Bobby Campbell – OL


HT: 6’2″
WT: 295
GPA: 3.9
Class: 2024
Shuttle: 4.38 verified
Squat: 525
Bench: 365
Power Clean: 325


The multi-year starter really turned himself into one of the best blockers in 3A in 2022. The 2024 prospect has always been a very good blocker displaying excellent technique and has grown considerably since his freshman year going from 6′ 230 to now 6’2″ 295 lbs. That’s a great jump, and luckily, little explosiveniss at the point of attack was lost. His weight liftings numbers have also blown up, and he is definitely one of the stronger OL you will find in the class of ’24. Campbell is a very good blocker once he gets his hands inside the pads of the defender. His ability to stay attached after his initial engagement is by far his best strength. The 2024 prospect simply steers the defender out of the way. We would like to see him get lower at times. He does a good job of driving his legs through the block, but we would like to see more explosiveness in the hips. Campbell is a very strong OG prospect for D1 programs to target. Improving his quickness and just being faster at the point of attack should get the attention of FBS programs, but either way, he will be a rock-solid football player at the next level. Plus a very good student.



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