Williams a True Team Player

We are now in round 2 of the GHSA playoffs, and a few weeks out since we selected our top plays, but it would be remiss to not write about North Cobb Christian’s versatile slot back Isaiah Williams. The 5’8″ 165 lbs. senior made one of the top plays on Week 12 against Christian Heritage.

Catching a swing pass out in the flat (or maybe it was technically a lateral?) Williams had three Christian Heritage players fast in pursuit. The first tackler he slipped out of, the other was an FBS linebacker recruit that he slammed the breaks on, and watched him go sliding out of bounds. The last of the trio was more or less paralyzed by the fact that both of his teammates had missed the tackle, and thus we had a race to the endzone, and spoiler, Williams did not lose.

Eighty yards further downfield Williams crossed the endzone, making one of the most explosive plays of the weekend. Unfortunately, North Cobb Christian lost to their rivals at Christian Heritage that night, but after a win against Lakeview Academy in the first round of the playoffs North Cobb Christian has a huge 2nd round matchup against another program who spent most of the 2020 season ranked in Wesleyan.

A lot is on the line tonight, but pullback now and view 2020 through a wider lens; it’s been a chaotic year for sure, and even to get to this point in the season was a point of dispute during the summer. For Williams, he was hoping the college camps would open up his recruitment but he had to adapt.

“When Covid hit it was right before the summertime. I had planned to go to plenty of camps to help with my recruitment. I adjusted by just working out the entire summertime to get ready for the season.”

As mentioned, time was not wasted during the summer, and Williams went right to work.

“I think I improved my strength and physicality the most. That was my biggest focus point during the off-season.” The senior then talked about his strengths on the field. “What separates me from others is my quickness, vision, and speed while having the ball.”

The back models his game after Alvin Kamara has 404 rushing yards on 40 attempts, and 269 yards on just 7 receptions too with a total of 11 touchdowns on the year. Every time the senior touches the football it is a big play waiting to happen, and he is currently averaging 14.3 yards per touch, which as to be one of the best of any player in Class A. Even more staggering numbers, but almost one in every four touches Williams scores.

On the recruiting side of things, Williams says contact is relatively quiet but hopes college interest pick up at the end of the season. Even though his recruitment is slowed down, Williams has a message he wants college programs to know.

“I would want a college to know that when I am apart of a program I will always strive to be the best player on the field and off the field.”

That team player mindset is a must for a slot back in an option-heavy offense. Williams certainly looks at home during his senior film at the position and is a good fit in the same scheme at the next level. He changes directions smoothly and is able to accelerate while also decelerate in a blink.

Williams gets another opportunity tonight to show college coaches what he can do at the next level, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to see the latest highlights and recruiting news of Isaiah Williams and the rest of the gridiron athletes across the state of Georgia.


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