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This fall we have been a little more busy than usual preparing our 2018 excel sheet for the college coaches, so we have been a little slow tweeting out the user submitted scouting reports we receive on the website. As a result, we have decided to make a dedicated post today with some of the top scouting reports from this fall and a link to the player profile. Please feel free to go through our database HERE or just search a players name at the top and the school they go to. Players who are rated are moved to the front of the Recruit Georgia database over non-rated players.


Ja’Cobe Singletary
SR Linebacker
First Presbyterian

Ronnie Green says: “He’s a dominant player who as the talent to play at the next level. He’s a real sleeper for sure. Whatever team gives him the opportunity to play will be very lucky.” –  PROFILE

Jase Orndorff
SR Quarterback
Lee County

Robert Carlton says: “Outstanding vision and decision making along with a tremendous arm. He is accurate and has a quick release. A game changer with great instincts and a leader on the field. He is also able to throw well on the run and can tuck it and make positive yards when needed.” – PROFILE

Quillen Felton
SR Linebacker

Quevion Willis says: “This is a great kid playing on a very young team that hasn’t been heard about because of the losses, but he has had some great plays thru the season. 29 tackles, 19 solos, 8 sacks, 1 field goal block and 1 TD needs to put up new film (we added new film now) but he has great upside and talent.” – PROFILE

Turner Nims
SR Wide Receiver

Coach Steve says: “Leader and heartbeat of football team. Dunwoody was dead on arrival, 21-0 to Pope. He can adapt to multiple routes, and works hard on every play. Made several game breaking plays and almost brought team back and barely fell 34-35. The kid grades out on blocking, sight adjustments, and punt/kick off duties. Will look back after being a 4 year starter, and we will all say “what were we waiting on?” – PROFILE

Jaylen Pearson
SR Safety
South Forsyth

Iroccsports says: “Pearson is a Swiss army knife player that plays convincingly on both sides of the ball. He is a get up in your face shadow corner that plays his hands well at the yard of scrimmage against WR opponents. Very good tackler and defends the flat well on completed passes less than 10 yards. Opposing coaches respects his offensive attack at the WR position and must be accounted for in defensive coverage. He stands out on the field when engaging the route tree at mid field attacking the red zone. He is tactful in his approach to the game. Good blend of football IQ and athleticism. The top 5 FCS colleges should have this player on their recruiting depth chart for certain.” – PROFILE

Trey Urquhart
North Cobb

Rusty Mansell says: “Big Time Playmaker, With Great Coverage skills and Is A For Sure Tackler In Open Field. This kid reminds me a lot of Peppers from Michigan. Could Potentially See Him Playing the Hybrid LB/Safety Role At A Power 5 Program.” – PROFILE

Ryan LaFlamme
South Forsyth

Iroccsports says: “This young man is ball dominant within 5 yards of his target. Has the uncanny ability to use all of his senses (sight, feel, touch) to hunt down the ball right at the exchange of the opponents backfield. He plays the game with a natural sense of intelligence, plugs his holes handsomely, and anticipates the opponents changes in direction at the line of scrimmage. Comes from a long pedigree of South Forsyth football and all of his talent comes forward in his gnat in creating plays on defense. He is a force to recon with and should never be counted out of the FCS talent pool. The chip on his shoulder is large and is well coached in his ability to be organized in his attack.” – PROFILE

Christian Royalston
SR Running Back
Langston Hughes

Erick Walker says: “Christian has everything a team needs from thr RB position to be successful He has the combination of Great vision and speed to bust out with a big run from anywhere on the field. Also Christian has the power to break tackles and which makes him the #1 back this year.” – PROFILE



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