Kayden Richardson – C


HT: 6’3″
WT: 270
GPA: 3.86
Class: 2022
40: 5.3
Squat: 435
Bench: 335
Power Clean: 265

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

I have played and started as a sophmore in 7A GA football. I have been invited to many all-star games. I have worked on developing my technique year round for years and I am now developing the strength and size to leverage my technique.

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Richardson made a pretty big jump in the last year and went from about 230 to almost 270. The 40 lbs. jump was done well too, and he has really built up his lower body and core. Richardson is the son of an OL trainer, and that shines on film with how quickly he pops out his stance and how quick he is to engage with the defender. He does a solid job with hand placement, keeps a flat back, and does a good job of driving his legs. He reacts accordingly to the defense and has pretty quick feet sliding laterally. His quickness might surprise you honestly, but he can get to assignments quickly and seal off defenders. Milton is set to have perhaps the best OL in the state in 2021, and Richardson will be a central cog in the middle. His junior film is loaded against FBS/FCS caliber of talent where he looks good. There is a lot to like with Richardson, he made a huge jump from a strength standpoint in the last year, and we want to see that same progression here in 2021, albeit not adding 40 lbs., that would be too much but Richardson should hit a sweet spot at around 290. So far so good, Richardson continues to make very good gains in the weight room and we think he is set for a strong senior year here.



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