TOP 3 Quarterbacks for Class of 18

Going into this fall there are three QB’s from the Class of 2018 that have a leg-up in experience and skill when slated among their Georgia high school peers from what we have seen on film this off-season. A few QB’s were close to being a part of this group but right now do not have the film nor the experience to be included with this top-flight bunch.


1. Trevor Lawrence – Cartersville HS #16


credit to: @Chrris_Brown

credit to: @Chrris_Brown

Scoop: After being awarded first team All-State Class AAAA, Trevor continued make a splash onto the off-season, impressing at camps over the last few months, including the Rival Series. The QB from Carterville, GA throws a beautiful spiraling pass, has excellent footwork in pocket and an extremely strong arm that allows him to make throws other QB’s his age simply cannot make. At 6’5″, Trevor stands tall among his peers and commands his #1 QB spot for the Class of 2018.



2. Emory Jones – Heard County HS #6


credit to: Emory Jones

credit to: Emory Jones

Scoop: Starting all 13 games for Heard County, Emory Jones looks to be another lanky dual-threat QB who looks to have endless potential. Standing at 6’4″ and weighing in at 185 lbs, Emory shows good patience in the pocket, steps into his throws, and delivers a tight spiral to the receiver. He shows a pendent to bounce out of the pocket and throw on the run or tuck it and run down field – this is where he is most dangerous and why spread teams like Mississippi State and Georgia Southern have already offered.



3. Javonte Middleton – Jenkins HS #17


credit to: Javonte Middleton

credit to: Javonte Middleton

Scoop: Coming off a great freshman year, Javonte Middleton lead his region in all major passing statistics and was 2nd team All-Greater Savannah and looks to impress even more this upcoming fall. Shorter than both Emory and Trevor, Javonte displays a nice touch on his passes both intermediate and long. A very elusive QB who, even though slight of frame, runs with authority and toughness.






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