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If there one consistent theme coming out of Rome during this offseason was the continued emergence of Jay Wise. Going back to his junior year the lanky wide receiver was a real playmaker, especially in the redzone for the Wolves, but this offseason there seemed to be some legit hype surrounding the senior – more than the year prior at least. Well, it didn’t take long for that hype to be realized, and in just Week 1 the 6’2″ receiver earned himself into the Recruit Georgia Top 10, and eventually earned the 3rd most votes.

It was a spectacular play for sure. Senior QB Caleb Ellard dropped back and lofted out a high arching pass to his counterpart. Wise, who had the edge on the defender, leaned back and jumped extending himself into the air catching the football, and then subsequently falling into the endzone. A spectacular play, much like the receiver that Wise molds his game after.

“I model my game off of Odell Beckham. The main reason reason being is he makes contested catches look easy,” Wise said about his favorite athlete.

To get this point in the football season was no easy battle. With the pandemic hitting the state, there was a cloud going into the fall, but the senior continued his old routine and kept focus on that task at hand.

“The offseason was just like any other offseason. You have to put in your own work to be great, and that’s what I did!”

Wise is starting to separate himself from other receivers in this class. The one time Region Champ in the triple jump is without a doubt a great athlete, and has become one of the best jump ball threats here in the state of Georgia. He shows the long springy first step coming out his release. Wise has legit hands and coordination keeping his feet in bounds. His body control is by far his best skill, and is such a huge advantage to go along with his height when performing these aerial acrobatics like last Friday.

The senior has confidence in his play and plays within his skill level. “What separates my game from others is I know what I’m capable of, and I don’t try to do more than what I know I can do, which is make big time plays.”

There really is no doubt that the senior is a great athlete. Just watch him on the basketball court back in May where he jumps from 8 feet away from the basket and goes between his legs for a slam dunk. As of now though, the three sport athlete does not hold a football offer, which is certainly a surprise when you take in account his athleticism and explosive film to boot. There is little doubt in our mind over at Recruit Georgia that Wise is a D1 football player, and we fully expect his offer sheet to reflect that one day in the future. 

Interested in recruiting Jay Wise? Click HERE to visit his Recruit Georgia profile.


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