Amehre Morrison – RB
River Ridge


HT: 5’8″
WT: 165
GPA: 3
Class: 2022
40: 4.49
Squat: 425
Bench: 270
Power Clean: 265

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

The fact that I’m 5’8 and can still shake and bake defenses and fight for yards.

Morrison is over 1000 yards at the halfway point of the 2020 season here, and River Ridge is playing their best football in school history. So what makes the small back so dynamic? A few things. For one, Morrison hits his top speed fast. He can make a cut, then just mash his foot on the gas and defenders just do not take good angles. He’s fast for sure, but still interested in his top end speed. Colleges will probably say the same thing. What really impresses me about Morrison is his balance and ability to make defenders take bad angles. He’s good using his blocks too. If anything, I think Morrison could juke even more. Right now, he is more subtle in his well-timed cuts, but his ability to change directions is elite, and I think he could cutback more against the grain, especially when he is 30-40 yards down field. Morrison makes some catches out of the backfield, but want to see more as well, plus wouldn’t be bad to see him the slot more. Overall, the 2022 running back is a dynamic player, that will surely polarize college coaches on what level of play he should be. Morrison ran a 4.53 at the Kennesaw Camp. Also ran a 11.1 100m this spring, which at his size, that will be a hard sell for FBS programs to offer.



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