Will Collier Has Championships On His Mind

Article Written by: Zane Rowland – Azalea City Sports

Will Collier is an offensive tackle for The Valdosta Wildcats. He is one of the four returning starters on the squad. There is good expectations that he is poised for another great season with the ‘Cats.

Collier has great size at 6’5 265 pounds and he has the athleticism to start anywhere on the offensive line. He filled in at both guard and tackle positions when he was asked to last year.  Collier was coached by Coach Bryce Giddens in 2019. Giddens is a former Auburn graduate assistant and current Lowndes coach. From our talks with Giddens, he consistently spoke of how great Collier is and how great he will be in the future.

Collier helped paved the way for FSU commit Tate Rodemaker to throw for over 3,000 yards last year. He also assisted the tailbacks in gaining 1500 yards on the year. With Collier anchoring that impressive offensive line, he was able to watch three wideouts, two tailbacks and a quarterback all get signed from that impressive recruiting class.

We all know that without the big hogs up front, those skill guys do not get anywhere and Collier was a huge reason for that in 2019. To further show off his athleticism, Collier is also a starter on the baseball team – Not bad for a “big!”

When I asked Collier about how he feels in regards to the upcoming season, he told me, “the offense has such great chemistry, man. The only people that I see stopping us this season offensively, are the guys in the mirror! As long as we stick together and we do not beat ourselves, we should be able to contend for another state title.”

So what separates Collier from other players? “I think one thing that separates me the most are my awareness on the field. I also feel my intellect both in the classroom and on the field separates me from others.”

Collier backs that up by boasting an impressive 3.4 GPA. Those smarts translate over to the field.

“I love my ability to make in-game adjustments that I need to make. I make sure I take care of the small details that show up in big ways. I do that by slowing the game down and allowing myself to process what I am seeing, and then reacting in the right ways to help my team.”

He also said that he feels as though you can never get enough repetitions. Collier stated that he has been taking care of himself through the pandemic and working on his craft. The class of 2022 is loaded at Valdosta and Collier would like to see himself and his teammates do great things. To finish off his high school career, Collier would like to win back to back state championships.

RG’s Take: Collier is one of the 2022 offensive lineman that really has caught our eye going into this fall. He showed a lot of promise his sophomore year, and is still growing into his body. From our earlier notes, Collier was 6’3″ and 250 lbs., so if he’s added two inches and 30 lbs. to his frame then he will most like make another big jump here on the field. Collier is a very good athlete none the less, his quick-step is very quick and he slides his feet extremely well in pass protection. We fully expect Collier to land FBS offers over the next year here, so stay tuned to Recruit Georgia on Twitter to hear the latest news around the Peach State. 


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