Matthew Hall is Dartmouth Bound


Walton offensive lineman Matthew Hall announced today that he would be committing to prestigious Ivy League school Dartmouth. The big 2018 offensive lineman made his commitment official when he tweeted this announcement.

Hall chose Dartmouth over 4 other schools including Tulane from the American Athletic Conference. The 2018 prospect is a strong student, and had several other Ivy League schools pursuing him, but ultimately the Dartmouth coaching staff’s effort extinguished the rest of the competition.

Over the last few years Hall has exemplified all the characteristic you look for in a college athlete as he carefully tackled the college recruiting process. Several Walton staff members were kind enough to comment on his dedication these last few years, and the kind of person Dartmouth is getting.

“Matt Hall has really worked hard. He is a very mature young man and will be very successful in what ever he sets his mind to,” said recruiting coordinator Monty Bumper.

Newly appointed head football coach Daniel Brunner echoed the same sentiments about Hall, “Matt has worked extremely hard over the last three years to ensure this opportunity! We are very proud to have another Raider in the Ivies!”

Hall’s commitment marks a recent tradition of Walton sending players to Ivy League schools, which dates back two summers ago when they had four players commit to Ivy League schools in the matter of a few weeks.

So what type of player is Dartmouth getting in Hall? Well for one, they are getting a massive offensive tackle prospect at 6’6″, and weighing nearly 300 pounds. He is a proficiency pass blocker, and plays with strong hands, while keeps a rock-solid base when engaged with a defender. At the next level he could play either offensive tackle position, but considering his ability as a pass blocker we think he ends up at left tackle.

From our research Hall is the first player to commit to Dartmouth for the class of 2018 and certainly the first from the state of Georgia. His Walton Raider squad will look to jump back into the playoffs after missing a spot last season.



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