Summers Taking Over this Fall

In case you missed today’s GHSF Daily Newsletter, they went over the state’s statistical leaders, and right at the very top of rushing yards is St. Ann-Pecelli’s Pierre Summers. With right at 561 yards rushing, 11 touchdowns and a whopping 14.4 yards per carry, Summers is really making a case for college coaches to pay attention.

This is just a few games under his belt, but they have resulted in wins for his team. Summers on film looks to have very good balance – he spins out of tackles and does a nice job keeping balance when taking on contact.

He is a pretty patient runner waiting for his blocks to materialize and has solid enough acceleration to blow by the defenders. It’s his balance that we keep coming back too, and he shows very good lower body strength to stay upright.

Obviously it’s a very small sample size, but Summers definitely has shown out so far this year. Summers is also a basketball player, and honestly completely off our radar until he created his Twitter page this month. He didn’t appear to play football his junior year, but during his sophomore year up in Michigan he did play some running back.

Summer divulged more into his recent past playing football and the status of his recruitment. 

“I have been moving around a lot I was in Lansing Michigan my sophomore year. I’ve been playing football and basketball my whole life. The only 2 schools I’ve heard from was Stanford and Fort Valley so far. I’m trying to get my name out there though, I’m waiting on my stats from Michigan, and I played for the Michigan Titans (AAU) and Waverly high school,” he said.

Summers has been all over the place for sure, and that’s an easy way to fall off the radar for college coaches, but even back in his sophomore film he showed similar balance. The acceleration and overall speed is much improved over the last two years here.

Colleges definitely should have Summers on watch. Sure, it’s only a few games, and the coming weeks they will be tested against schools like Chatt Co., Landmark Christian and even bigger heavy hitters in Rabun Co. and ELCA.

So Summers will have his hands full to replicate his hot start, but that also provides opportunity. He certainly does not need to dominate like he did against state powers in either ELCA or Rabun, but strong output will certainly continue to grab college coach’s attention.


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