wesley Kennedy III he deserves it stats don’t lie!!!!! Vote for him

      2. Reply Post By Aneesa Richardson

        DROPS MIC IM OUT!!!!!

        1. Reply Post By Hurricane Fan!!!!

          Was your player a AJC Super 11?????? Meaning the TOP Eleven players across the board??????? Did your player rush over 5K yards his high school career????? NOOOOOOOOOOOO He did NOT! Dont give me that!!!!! Answer the questions I just posted……I WILL WAIT!

        2. Reply Post By Hurricane Fan!!!!

          And BTW, we never tried to say that our JD was better than anybody, we are here to support him by voting, I suggest you do the same instead of being so negative. We are casting our votes, I suggest you do the same so that maybe John will win. sommmmmmmmmmmeeeee PEOPLE!

          1. Post By Aneesa Richardson

            Yeah who the state champs though…………ok I’ll wait end of discussion.

  50. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Callaway all day every day BRAYON SANDERS!!!!!!!

  51. Reply Post By Anonymous

    JD KING!

  52. Reply Post By Anonymous

    JD King has been making a difference in AA football for a long time, not just his senior year. He has been consistent and plays with passion by doing what ever it takes to contribute to the team. Besides the kid broke a record or two that clearly speaks for itself.

  53. Reply Post By A players Mom

    Awesome job to all young men involved. Remember to remain humble young men. God will bless you. This is just a poll and you won’t win anything but a title. You are all the BEST PLAYERS EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIVES…..keep striving for greatness. Wish I could combine all of you on a team. Now that would be awesome.

  54. Over 28,000 thousand votes! Absolutely amazing and I think it speaks volumes about everyone’s communities. Seriously thank you for everyone who has come to the website! I typically just make free profiles for kid’s on the website and write stories every now and then so this has really helped my small site! Please come back whenever you want to see some cool HS football highlights. My goal is to be the #1 source for HS football news in the state of Georgia to go along with being a recruiting service, I know that might sound ambitious but I think I’m very close.

  55. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Thanks Fitzgerald Purple Hurricanes. JOB WELL DONE ? ? ?

  56. Reply Post By Anonymous

    JD is and awesome young man,and great team player. I chose you because you deserve it. Very hard player.

  57. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Good morning. I have been on this computer since yesterday and when i try to vote it says I’ve run out of votes. I am trying to vote for John Kennedy.

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Correction: I have not been on this computer since yesterday.

    2. I put a cap of 50 votes on the website. I would imagine the people who are voting way over that number somehow are the same people complaining about their votes not counting. I will expand it to 100 .

  58. Reply Post By Michael Lyons

    JD King hands down John W Kennedy had a great year no doubt about that but you have to look at the teams JD played and the teams John played yea John had 37 TDs but against weak teams. JD King played 3 7a schools this season and produced against every last one of them. No JD didn’t have 2500 yards rushing this year but he did have over 2500 all-purpose yards just to so the state that he’s more than a rb he show he can block and receive. JD KING AA PLAYER OF THE YEAR

    1. Reply Post By Aneesa Richardson

      Ok Sir, you said John Wesley Kennedy 3rd played weak teams ,he played you all for the championship and WON not only that BC was undefeated the Hurricanes lost a game to my understanding ,so are you calling your own team weak because it sounds like it to me.

      1. Reply Post By Michael Lyons

        Not weak at all what im saying is JD had a tougher ride than JK3 did i know both kids and wish both kids the Best on there future

  59. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Georgia Recruits just wants you to keep coming to vote on their site. Getting popularity by votes. It’s just being used as a way to get people to come to their website over and over again which is why they allow voting from multiple devices and other browsers. Clearly the coaches and recruiters know whose the best in the State of Georgia is…..

    1. I guess I’m wondering why this is a bad thing…

  60. Reply Post By Anonymous

    This site is not counting votes..Wesley is the GHSA 2AA Player of the Year and WTOC Savannah Player of the Year and @ 2nd time Champion…2 championship rings in three years…Yall cant touch that. Go JWK III.

  61. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I’m voting and the numbers are going down…

    1. What numbers? Are you talking about % or total votes. Every time I test this out it goes up, sometimes 2-3 votes.

  62. Reply Post By Anonymous

    This site is a joke. It is not counting our votes properly

    1. Are you trying to troll me? You are the only person still complaining about the voting… I can see all your comments and votes on the website btw. I set the voting cap to 50 and you have voted over 600 times so you really shouldn’t be complaining at all… Also, I’m deleting the snarky comment you made about another athlete.

