Zack Boobas – SS

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HT: 5'10″
WT: 190
GPA: 3.75
Class: 2017
40: 4.5
Squat: 425
Bench: 315
Power Clean: 290

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

“I bring hard work, dedication and passion to everything I do whether I'm in the classroom, on the football field, wrestling mat or catching behind the plate. I have played football since I was 7 years old. My passion is football. I love the camaraderie, the competition and most of all winning. I am very fortunate to have played for some great coaches, mentors and with some very good players. I set my goals high and work hard everyday to achieve them. I consider myself a smart dedicated player with good football knowledge. I apply my learning ability to the game as well as in the classroom. I will do whatever is needed of me for my coaches and teammates in order to win.”

Boobas puts it all out on the field and plays with a ton of intensity. He is a big-hitter but he also does a great job of playing with his eyes in pass coverage. He can see the field very well which allows him to react to the play quickly. An opponent this season told Recruit Georgia that he is one of the toughest players he went up against. Boobas is the blue collar player that a lot of FBS programs covet.

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  1. Reply Post By Ross Bowers

    I have watched this kid play three different sports and he brings everything he has to the table. He only knows one speed. Plays both sides of the ball and never leaves the field. 98 Total Tackles and 69 were solo! Incredible athleticism, power, strength, quickness and great hands. He has great hips and can transition to cover both sidelines. I saw him chase down Mecole Hardman (#1 Athlete and Recruit in the nation) this year in the Jefferson/Elbert Game. I believe the play is on his highlights film at the 4:15 second mark. He lives in the weight room and is smart with a 3.8 GPA. Great work ethics and a team leader. He can play anywhere you put him on the field. He even kicks and punts. Talked to him after one of his games and everything was “yes sir’s and thank you’s” Someone is going to get a great package with this kid!

  2. Reply Post By Matt Treadwell

    I had the pleasure on three different occasions to watch Boobas play football this year. He does it all! Talk about putting the hammer on you…two out of the three games I attended a player had to get carted off the field, no kidding (Hartwell and Blessed Trinity games) after getting hit by Boobas. He is either making the tackle or assisting with it. He broke up several passes thrown in his direction.
    He also very impressive as a running back! He gets his pads square and runs upfield quick. He has good vision and is patient waiting for a hole and then explodes through it. Great agility and quickness in space and welcomes contact to gain yardage. He caught multiple passes and did a great job making defenders miss. He demonstrated excellent ball security with no fumbles.
    He is also apparently the kicker for Jefferson and had several touchbacks and some 40 plus yard punts at the games I attended. All stats were noted**
    I’m glad to have had the chance to watch him play and am anxiously waiting to see him play his senior year and at the next level. There is lots of talk about #34.

  3. Reply Post By Chad Cheatham

    I first saw Zack when he was 10 or 11 years old when attended a football camp that I was in charge of. Immediately he caught my eye. He was clearly a few steps ahead of the other players in his foot work, hand to eye coordination and aggressiveness. I later had the opportunity to coach Zack and now watch him mature as he moves through the ranks. The thing I believe that separates Zack from other players is his knowledge and feel for the game and his ability to react and adapt whether he be on offense or defense. His ability to see things develop and position his body exactly where it needs to be is next to none! He has incredible God given instincts. Athletically there is no doubt he is superb but his unbelievable work ethic, his relentless pursuit of perfection and his love for the game and his team makes him in my opinion a “no brainier” at the next level. What would I say to a recruiter, “DO NOT miss out on the opportunity to have this guy in your program!” I think it would be a mistake.

  4. Reply Post By Anonymous

    He is s great player however I feel he would be an even better player if he works on controlling what he say while on the field to distract opposing players. Calling African American players n*** and telling them he will hang them is very inappropriate! Trash talk is something that is done doing football but he needs to mindful of the words that he choose.

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