Romero Smalls Jr. – SS
Bradwell Institute


HT: 5’11”
WT: 170
GPA: 3.0
Class: 2019
40: 4.6
Squat: 360
Bench: 220
Power Clean: 220

Smalls plays the game with reckless abandon, and that doesn’t forecast too well for his body. He goes into a tackle hard, but without using the best fundamentals, there is a major concern for an injury. He is more of a nickle or even plays linebacker last fall for Bradwell. His physicality is certainly his top asset he can bring to the table. Smalls looks to make the impact tackle, but would like to see him perform more consistently in tackling situations – as their is potential for a lot of missed tackles with RB’s at the next level. Smalls’ effort and pursuit after the ball carrier showcases his team player attitude. I really like how he comes from the backside a lot on these tackle attempts.


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