Class A Private Preseason All-State

Here is our 2018 Preseason All-State selections for Class A Private! We will be adding in new classifications each day leading up to August 10th. More preseason content like team rankings will be released on Sunday night on the 12th of August.  Each classification’s All-State team will include 32 players. Every media outlets has their own take, and no All-State team is perfect, so please leave a comment down below, and share your thoughts! MORE PRESEASON TEAMS


QB – Brayden Rush, ELCA
QB/RB – Demetrius Knight, Strong Rock
RB – Sean Paradise, St. Francis
RB – Austin Douglas, Mt. Vernon Presbyterian
WR – Christian Parrish, Prince Ave
WR – Deion Colzie, Athens Acd.
WR – Justin Douglas, Mt. Vernon Presbyterian
WR – KJ Millwood, Lakeview Acd.
OL – Dylan McMahon, Savannah Christian
OL – Tate Ratledge, Darlington
OL – Evan Zember, ELCA
OL – Landin Jackson, Mount Paran
OL – Zach Schechtman, Pinecrest Acd.
OL – Willard Scissum, Walker
K – Matthew Sumlin, Whitfield Acd.
ATH – Jalen Leary, Calvary Day



DL – Sayyid Stevens, Calvary Day
DL – Andre Miller, Savannah Country Day
DL – Marquise Black, ELCA
DL – Kyle Holt, Whitfield Acd.
DL/LB – Wookdong Kim, Riverside Military
LB – Michael Moyers, Hebron Christian
LB – Len’Neth Whitehead, Athens Acd.
LB – Johnathan Youngblood, ELCA
LB – Connor Norwood, Mount Pisgah
DB – Jake Wilson, Mount Paran Christian
DB – Kobi Mitchell, ELCA
DB – Will Warbington, Hebron Christian
DB – Payton Bowles, Athens Acd.
DB – Elijah Hynes, Prince Avenue
P – Noah Chumley, Savannah Christian
RET – Justin Menard, ELCA




  1. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Diffilcult task. Thank you for the insight. Landin Jackson is a beast at single A and 4 year starter Jake Wilson is simply an artist in the secondary. However, I would be willing to bet a good sum of money we will also see Niko Vangarelli on the GACA All State (first team) at the end of the season.

  2. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Jordan Jakes ( former elca wideout) transferred to St. Frances Academy…. he is something serious keep a eye out for him.

  3. Reply Post By Anonymous 2

    I agree that Niko will more than likely be on that list at the end of the year.
    Landon and Jake both have their tickets punched to play at the next level too.
    What ablout Kyle Terry and Christain Manion?
    Kyle has freakish athletic gifts and Christian dominated opponents last year at DE.
    Both have been in contact with some good programs and have bright futures in the game as well.
    No list will ever be 100% all inclusive, becuase they can’t be, but those two guys just might be on there at the end as well…..

  4. Reply Post By Anonymous

    MPC has some very good athletes!! Vangarelli is a man child at 6’3 225 lbs saw a video of him cleaning over 300lbs!! Throws it 60+ in the air and a very underrated runner!! Many power 5 looking at him!! Brewster at Darlington another good one at QB!!! Has a few offers Should be a very competitive year in Single A private !

    1. Might as well throw in Vandagriff, Gauthier & Van Wie if you want pure upside as well. Brayden Rush has been unbeatable running the offense the last few years, he drove down the field in the 4th quarter of the state championship game as a sophomore making big plays in the final minutes – including a mega 4th down conversion. Last year he totaled close 2000 yards, 7.85 yards per rush, & 28 touchdowns while only playing in the first half of games. This is All-State player selection, not player rankings. Go beat Brayden Rush and ELCA if you want that spot, because he puts up great number, makes clutch plays, and runs his offense very efficiently.

  5. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Nobody in 1A Private will ever beat the University of ELCA!
    Recruit much? Nah, of course not!
    Only Marietta HS does that! LOL

  6. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Nobody saying Rush and Knight do not belong at the top of this list. People just sharing thoughts like you ask them to do.

    1. Yes, and I posted my thoughts too. If Rush played full games his total yardage would double any of the QB mentioned above. The high upside QB’s mentioned above could potentially be the best QB’s in Class A private, but they need to cut down turnovers and lead their team to a title. They are very talented players, no doubt though.

  7. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Don’t know about the other QBs mentioned above but Vangarelli had zero turnovers, started all but one game, played defense and led his team to semis as a sophomore. He is fun to watch. David, you likely accounted for Mount Paran having a dual QB situation much of last season. No dual situation this season, so should really give Vangarelli full ownership as a QB. Best of luck to all these young men and I hope they all achieve ther goals. And thanks for this fine platform, I enjoy RecruitGeorgia.

  8. Jonathan Youngblood all around player! Always around the ball!

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