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Take look at the user-submitted ratings made by the Recruit Georgia Community down below. Each player’s name has a link to their Recruit Georgia profile.

SR Michael Cone
OG East Paulding
– 6’5″ 326 lbs

Kyle Grantham: Saw him against Cass. What school is going to pick him up? If you watch a game you’ll see the defense switch their studs to the other side away from Cone. You don’t aim at the armor, you shoot for the weak spots. Cone’s the armor.

SR Cam Wyche
WR South Paulding
– 6’1″ 170

JT: Superb route runner. Does a great job in the top of the route. Creates separation in a variety of ways, depending on the CB. Has the speed to escape after the catch. Has the strength to be physical at the line. Has the quickness to make people miss in space. Tough to bring down if hit high. Has a great feel for the game. Needs to work on getting the knees up higher and cradling the ball in traffic.

JR Luke Johns
DE SE Whitfield
– 6’5″ 218

Coach: Johns shows quickness and strong aggression. He has an advantage in athleticism but he could gain some weight. Colleges should be all over him. Has the ability to go to a big school.

SR Tobias Oliver
QB Northside-WR
– 6’2″ 175 

NHS#1: If this guy aint playing somewhere in the SEC next year then we have a huge problem in America. One of the best overall players I’ve ever seen!!

JR Antonio Grier
LB Mays
– 6’1″ 210

Anonymous: He is a great athletic player plays fast and hard don’t think to much he is unblockable and untouchable gets to the ball and is a play maker

SR Jack Dinges
QB Marist
– 6’2″ 193

Marist Rival: Our team has played against Marist several times and Dinges is a fantastic all-around player. He is tough, shifty and explosive. Hard to beat. Great person as well.

MaconSports: Dinges is disciplined, gritty and a tough player. I remember him at the Mary Persons playoff game where he skillfully and relentlessly led his team to a win against the Bulldogs. Even though they run a wing t option, he mixed it up and showed he can throw the ball well, pitch it, and was a difficult runner to tackle. Excellent all around player.

JR Zion Custis
RB Lovejoy
– 5’7″ 178

Greg Lightfoot: I have watched in awe of what this young man can do on the football field for 8 years. Every year, every week even if he is hurt this kid pours his heart into every play. His strength is alarming from a player his size……he simply WILL NOT GO DOWN……whoever gets him on there team has a WINNER!!!

JR Josh Mays
– 5’9″ 190

Kenny Crews: I attended a few games of ELCA to see their two tandem RBs they have. This Kid Josh Mays is amazing when he touches the ball. His instincts, visions and quickness is something a lot of running backs do not have combined. This kid has it all. He will also lower his head and run threw tackles. This kid should be the number one Running back! I am very high on this kid and will be looking forward to see where he attends school.

SR Cade Leonard
OLB Milton
– 6’2″ 200

TSC: Incredible game against #1 Roswell High this past weekend! He was everywhere… Here are some of the facts about Cade that I have been able to uncover. He is the starting OLB for 7A Milton High School and leads the team in tackles through the first 5 games with 47. He doesn’t turn 18 until May 2017, so he is a younger senior, giving him significant upside from a growth/development perspective. Not sure if he is widely known by recruiters, however I can promise you he is known by the opposing teams that he will be facing.


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