Week 9 Top Plays



In the video above we have selected 10 of the best plays we found from WEEK 9 in the state of Georgia. Most videos are courtesy of Hudl.com and @NWGAFootball on Twitter. Each exciting play is an impressive combination of athleticism and football talent, but who deserves to walk away with the TOP Play of the weekend – that is for you to decide!


Voting stops 10 PM Monday and you can vote up to 5 times. The winner will receive a featured article on our website, so cast your vote now, and let the best play win!





Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!



  1. Reply Post By Ronda Ward

    The Burnam Boy is a beast

  2. Reply Post By Ronda Ward

    Grind Till I Sign Burnam

  3. Reply Post By Ronda Ward

    Stay Hungry
    Stay Humble

  4. Reply Post By Ronda Ward

    We Lit

  5. Reply Post By Ronda Ward


  6. Reply Post By Krystal Harris

    Kim had an amazing play and works so very hard! He deserves this more than anyone I know!

  7. Reply Post By Stephanie DuBois

    Kim Hunter from Screven is a beast! One hand grab interception amazing! So proud of this young man!

  8. Reply Post By Michael Boyd

    Kim Hunter #1

  9. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Moles on top

  10. Because he’s a great player!

  11. He’s dedicated

  12. #Grind till I sign!

  13. He’sawesome

  14. Good player…he deserves it!

  15. Jonah is all around great young man. Dedicated and a great athlete. He derserves this and needs to be recognized!!

  16. Reply Post By SE GA Football

    Jonah Griffin did it all. Strip, scoop, and score!!

  17. Reply Post By Anonymous


  18. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Burnam is a beast

  19. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Go noles

  20. Reply Post By Jaquan Green

    Darrell Starling Jr. with the big hit.

  21. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Lets go noles

  22. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Darrell Starling Jr gets my vote!

  23. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Darrell Starling Jr gets my vote! He’s a Great young man

  24. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Kim Hunter!!

  25. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Kim Hunter remains focused despite all odds and gives a 100% week after week, play after play. He deserves to be acknowledged on this platform!

  26. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Jonah Griffin finds a way to create a turnover every single game. This is just one example of what he’s been doing as a starter for 3 years!!

  27. Reply Post By Coach Bens

    S/O my boy O Burnam #5pselitetraining

  28. Reply Post By Mary Redmond

    Jonah Griffin..you are outstanding!!!

  29. Reply Post By Carissa Burnam

    Omarious Burnam #Let’s go babe #GrindtilSign

  30. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Jonah Griffin is the bext….

  31. Reply Post By Sheila B Clayton

    Darrell Starling Jr. Gets my vote. Hornet Fan.
    Sheila Clayton

  32. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Typical Jonah Griffin play. Ball awareness, speed, and athleticism. I think this was his first game back from an arm injury, but doesn’t look like he’s missed a snap. Great play.

  33. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Jonah Griffin, you are a beast on Defense! Coming back from an injury and playing 100% all in!

  34. That one – handed catch by Kim Hunter was absolutely fabulous!

  35. Kim Hunter , all around great player.

  36. Reply Post By Camille

    O Burnam For Sho!!!!

  37. Reply Post By Sharon Jackson

    Kim Hunter he plays hard and despite one of the toughest losses a person can lose especially a young man, he kept his head, remained focused and stayed on the grind!!

  38. Reply Post By Sylvia Jackson

    Kim Hunter. Spectacular one handed catch. Wow

  39. Reply Post By Sylvia Jackson

    Kim Hunter Is a very determined hard working young man.

  40. Reply Post By Sylvia Jackson

    Kim Hunter

  41. Reply Post By Sylvia Jackson

    Kim Hunter is a beast on the field.

  42. Reply Post By Sylvia Jackson

    Kim Hunter……great player!!!!!

  43. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Jonah Griffin is an awesome athlete on the state champions team from last year and going places in his life.

  44. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Of course Kim

  45. Reply Post By C.natson

    He a hard player.
    HUNTER #1

  46. Reply Post By Sheila B Clayton

    Darrell Starling!

  47. Reply Post By Shakinah

    Keep grinding Kim. You’re destined for greatness! You deserve it my boy. Stay humble.

  48. Reply Post By Curtis Robert

    Kim Hunter#1

  49. Reply Post By Anonymous

    He works hard at what he does
    Connie NeSmith Natson

  50. Reply Post By Connie Natson

    He is a team player and he works hard for his team. Stay FOCUS

  51. Reply Post By Anonymous

    …the one and only, KIM HUNTER!!

  52. Reply Post By South GA football fan

    Kim Hunter and Jonah Griffin representing South GA!! Pay attention colleges. There’s a lot of talent down here

  53. Reply Post By Fitzgeraldballer

    Good point!! Both these kids deserve a write up. Close race

  54. Kim has the entire Screven county and part of Savannah behind you.

  55. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Swear Kim Hunter got the whole Screven a.k.a Skrillaville behind him.

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