Middleton Continues to Build Off Past Success


The newest winner of Recruit Georgia’s top play is fleet-footed Jenkins HS quarterback Javonte Middleton. For the winning play, the 2018 recruit turned a botched snap into a 81-yard TD run, where he made several defenders miss in the process.

The always colorful-speaking Middleton was able to take time and talk about his recruitment, the 2016 season, and how he has continued to progress throughout his HS career.

“This season is going good, I feel as though this season is my best year starting at Jenkins not only because of the numbers I’ve been putting up on the field but because I noticed I’ve grown as a leader and and I’ve built better relationships with my teammates than I did my freshman and sophomore years.”

Javonte MiddletonMiddleton has been a starter since he first walked on campus at Jenkins, where he was a true breakout player, leading his region in almost every major passing category and making 2nd team All-Greater Savannah. With much improved arm strength from prior seasons, Middleton is starting to look more like the dual threat QB our staff has always projected him to be.

Middleton spoke about what he likes most about being under center and leading the offense: “I firmly believe that the hardest position on the football field to excel at is quarterback, and for some odd reason I’ve always wanted to put myself in situations where nothing would come easy to me. So what I enjoy most about playing quarterback, besides the ball being in my hands frequently, is that I have to work hard each and every day to excel.”

Colleges have expressed interest in Middleton for years and he has been taking college visits since his freshman year. That indoctrination into the recruiting process at such a young age has given the 2018 recruit a mature perspective. “I’m thankful to be in the place that I am recruiting wise. I’ve yet to receive an offer, but I still have time.”

Middleton has been hearing from a slew of local programs from both FBS and FCS ranks. “Lately I’ve been getting a lot of mail from Coastal Carolina, Duke, Purdue, East Carolina, & Mississippi State.”

Duke was going to receive a visit from the talented Savannah native on October 8th, but with Hurricane Matthew taking over the east coast for the weekend, the 2018 recruit had to reschedule to November 11th. He expects to be visiting several junior days in the offseason as well.

Jenkins won their region championship last weekend and are riding high with an 8-1 record (their lone lost coming to Liberty Co. 32-21). This is new territory for the Savannah school, but if you look at the talent on their squad, it comes to no surprise.

With playoff excitement in the air, Middleton spoke about how he would like to cap off his junior season. “I would like to help my team make a deep playoff run in class AAA the best way that I can. Jenkins has never won a GHSA state playoff game before and I would love to be apart of the first team to do that. I’ll like for our team to continue our win streak as long as we can.”

Middleton worked really hard on his running last offseason, becoming more explosive out there on the field (if that wasn’t obvious from his highlight reel TD last weekend), and said that he would like to finish with +10 rushing TD’s this season. The 2018 recruit has the potential to be a tough dual-threat QB in the right system but could also play slot receiver at the next level if need be. 

Colleges can measure his height, weight, or 40 time, but what they cannot quantify is his leadership ability, and intangibles. Born leaders like Middleton are the type of players that elevate the play of everyone around them. 

Interested in recruiting Javonte Middleton? Take a look at his Recruit Georgia profile HERE and start recruiting him now.


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