Quillan Felton – OLB

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HT: 6'3″
WT: 215
GPA: 2.6
Class: 2018
40: 4.7
Squat: 425
Bench: 285

Felton is a speedy hybrid athlete with a really long frame giving him a large radius to disrupt a play. He is really explosive off the edge where can use his blazing speed to get around the blocker. Felton secures his tackles typically around the lower half of the body. We really like how many times we see him coming from the backside making a play – that shows a lot of hustle. He needs to continue to add weight but not lose any of speed which makes him such a unique prospect. Right now Felton is a bit of a tweener and we would like to see him get out in coverage where you can utilize his speed even more. We think local mid-majors should be very interested.





  1. Reply Post By Coach Bran

    Quilians a great athelete I’ve been able to watch him play rec ball to high school he has great talent a real defensive mind set has great speed for his size he can line up from de/olb/ss kust hasnt been to many big camps to compete against other 4 to t star prosoects but I know he would handle those guys needs to get a little bigger and qork on better taclli g angles but hes gonna make some school a great defensive and special team player I love my inner city Atlanta talent

  2. Reply Post By Uncle Syke

    Hey @recruitgeorgia this kid isn’t a 5☆ prospect because he hasnt been to any prospect events but has great work outs with local trainers and youth coach Ive seen some of the talent these guys rank these days and nit downing any of the kids but its real political out here I say Quilian Felton attends any of the top prospect camps and he dominates at de or linebacker he plays from the heart no fear at all he’ll take on the best of em get this kid in some of those camps and we’re looking at a top prospect with the proper training this summer he’s gonna have a solid senior season hopefully this will start ringing up the offers lets go Quilian !!!! #4thwardmotivation

    1. I’m not sure why it rated him a 5 star but that is a website glitch. Player star rankings can only be done by user submissions like yourself.

  3. Reply Post By Quevion willis

    This is a great kid playing on a very toung team hasnt been heard about because of the losses but he has had some great plays thru the season. 29 tackles 19 solos 8 sacks 1 field goal blck 1 td needs to put up new film but he has great upside and talent #mustsee

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