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Busting onto the scene this week is slobberknocking linebacker Reggie Norwood. The 2017 prospect is Week 7’s Top Play winner after making an earth-shattering tackle on the sideline, where he picked up the ball carrier and slammed him to the ground.

The senior has been working hard leading up to the fall and his dedication has paid dividends. Norwood spoke about the lead up to this fall. “I spent time after my last season training and working on my game for my Senior year. I work hard, and I’m coachable.”

With the season over halfway done, Norwood thinks his team is rebounding from a rough start and believes he is playing at a personal best.

ct54zzrxyaazjpe“My season is going great. I’m playing better than I’ve ever played.” Norwood continued, “In the beginning, we had some struggles but we are doing better now. I try to motivate, and make plays for my team.”

Norwood is playing at a higher level this season. He has become a very aggressive linebacker, who is still filling out his frame, and becoming comfortable in the center of the defense.

The stout Riverwood student-athlete is a football bookworm, and models his game after a player who has seen success in the college ranks. “I model my game after Antonio Morrison the former Florida Gator linebacker. He played with so much energy and aggression,” Norwood said.

At 6’2″, 225-pounds, Norwood is a physically dominant player at the HS level. He played a lot on the offensive line last year, which has toughened him up considerably and he looks at home battling in the trenches. As soon as the ball is snapped, Norwood is already hedging towards the direction of the play and his ability to anticipate has turned him into a solid run stopping linebacker.

Now that we have entered October, college recruiting has begun to ramp back up again. Norwood spoke about his fall schedule and where he plans to visit. “I haven’t visited any colleges yet, but I plan on going to Valdosta State this Saturday – I was invited recently.”

Norwood told Recruit Georgia that colleges from FBS programs all the way down to Division II schools have been in contact. He currently has no offers but is passionate about playing football and is willing to put in the work to excel at the college level.

“My favorite part about the game of football is going out and having fun, while playing my heart out with my brothers because it’s something I love. I don’t have any offers but I am hopeful for some and will continue to work hard.”

Interested in recruiting Reggie Norwood? Click HERE to view his Recruit Georgia profile.


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  1. Reply Post By Robin Botts

    We are very proud of you Reggie. Every week you give it your all out there on the field!

    I hope others will now get a chance to know you and your work ethic.

  2. Reply Post By Your Mom's co-worker

    Go Reggie!

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