All so Good for Alsobrooks

Senquavious Alsobrooks is a tough class of 2022 athlete playing good football during the start of his senior year. For the last few years, Alsobrooks has found a way to make big impact plays in all three aspects of the game playing on offense, defense, and specials teams.

During Week 3, Alsobrooks found himself making another elite play; this time on special teams. Taking a kickoff from inside the 5-yard line, Alsobrooks lined up his blockers, and in some cases gave them a friendly push, all the way for one of the longest kick returns this fall so far.

The play showcased Alsobrooks’ instincts at reading the field, his quickness in making abrupt changes of directions, and then the top-end speed to stride out past the special teams coverage. Going into his senior year, Alsobrooks feels that he has improved a great deal, but his leadership on and off the field is where he has progressed the most.

His senior leadership is obviously making a difference, and last week his kick return helped Spalding beat Ola 27-17, a team that has been ranked in the top 15 in 5A for the last few years. That’s following a big win against Union Grove the week prior too, so it definitely looks like Spalding should be on your playoff radar.

On the recruiting front, Alsobrooks is seeing an increase in interest.

“Lately my recruitment has been going good – I can’t really complain. And yes, the last couple of weeks I’ve had a couple of schools getting in touch with me,” he said.

The 6′ 170 lbs. athlete is a very aggressive defensive back who gets downhill quickly and makes good clean tackles out in the flat. One part of Alsobrooks game that you can guarantee is that when he has a hit lined up, the 2022 athlete is going to accelerate through the contact and unload a big tackle. You see him do that multiple times in just his film against Ola, where he takes down a 3 star running back who outweighs him by 30 lbs.

The senior plays the game with a chip on his shoulder, and that seems to match the athlete he models his game after.

“If I had to say that I model my game after anybody it would be Budda Baker. Budda is a straight dawg and is underrated because of his size but that doesn’t stop him from giving 100% every play, and that is why I said I’d model my game after him,” the Spalding senior said.

Alsobrooks plays each game with a passion that is hardly matched by any senior in this recruiting class, so we asked what he liked the most lacing up during the fall each Friday night.

“My favorite part about playing on Friday nights is seeing my family and friends in the stands cheering me on and also seeing the younger community doing the same.” He continued, “My other favorite part about Friday nights is being on the field with my brothers, I would do anything for them. I feel like those two reasons right there is my favorite part of Friday nights, so yes, I love to win, but seeing them proud of me no matter the outcome of the game is special to me.”

That’s a great perspective for a young athlete who is seeing the bigger picture. Life can come at you fast, so taking the opportunity to cherish moments with people you hold close will create memories that can last a lifetime.

With Spalding’s great start to the season so far, they have already exceeded last season’s win total, and it appears Alsobrooks and his fellow seniors are set for a fall to remember, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest on the senior and the rest of the athletes across the state of Georgia.


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