Wheeler Wheels Out Strong Junior Season

Earlier this year, Dijmon Wheeler was highlighted as a potential breakout recruit for Colquitt County, and it looks like the junior is certainly made a splash on the varsity. Wheeler has put up 512 yards on 38 catches and 11 touchdowns to go along with some explosive plays on special teams with 3 punt returns for a score.

That’s some serious production from the 2022 receiver, and last week he made one of the highlight plays of the week in the back corner of the endzone where he made a miraculous one-handed catch with the defender right on his heels. Wheeler earned a spot in our top plays of the week, and ended up narrowly losing #1 play vote by one of the closest margins in top play history.

Wheeler has obviously made some big improvements to his game over the offseason.

“This offseason was GREAT! We worked hard each and every day and made sure each and every one of us was ALL1N! This year I have improved a lot on my footwork, ball skills, blocking, throwing, and reading the defense. Football to me is just like basketball, they both are contact sports and both have complacent moments. You have to have a good IQ to play both sports. They are mind games, the only difference about football is you have to be mentally and physically tough! Be where your feet are and enjoy the game of football each and every day. You only have so much time before it’s too late and BOOM, your career is over,” he said.

That was definitely an encompassing answer by Wheeler, and shows that he is passionate about the sport and improving. He’s not just about individual improvements though. The junior spoke even more about team commitment and how that means everything to him.

“The most important thing about playing football or any other sport is the fact that you all become a family you never knew you had. Football brings you close to people you have never met a day in your life. A lot of people love football like it’s a part of their heart.”

Wheeler is not only progressing from a skill level, but also his athleticism has made a considerable jump over the last year. He is making concise quick cuts in the open field, and really exploding when he changes a direction. That’s never more encapsulated than when he is returning punts, and having to dodge would-be tacklers in a tight corridor, but also when he is running routes too. Above all else, the 2022 recruit has a lot of confidence.

“When I say this, a lot of people may seem to think I have the ‘big head’, but for me, in my heart and mind, I feel like no one is better than me! I feel like I have the potential to destroy anyone who gets in my way.” Wheeler continued, “Every time I touch the ball I am looking to score! Even if I don’t touch the ball, you best believe I’m putting someone on their butt out on the edge.”

Wheeler models his game after two NFL stars – one from the past and the other present.

“I model my game off of Calvin Johnson Jr. and Lamar Jackson. Calvin Johnson was the best wide receiver I have seen come through the NFL. He was very explosive and made a lot of wise choices. No one could cover him in the red zone or on any deep ball, this is where he gets his name from – Megatron and The Red Zone Threat. On the other end at the quarterback position is Lamar Jackson. The fastest and explosiveness quarterback following Micheal Vick. Lamar reminds me so much of myself because a lot of people thought we weren’t going to make it.”

Colquitt County has looked great the 2nd half of the year really hitting their stride. They most notably knocked off Lowndes, their bitter rival, a few weeks back, and is the consensus #2 team in the state of Georgia behind Grayson. The impact that Wheeler has made has helped replace some key playmakers from last year’s team, and the Packers are hungry for more.

“My goal is to do everything in my will to help my team clinch this state and national championship! I want to break every receiving and rushing record that is being held right above my head. I want to make sure we leave it all on the field and make sure they feel everything little strength and piece of hard work we put in to make it through the entire season and endure our momentum to overcome adversity,” Wheeler said emphatically.

On the recruiting front, Wheeler said that he has not talked with any school just yet, but that’s really only a matter of time with the kind of production and quality of film the explosive receiver has amounted in 2020. There is plenty more yardage and touchdowns to pile up here in the coming weeks for Colquitt County, so be sure to stop by @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest recruiting news and film on the junior and the rest of the athletes across the state of Georgia.


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