Willie Brown Seeking New Beginnings

Willie Brown has been on a roller coaster the last few years, first getting on our radar at Valdosta as a sophomore where he was an early contributor, and a player that was receiving D1 interest left and right. Some unfortunate events led to Brown moving to Cook County to live at his grandma’s for a year, and due to GHSA transfer rules, he had to sit out for his entire junior year; a major recruiting setback but that didn’t stop Brown. 

“Missing my junior hurt me more than ever, but I worked out everyday, and every Friday night I was up watching any team play. Really just trying to stay with football on my mind instead of just giving up,” Brown said.

The 2020 defensive back has always been a favorite, his confidence is never lacking, going back to spring of 2018 when he first signed up for our recruiting service you knew Brown meant business. If you know anything about cornerbacks, then you understand that confidence is key, and that is something you will never shake from Brown. Going into the 2019 season, Brown has several goals he wants reach.

“I want to accomplish some individual goals such as 7A Athlete of the Year, and 1st team all region. Also, I want to win the state championship.”

Tift County has a strong team with excellent speed and size across the board – they are no doubt one of the best teams in 7-A. Brown figures to have a big role at Tift this year, early season film shows that he is coming ready to play with emphatic tackles and excellent film in coverage too.

Brown models his game after another recent legend from Valdosta, Jayce Rogers. “I model my game off my brother, Jayce Rogers – I’m the deep man for Tifton, like he was for Valdosta, and playing behind him, I studied how he played and just made it my own game.”

Brown is looking to make a statement here in 2019. A full year from football will ice down any recruitment, even if it was a situation completely out of your hands. If anything, what Brown has gone thru the last year, and the progress he has continued to make as a football player should just be a testament to his work ethic, which embodies his passion for the game. To put simply, Brown loves the game of football.

In terms of recruiting, Brown has only one school that is thinking about at the moment, and that visit is set. “There is only one school on my mind, and that’s Cincinnati. I just love the school and I’m visiting in October.”

Watching Brown’s Lee County film, there was some good moments in zone coverage where he stepped up in the flats and provided run support, but the real highlight was Brown’s interception in the corner of the endzone. Going up against arguably the best receiver in 6-A, Brown got beat on the release, but his quick hips and a few steps had Brown fully recovered, which allowed him to get inside positioning, and pick off a pass thrown by a FBS QB commit.

No doubt, Brown is off to a very good start, and if scrimmage film is any indication of how he will play this fall, then expect some lockdown defense and division 1 football interest. Stay tuned for more on Brown on Twitter at @RecruitGeorgia. Interested in recruiting Willie Brown? Click HERE to visit his profile. 


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