Youngblood – A Linebacker You Can Count On

Over the last few years there has been one consistent factor standing in the middle of the ELCA defense, and that’s Johnathan Youngblood. The consistent force in the middle, always ready for the next play, always focused at the task at hand; he is the consummate high IQ linebacker that will lead a defense.

It’s been a solid year for Youngblood and his teammates. The Preseason All-State linebacker has seen his team win a state championship every year he’s been on campus, and this season they have one loss, which came Game #2 to Pace Academy by the score of 17-16. The Chargers are riding a 7 game winning-streak since, and during that stretch the defense led by Youngblood has given up just 6.5 ppg.

Just a few weeks ago, Youngblood made a play against Strong Rock Christian that is one to remember. The Strong Rock Christian punter sent off a short kick, Youngblood, a great athlete, was interestingly set as one of two returners.

The senior took the ball off the bounce at his own 40 yard line, broke to the right before meeting a wall of defenders, he then wisely made a cutback left, and had a brigade of ELCA blockers leading the way. Running down the left sideline now, he made a nice cut-back at the 20 yard line eluding a tackle, and then thunderously smashed through the last remaining defender at the goal line.

An amazing play, especially for a 215 lbs. linebacker who is more known for his thunderous hits, but it’s the intangible plays that separate Youngblood from his peers. That’s one reason why Charleston Southern, The Citadel and Air Force have all offered the stout student-athlete.

In fact, just last weekend on the 27th, Youngblood went out to the Air Force and took in Academy life for a visit. It’s really no surprise that high-academic colleges have taken an interest in Youngblood either, he sports +3.5 GPA, and from all accounts in the ELCA program, he is a team leader with an incredible work ethic.

When asked about where he can improve the most, Youngblood replied, “First, I want to improve every aspect of my game, not just one, but tracking and pursuing the ball are where I liked to improve the most.”

His goals are very simple this year – he wants “to win a Region Championship, and then win a State Championship” for the 4th consecutive time. With a playoff push, and more media recognition upcoming, the 2019 linebacker could very well be a name you hear more of come December, so stay tuned to Recruit Georgia to hear the latest on the sensational senior defender out of ELCA.

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