Reynolds Comes up Big in the Clutch

Playoff seeding was on the line last Friday between Bremen and Heard County. The Blue Devils of Bremen found themselves down 16-7 against their region rival with only 3 mins left in the game, and needed a big play.

Enter Jacob Reynolds, who just last month won Week 8’s top play on the website. The senior knew the stakes were high, and that a big play was needed for his team to overcome the Heard County defense that had stymied his squad for most of the night.

“Well we were down by 9 with about 3 minutes left, and I knew we needed to score, get the onside kick, and let Fuller kick the game winner. I didn’t really know how we would score at the time, but I knew everyone on that field with me was going to give 100% for me, and knew I was gonna give 100% for them. As a team we just made it happen,” Reynolds said.

Catching the football around the 5 yard line, Reynolds took the ball up field where a handful of Heard County players grouped around him inside 20 yard line, but the quick senior made a hard cut out to the sideline sending one defender to the turf and the rest falling behind in pursuit. Reynolds continued to make his way up the sideline hopping over one tackle and making another big cut down the middle of the field where he continued to break tackles left and right until he was escorted into the endzone with his teammates surrounding him.

Honestly, it was one of the more exciting plays that we have watched over the last few years on this site, and considering the levity of the game, it meant everything for the Bremen squad. An onside kick and a field goal later by Evan Fuller gave Bremen a key 17-16 victory over Heard, which awards them the #2 seed in the Class 2-A playoffs. Shortly after on Sunday night, Reynolds made our top 10 again, and with unrelenting support from the entire city, the senior went on to win the top play for Week 12 with over 4000 votes in roughly 24 hours.

Bremen has rallied off five wins in a row now, after going 2-3 during the first half of the schedule. Needless to say, the Blue Devils were getting used to life beyond the class of 2019, and seniors like Reynolds has been a big reason in their strong 2nd half contributing 520 total yards offense on the season, which of course, 95 coming in the biggest way possible.

“Regular season didn’t go as perfect as I planned but we did end the season strongly winning 7 of the last 8 games. The season for me I think went very well. I think I’ve proved that I can possibly play at the next level, but there’s always a way to make myself better.”

Bremen is definitely one of the hottest teams now in 2-A with their only loss recently coming from top 5 ranked Callaway, and it was only a 20-14 difference. Going into the playoffs, they are prime to make an extended run, and can potentially be one of the darkhorse teams in the state.

Speaking of underdogs, the 5’7″ Reynolds symbolizes that moniker to the nth degree. Even with his big plays made this year where he shows excellent quickness and running vision, his recruitment has still not taken off.

“I still haven’t had anyone look at me that I know of, but really hope to soon. Would love to go play college ball.”

Just last month we wrote that Reynolds could be very effective in a spread offense where his shifty elusive nature with the ball is excellent out in space. Plus, it’s pretty clear he can be very effective on special teams too.

When asked about his biggest strength on the gridiron, Reynolds replied, “My biggest strength on the field in my opinion is probably my quickness and speed. I’m not a big guy so I’ve had to work extra hard on the other things that I can control to make up for the lack of height and weight.”

There is little doubt in our mind that Reynolds can play at the college level. He is a powerhouse athlete with an impressive 280 lbs power clean, and if colleges take the time to watch him play, their is definitely a slot role that he can fill on their roster.

For now, Bremen has a key playoff game this Friday against Model, and that will be the main focus for the time being, but any school interested in recruiting Jacob Reynolds should contact him on Twitter by clicking HERE. Continue to keep track of Reynolds and the rest of the athletes across the state by following @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter. Special thanks again for the entire Bremen community for taking part in our top play vote too, your participation helps small business like Recruit Georgia continue to grow.


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