Moore’s Versatility a Difference-Maker

After starting QB Mason Mikell went down in early 2019, Terriyon Moore was thrusted into the starting QB job where he made a lot of impressive plays. Fast forward to this summer, and we are doing our Preseason All-State scouting where we look for potential impact players for the upcoming season and it was hard to ignore the upside of Terriyon Moore. The 6’3″ 230 lbs. athlete was shaking defenders and making exciting plays, and with his fellow 2021 classmate Mikell back under the helm again at QB, he was set for a big year receiving.

Moore has done just that. Go through his first few games of the year where he is lined up at WR, TE, Wildcat and even some defense too – his versatility is something else. You will quickly notice that his highlight reel is loaded with big-time plays, but nothing has matched his play last Friday night against Berrien County.

The 2021 recruit was flanked out to the left at the 40 yard line. Mikell was in the shotgun and upon receiving the snap keyed in on his senior counterpart who was running a simple seam route down the middle of the field. The defender was guarding Moore tightly lobbed the ball up anyways. Why not? Moore had already scored 3 touchdowns on the night under similar circumstance where he used his size to dominate the defensive back for the score. Well, Moore leaped up and caught the pass at the 15 yard line, then proceeded to bulldoze over the defensive back and outrun the safety into the endzone for a score.

The play was remarkable to see, and his 4 touchdown performance for Week 3 was one of the best in the entire state. Moore made our weekly top 10 plays and rightly earned the #1 spot after an impressive voting effort by the Bacon Co. community.

Moore has definitely improved over the last year here, he is much quicker and looking more explosive in general. So we asked about how his offseason went and what he think’s separates himself from other players in the class of 2021.

“Well the Covid-19 offseason wasn’t bad. It gave me an opportunity to get extra work and prepare myself for whatever was next.” Moore continued, “I feel like my game is different cause I’m versatile and I’m unselfish. I tend to make big plays but that’s after I do what’s needed to win regardless if I get the glory or not.”

Moore is definitely a team player and his versatility is exploited all over the field on a consensus basis. He models his game after Julio Jones and Travis Kelce – both are apropos comparisons too. Especially Kelce, who lines up at receiver almost as much as tight end, and shows very good running instincts after the catch, much like Moore. The athletic senior also shows some legit upside coming off the edge as an OLB, as seen at the end of his highlight above where he guns down the ball carrier from the backside.

With the 4th game of the season happening tonight, it seems like the 2020 season is going by fast, so we asked Moore what are his goals for the rest of the season.

“My goal for the remainder of the season is to stay humble, and win more, and try to earn a scholarship,” he said.

Recruiting-wise Moore has heard from GT, Georgia Southern, Jacksonville State, Savannah State and West Georgia but none have offered yet. Over here at Recruit Georgia we don’t need colleges to affirm that Moore is a D1 football player, we already know it. He’s built like a brick wall, has shown marked improvement as an athlete over the last year, and has the versatility to play all over the field.

Bacon County has started off the year 2-1, and the last two weeks the offense has really begun to click with double-digit margins against Long Co. and Berrien Co. Tonight, Bacon Co. will line up against Brantley Co., where we suspect their formidable offensive attack will be worth the watch.

So far, Moore has put together some impressive numbers, and if he continues this season he will have a strong argument to make All-State at the end of the year. A lot can happen until then, so be sure to stop by @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest on Moore and the rest of the athletes across the state of Georgia.


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