Jase Orndorff – QB
Lee Co.

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OFFERS: Nichols, Culver-Stockton & Dodge CC

HT: 6'2″
WT: 195
GPA: 3
Class: 2018
40: 4.74
Shuttle: 4.38
Vertical: 35.5″
Squat: 450
Bench: 300
Power Clean: 285

Orndorff was very impressive in first season starting at the varsity level in arguable one of the hardest regions in the country. The quarterback’s agility in the pocket continues to be a major advantage, but his ability to stand tall, make his reads with pressure in his face is equally impressive. Orndorff does a good job of selling his fakes and looks comfortable throwing the ball on the run. The 2018 recruit has made progress with his arm strength in the last year, his weight lifting number reflect that change too, but just watch his film. He’s getting the ball out deep with nice trajectory to allow his receiver to make a play. He’s a head’s up player, keeps his eyes down field and is quick to read a defense. Orndorff does is really quick reading a defense too, and we are impressed how quickly he locates the safeties. Senior is also more efficient in the redzone this year as well, and is finishing off drives.





  1. Reply Post By Steven Millner

    Although this young man’s stats & play were both very impressive, they still do not accurately depict how great he played this season. Many of his best passes were dropped because his arm is so strong that many of his receivers had some difficulties holding on to his extremely hot passes that were fired into unbelievably small windows in very tight coverage.
    Perhaps the best part of this young man’s game, which is throwing the deep ball, was rarely showcased , because the Trojans did not have the breakaway speed on the edges that is required to get separation down field in Georgia’s toughest region, which is arguably the toughest region in the nation. Look for that to change next season, as Lee County has some very speedy young players that will get their chance to compete in the powerhouse that is Georgia’s Region 1 AAAAAA, and Orndorff has no problem delivering accurate passes at 50, 60, and even 70+ yards down field, and his mobility in the pocket along with the lightning quick release he possesses allows him to stay in the pocket, and keep his eyes down field while these plays develop.

  2. Reply Post By Robert carlton

    Outstanding vision and decision making along with a tremendous arm. He is accurate and has a quick release. A game changer with great instincts and a leader on the field. He is also able to throw well on the run and can tuck it and make positive yards when needed.

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