  63. Reply Post By Renor Grange

    By far Braylon Sanders is the obvious choice…all around tremendous athlete can play several different roles and contribute in many different ways …with limitless potential and a incredible work ethic and drive…he has had an amazing year on the football field…and what’s the he is an phenomenal basketball player..this kidd really wants it..and is also an amazing on the look out for his name…your going to remember it

  64. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Stop complaining!!!!! My goodness!!!!! If you don’t like what’s going on, DO NOT PARTICIPATE…..EASY! This is a contest not the end of the world.

  65. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Bailey Fishers stats and accomplishments can not go unrecognized. He has the production of any running back on your list and as far as QB stats, untouchable. His school has a roster that is HALF the size of all the teams that Rabun County plays. They beat every team they were supposed to lose to, and did it convincingly.

  66. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I can’t believe how negative some people will always be. All of these players are good otherwise they wouldn’t be on this list. CAST YOUR VOTE AND KEEP IT MOVING.

  67. Reply Post By Pauline Bailey

    John Wesley Kennedy is a great kid on the field and off. So proud of him. His stats are outstanding. He deserves player of year and an he’s an awesome intelligent young man .

  68. Reply Post By Bostick Bostick

    John Wesley Kennedy 3 you have proven yourself worthy of this elite vote and winning this award you have all of myself and my friends and family vote I’m praying on your behalf GO. WESLEY

  69. Reply Post By Anonymous

    What do they win besides a title via Internet? Is there an interview ? An award ? Metal? Trophy? Piece of paper ? What is the incentive for the heavy voting ?

    1. There will be a lengthy article written and highlight video created.

  70. Reply Post By Harriet Reliford

    My vote goes to JD KING, JD is and awesome young man. Very responsible, respects and a roll model for the young people. JD loves his fans. And we love him dearly. My vote is for JD King.

  71. JD King is truly the top guy!

    1. com’on man I don’t need to be moderating what is going to start a flamefest.. catch me a break


    ON THE FIELD IS A “Beast”, from rushing yards, to carries and touchdowns, to blocks…

    He not only plays his position, he owns it

    He is a true team player thats very unique….

    Let’s go JD

  73. JD King is not only a great athlete, but a great student and role model. He excels not only on the field. But every week he and his teammates are out in the community with kids. They show up to kids houses that have lost loved ones, They participate in a annual community cleanup and help cleans people’s houses, yards, churches and repairs on the elderlies houses. Today they are out with needed kids Shopping with the Canes. Where the players carry these kids Christmas shopping. They show up to see sick kids and play yard ball with them when well. Not only are the Purple Hurricanes good on the field. They are even better of the field. Our coaches are taking these kids to be winners on and off the field. Good Luck JD King you more than deserve this award.

  74. Reply Post By Anonymous

    i vote for jd king

  75. Reply Post By Anonymous

    JD King best running back in class AA

    1. Reply Post By annomist

      yess JD King is the best

  76. Vote for B. Sanders hes the best in any thing theres competition!!! And also a very respectful individual and will be a great leader for rhe future up and coming .!!

  77. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Why am I Out of votes this morning?
    I just started again for today, I’m trying to vote for John Wesley Kennedy lll. What’s going on with the site?

    1. Sorry for not responding sooner. It does not start fresh each day. I originally put a cap of 50 votes but have expanded that to 150 for the weekend. Thanks for letting me know.

      1. Reply Post By Anonymous

        I’m trying to vote for Braylon Sanders but I keep getting a bad request error. What’s going on?


  79. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Go Braylon Sanders !!!!!!! Go Callaway

  80. Reply Post By Anonymous

    J D King is and awesome student. Stay humble JD King.

  81. Reply Post By marcus tyler

    jd king is the best vote jd king player of the year


    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      I COMPLETELY disagree. All of these guys are dimensional, All of these guys are elite. I’m guessing you don’t have Google, or Hudl, or Max Prep………cmon PLEASE spare me. Sorry, not sorry!!!!!

  83. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I love to see J.D King on the football field. He is a very well mannered young man. He had a defense that helped get the ball back into the offences hands. Way to go J.D King
    Keep up the good work.

  84. Reply Post By Anonymous

    BRAYLON SANDERS………..Not only is he a wide receiver but originally he starterd out as QUATER BACK where he had TERRY GODWIN aka MR. UGA as his wide receiver who he made look good and GODWIN also made him look good…..NEPHEW continue to stay humble and perform as you always do and that’s at your best.

  85. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I’m trying to vote for Braylon Sanders and I’m getting a bad request error. What’s going on?

