Terriyon Moore Terrorizes Opponents

No reason to double-check, this is the 2nd article we have done on Terriyon Moore out of Bacon County. The 2021 athlete who we highlighted earlier this fall has done it once more. He has won another top play of the week, and again, it was Moore’s versatility that shined.

Unfortunately, Bacon County’s senior QB hurt his wrist and is currently sidelined on the offensive side of the football (still playing CB), so Bacon County went right back to last year’s strategy of getting the ball into Moore’s hands immediately. Now at quarterback again, Moore was going to have the opportunity to make plays on every down.

The senior had his team driving downfield to the 30-yard line. Bacon County ran a power left off tackle with Moore, who was quickly greeted by one East Laurens defender. That East Laurens player was promptly slammed to the ground with a stiff arm. The senior continued to work his way upfield until he was greeted by three more defenders, but again Moore was able to shrug off and spin out of those attempts. One more East Laurens defender made an attempted tackle at the 10-yard line, but the 225 lbs. athlete took that opponent for a ride all the way into the endzone.

Once again Moore had made a miraculous play where his strength and speed is just too much for the high school competition. A few days later, Moore had earned the #1 play in the state of Georgia.

“They give me a chance. They put me in the best position for me to make a play and lead my team – they have faith in me,” Moore said.

The humble athlete has certainly been a dominating force this season with 773 receiving yards (862 total), 15 touchdowns, and a handful of tackles for loss on defense too. As we have reported consistently, we think colleges are really sleeping on Moore at TE.

He’s a powerful moving body with good ball skills and the ability to line up at sniffer, traditional TE, slot, or even out wide. Plus, his speed and power are enticing on the defensive side of the ball rushing off the edge.

On the recruiting front, Moore received an offer from Point University since we last reported, plus another local program is showing heavy interest.

“I have an offer from Point only right now, but West Georgia has shown major interest too,” he said.

Moore, for his size, moves really well, but that doesn’t satisfy the senior. He believes that is one area he can really improve over the next few years.

“My speed, because I only run a 4.7, but it could be faster. I’m really more of a game speed type of player more than sprint speed.”

Moore definitely moves well in pads, and besides, being fast doesn’t always translate over to success at the TE position. Why else would players like Jason Whitten and Antonio Gates play until they are almost 40 years old? It’s a good goal set out by Moore, and we believe every player needs to focus on getting more explosive and faster for sure, but the senior has good ‘football speed’ regardless.

No doubt about it, Moore is putting up an All-State caliber of season here, and college coaches will need to recognize the talent they are overlooking. We expect over the next few years that Moore will continue to fill out his frame and be a lot closer to 250 lbs.

Any team that is looking for a versatile tight end needs to give Moore a look here, and we think that will happen down the stretch, so be sure to continue to check by @RecruitGeorgia to see the latest offers and film from Moore and the rest of the athletes across the state of Georgia.


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