Freshman Nick Richardson is a Name to Remember

Nick Richardson was not a player we had on our radar prior to the season, but it is apparent that the freshman out of Bremen is going to be a big part of their offense in 2021. Richardson stands 5’10” and looks to be at 140 lbs. soaking wet, but the freshman is a natural at playing football.

He’s been an offensive weapon-making tough catches and showing an innate ability to make runs afterward, and that was never more the case than in Week 3 against Pepperell, where Richardson made the top play of the weekend. The freshmen turned a 20-yard reception into an 80-yard touchdown weaving in and around defenders the rest of the way for a score.

Richardson is an extremely elusive player, and I don’t think this is going out on a limb saying that his Week 3 touchdown won’t be his last time making the top play of the week. The class of 2025 athlete has a lot of football ahead of him and has straightforward goals for the rest of the season.

“My goal for the fall is to help my team win as many games as possible and make the 9th-grade team for the Georgia Elite Classic,” Richardson said.

Just taking a gander at the rest of his freshman film, we did make him a highlight reel after all, and it seems like that Georgia Elite Classic invite should be guaranteed. That’s always a great event to attend and helps kick-start the recruiting process for a lot of athletes. All of the recruiting-hoopla is still far off, but the 2025 athlete is looking forward to getting out in front of colleges and compete.

“The thing I am looking forward to the most during the recruiting process is going to different camps and meeting all the coaches,” he said.

For Richardson, playing on Friday nights at Bremen means a lot to him.

“My favorite part about playing on Friday nights is walking out on the high school field a Blue Devil. I have played football in Bremen since I was three years old.”

The freshman is savoring the moment for sure, but also focused on his future, and where he can continue to sharpen up his game.

“I would like to improve by gaining muscle and continuing to improve my route running and speed.”

Richardson is definitely a name to remember going forward. Right now, he is light, especially for a freshman playing varsity, but his skill-level and elite hand-eye coordination reminds of D1 athletes we have covered in the past, most notable Ladd McConkey out of North Murray. Sure, some of the longtime readers were expecting that comparison, but with the insanely well-timed cuts to go along with explosiveness in the open field, it’s really hard to not see the similarities.

There is obviously a lot of time before Richardson is fielding consistent college attention, but he is definitely going to be a factor this fall for Bremen, who figures to make a deep playoff push, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest on Richardson, Bremen and everything else Georgia high school football.


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