Welcome to our brand new team page! This a new service that provides additional exposure to your high school’s college recruits. We are rolling out this pilot program and have Duluth as our first high school to sign-up. Each team page has some basic information and stats to go along with a personalized player database separated by each recruiting class. When a school signs up, their player profiles will be prioritized and made immediately as possible.

For a limited time we are offering team pages for just $50 annually! That’s every recruit on your team with a profile made, and a dedicated page on the website. Think about a team page as your prospect sheet formatted into our website for college coaches to easily use. Plus, with our software and a little time to work, we can guarantee that our website will rank player profiles right up with their Hudl account on Google search engine, and feel confident that your team page will be ranked at the top as well!

Interested in getting set-up with a team page? Contact @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter or email recruitgeorgia1@gmail.com and let’s kickoff your team’s recruitment this fall!









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