  86. I’m trying to vote for Braylon Sanders but I’m getting a bad request error. What’s going on?

  87. Reply Post By Hurricane fan

    JD King is a awesome player and a great person also J D all the way

  88. Not able to vote much yesterday and so far not able to today…just sits and spins. From computer or phone – same result 🙁 .

  89. What time does the voting stop. At 10:00am JD was winning. It is still letting you vote.

  90. JD King. He’s got the stats. He’s a leader. He’s does community work with kids and he was an AJC Super 11

  91. Sorry we looked at it wrong it’s 10 pm

  92. Reply Post By Anonymous

    OK thanks for the update on the incentive. Good luck in the final hours guys

  93. Reply Post By Ceejay Lowe

    Braylon Sanders is a great basketball and football player so I think he would be a great pick for AA Player Of The Year?????????☝?????????

  94. Reply Post By Marlon Smith

    And The Winner is Braylon Sanders


    1. Reply Post By Anonymous


  96. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Have not been able to get anything to go through in the last 30 mins. Guess it’s log jammed. Been trying on my phone and iPad.

  97. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Trying to vote for Braylon but I’m receiving error messages! It appears it’s happening only to the Braylon Sanders button! ?

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      whatever, just a bunch of crybabies, I swear!!!!! We are all having the same problem. The best player will win fair and square so stop trying to make it seem like something is rigged. Really starting to get on my nerves!!!!!

    2. Reply Post By John Doe

      Well click on another players name and vote why don’t you…….how about that. Stop trying to start stuff

  98. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I been getting the same message or data base error. I’m also trying and been trying.

  99. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I get one vote in for Braylon and then 8 straight database error.

  100. I just paid for another upgrade to the website to handle more traffic. The next upgrade is for unlimited people and I cannot afford that one guys, I’m really sorry. I had no idea that this would get so many people coming to my website. I’ve tried everything I can to make it run as well as I can, I promise. Over 100,000 people have been to my site today.

  101. Reply Post By Cane Nation 31750 loving JD King

    We love JD, can’t you see!!!! We will not back down! CANE NATION??

  102. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I understand your doing great. I looked at the other classes nothing like the AA one. The players leading the other 6 classes don’t add up to just one of these. Both of these boys and there fans have showed up to show there support. Tks for all you have done.

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Exactly! Thanks

  103. Everyone is going to think that I deleted a bunch of comments but I did not. I have been staying up all night trying to help optimize my website to the best I can with my service provider GoDaddy. I ended up making the site crash completely for 5 mins and to upload a backup from the site. It looks like it went back to 8:20 pm so even though I was refreshing the memory of the site for every 4-5 k ppl who showed up it must have not been working due to the overload of traffic. So the final vote has been altered but JD King is the winner none the less.

    I know people are upset with how my website could not handle this sort of traffic and I understand and share your grievances. My website typically gets 3-4 k thousand visitors a day, and 150 k visitors came to my site yesterday.


      Thank you for clarifying because I came to screenshot the final results to share on my fb and noticed that comments were gone and the results had changed. JD had 42700 votes when the poll closed last night. I know this because I looked and because another friend shared it on fb. Yes he won fair and square because we had everybody voting for him. My suggestion is that next time you only allow one vote per person. It’s only fair.

      1. Yes, a voting cap with a lower number will have to be issued in the future also I will do a better job of spreading out the voting deadlines. Those were my biggest mistakes in retrospect. Also yes again, I remember looking at the vote and JD King won 42700 to Braylon’s 42300. It was an insanely close vote when you take in account of the time span, the people voting and the website issues.

        I just want to say thank you again to everyone who voted. I know the website was moving at a crawl, but that did not stop the unreal dedication by both fansbases. The support for both JD King and Braylon Sander far surpass any other vote going on this week and both communities should be proud of their efforts nonetheless!

        1. Reply Post By A JD LOVING HURRICANE FAN

          All in all, these guys were monsters on the field. I loved watching them all. I apologize that you had to deal with so much frustration for nothing is perfect……..we are really looking forward to the highlight video and other things to come, best regards.

          1. Yes, thank you! I’m going to stay off the site again mostly today so that Class AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA can finish off their vote but should be able to get the story and highlight video made very soon!

  104. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I understand your frustration because I tried to vote for JD many times unsuccessfully for each vote that went through. We are all proud of these talented athletes.

  105. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Have you taken time out to view any Northwest Georgia players?

  106. Screen had jr on here the e very good watch for them next yr..

  107. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Whatever happened to the article that the winner (JD) was suppose to receive?

    1. Should be happening tomorrow or Thursday. Been really busy with holiday stuff but now that’s all over I just have a few profiles to finish up with and I can make the story.

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