Playmaking Prospect Patrick Pedall Pops

After making All Conference his junior year and All-State honorable mention even, 6’1″ 173 lbs. senior Patrick Pedall was looking to continue to build on last season’s success, and at the start of his senior year, that certainly looks to be the case.

“My goals are to have a great and versatile senior season both on offense and defense,” Pedall said. “Currently, I’m having a great season and everything is working out good.”

Against Andrews high school, Pedall was all over the field making catches down the middle, using his quickness on screen passes, and also a miraculous backwards-diving catch that earned him Week 5’s #3 play in the state of Georgia.

Rabun Gap was just outside the 10 yard line threatening to score. The senior Pedall was lined up in the slot, and at after the snap, flashed some quick footwork exploding out of his break to the sideline where he slipped by the defense.

Sophomore quarterback Matt Linn was flushed out of the pocket, so he scrambled to the right side of the field looking for a target, he quickly identified his senior pass-catcher in Pedall, and then lofted the pass into the night. The ball went just over the defender, and Pedall went sprawling backwards, catching the football in full extension to his eventual fall into the endzone.

The degree of difficulty for this catch is eye-popping, and shows that the senior who originally hails from Germany has some legit tools to play at the college level. Pedall talked about the different aspects of playing in the states, and how he has adapted.

“The most unique part of playing football in the United States is the toughness and intensity is on a higher lever than in my home country in Germany.” Pedall then talked about how he improved this offseason, “From last year to this year I have gotten way more physical on offense and defense.”

Pedall currently has no visits planned yet, but colleges that take a gander at his upperclassmen film will come away impressed. His 6’1″ frame effortlessly eats up yardage quickly, and Pedall also shows good running instincts playing behind his blockers too, which makes him equally dangerous in the return game. Just like the player he models his game after, Pedall does a nice job of selling his routes and making an impact.

“I model my game after Julian Edelman, with precise route running, reading the coverage and having consistent catches.”

The senior has some legit upside with how well he can up field and he even shows good upside finishing his catches in traffic too. He has good concentration, as evident in his top play, but Pedall also just has a good feel for avoiding tacklers after the catch too.

The footwork in his route running has improved a good bit junior to senior year, but he is still working on improving his quickness out those breaks. Still, the senior receiver has slot receiver qualities to go along with strong hands, more time working on his craft, and I can see Pedall being an impact player at the next level.

Right now, Pedall is still adding weight to his frame, and only 173 lbs., the senior plenty room to improve once he is in the college setting. There is no doubt that the senior can become more explosive, and there seems to be some untapped potential to his top end speed in my opinion. Either way, it will be interesting to see what colleges jump into his recruitment as we head down the home stretch of the 2020 recruiting cycle, so stay tuned to @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear more updates on Pedall and the rest of the athletes in Georgia.


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