Senior Wave at Beach led by Wells

Senior quarterback Jaylen Wells came off a junior year where he only played part of the season, but still mustered a quality season none the less. “Last year, I threw for nearly 1,000 yards and only played in 6 games due to injuries,” Wells explained.

We are just a game into his senior year, and Wells’ team is coming off a loss at the hand of 5-A’s New Hampstead. Beach is looking for a bounce back game tomorrow evening vs Windsor Forest, and will be looking to their senior QB to get the offense back on track. Wells feels good about this Beach team though, and thinks he is ready for the responsibility as a senior leader.

“This year my goal is to be a leader for my team and make it to the playoffs. We have established a brotherhood here at A.E. Beach high that will hold each other accountable. I think we will do very great things and surprise a lot of people.”

There is some good senior talent on the squad across the board at Beach. Wells has been racking up experience the last few years at quarterback, they should be a tough out in region play this fall. The senior quarterback has a nice touch on his pass, and shows a deft skill at leading his receiver down field. He plays well under the center and in the gun at the same time; he stands strong in the pocket, using every bit of his 6’3″ frame to deliver a catchable pass.

Right now, Wells has been hearing from a litany of schools ranging from division 1 schools across the country.

“Over the last year I’ve been getting interest from schools like Appalachian State, Princeton, Stetson, Presbyterian College, and even Purdue. Unfortunately, I don’t have any visits planned but I would most certainly love too go on some.”

The student-athlete out of the Savannah-area has a 3.3 GPA and a qualifying test score of 960 on the SAT. On the field, he is quick decision-maker who should hit stride passing the ball this season, and would not be surprise to see Wells hitting a hot-streak at some point putting up bigger numbers than he expects.

“As far as stats, I plan to throw for at least 1,300 yards and rush 500 yards too,” Well said.

Early season film shows Well is running more RPO than last year, and with more authority in-between the tackles too. He definitely looks more mobile in the pocket where he is stepping up, buying more time for his receivers, and showing quick-reactive feet from oncoming pass-rushers.

Wells has a strong arm too, he throws a tight spiral and passes through tough throw windows. If the 2020 quarterback continues to show the improved running (watch his Brunswick scrimmage film especially), then he should get some legit D1 interest as a dual-threat in his class.

Wells is definitely worth the look for any D1 team still looking for a dual-threat QB that can grow in your system. The 2020 prospect has an excellent frame and raw arm strength to really turn into something at the next level with the right coaching.

Interested in recruiting Jaylen Wells? Click HERE to visit his Recruit Georgia Profile.



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