Brownlee Shakes N’ Bakes the Defense

Last weekend, KT Brownlee had a remarkable run against Pike County that went for 40 yards, and was so explosive, that he practically took all of the oxygen out of the stadium. Seriously, the senior made one of the higher degree of difficulty runs we have seen all year, and broke too many tackles to count in the process.

Initially though, Brownlee’s prospect of breaking off a huge play looked bleak with the entire Pike County defense swarming around right at the snap. The senior was met by a pair of defenders at the line of scrimmage, but was able to evade the first two with his patented spin move, which rest assured, will be implemented later downfield to his eventual score.

Getting into the 2nd level of the defense, Brownlee sprinted out to the right sideline where 4 Pike County defenders were still in pursuit, and a few Lamar Co. blockers paving the way too. Brownlee’s speed was too much for one, then the savvy senior split two more defenders. Now with only one Pike Co. player left, Brownlee pulled off an amazing spin-move-stiff-arm that sent his opponent to the turf, and him, KT Brownlee, inauspiciously backing into the endzone for the score. 

It was a captivating run, and well deserving of the #2 spot in our Play of the Week vote with just under 2000 votes in 24 hours – major shout out to the Lamar County community. The senior is playing very well in 2019, but so is his Lamar County team, in fact, they are 4-0 and playing some of their best football since the Austin twins graduated earlier this decade. 

“At the start of the season, I only had 2 goals,” Brownlee said. “The first one was to win more games because that is something we struggled with the past 2 years. My second goal, is a personal one, and it is to have over 1,000 yards this season. So far, the goals I made have progressed well due to our great start to the season.”

Numbers never lie, and last year’s result against Pike Co. where Lamar lost 31-14 is a clear indicator in how the tides have turned at the school. That loss squared Lamar County to 2-2 on the year, so this 4-0 2019 edition of the Trojans is a much different team for sure, and Brownlee says he know’s some of the key reasons.

“The difference in this team compared to the last few teams we have had is this team’s hungriness, and a lot of us have also been playing together for a while now, so there is a strong bond that we have built for our new team culture.”

New head coach Jeff Sloan has obviously made a difference in just his first year on campus. Right now, the team is slated against Jordan and Spencer the next two upcoming Friday’s. Then they are set against #2 Callaway on October 10th and followed by a Bye then Bremen on October 25th. Just taking a cursory look of the schedule, and it seems like Lamar Co. is set up to win 8, potentially 9 games in the regular season, which would surprise most pundits at the start of the year, heck, probably plenty even right now would raise an eyebrow.

One reason why, seniors like KT Brownlee, who is playing very good football right now, grabbing big chunks of yardage, and showing excellent running vision in the open field. The elusive senior can change directions on a dime, but also does a very good job of reading the defender downfield, and making the right cut at the right time. His early season film at the top of the article is moving proof of the work the senior put in this offseason.

“I feel my style of running is the same from last year, but my vision has improved with the new style of offense that we are in now.”

For Brownlee, there is not one specific player he models his game after, but the way he moves on the field has the Lamar County community making their own comparisons. “I don’t really model my game after any one specifically, but other people say I run like a couple of modern day running backs like Marshawn Lynch, Ezekiel Elliott, and Saquon Barkley.”

Recruiting-wise, the senior has not heard from many colleges yet, and doesn’t have any visits planned either for the fall. The senior running back is short of stature, but at the same time, his stout 170 lbs. build makes it tough for defenders to take him down. Brownlee has good body composition, works hard in the weight room, and that shows on the field with his powerful core strength shredding through arm tackles with relative ease. The uber-quick back is a good student to boot with a 3.5 GPA according to our notes from last spring.

On Monday, Lamar Co. named Brownlee offensive player of the week against Pike Co. with 246 yards of total offense and 2 touchdowns. If the yards continue to pile up like that, his 1000 yard goal will be in the rearview mirror towards the end of the regular season, and most certainly some college attention too. Brownlee is a good fit in today’s modern spread offensive world, there is no doubt in my mind that an elusive runner with his running IQ can make an impact. Right now tho, Brownlee has his team rolling at 4-0, and definitely one of the surprises of the 2019 season so far. 


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