Week 8’s Top 10 Plays

Watch our Top 10 video of the most exciting plays from WEEK 8 and vote for the #1 play!




In the video above we have selected 10 of the best plays we found from WEEK 8. Each play is an impressive combination of athleticism, desire, and football talent, but who deserves to walk away with the TOP Play of the weekend – that is for you to decide!

Voting stops 12 AM Tuesday and you can vote up to 5 times. The winner will receive a featured article on our website, so cast your vote now, and let the best play win!

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Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!




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  4. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Goooooo Brandon .#RamsNation#5?

  5. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Snowball is the best running back PERIOD ???

  6. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Snowball #5??????

  7. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Go Snowball ?#RAMS

  8. Reply Post By Anonymous

    6’3 210 pound punt returner! no doubt the most impressive. Grayson Moore

  9. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Let’s do this for our guy Brandon Snowball! #RamsNation

  10. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Go rams you are the best one on the team snowball ?

  11. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Dont kick the ball to that boy from rockdale?

  12. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Jay Mike the best #5????

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      That’s what happens when u r the truth!!!! They get scared
      #5 big sis here #RockdaleNation #JamichaelBaldwin????

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    Go Baldwin? #BULLDOGS

  14. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Been Watching that kids film from ridgeland highschool all year Grayson Moore. Dude has some dirty film. Great play. He gets my vote

  15. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Grayson Moore all day #panthers

  16. Reply Post By BobbyYardie

    #TeamSnowball. Let’s get it Brandon!! ?

  17. Brandon #5! #teamsnowball!

  18. Go Jay! #5 Bulldogs!

  19. Reply Post By Michael Jackson

    Brandon Snowball,
    He is a complete package. He is an academically gifted student who attend Arabia Mountain School of Math, Science, and Engineering. All of these kids go on to attend the top colleges in this country with scholarships or acceptance. Secondly, he is a student athlete with great vision on the field. He runs the ball like Adrian Petterson, but built like Drew-Jones. I have known and seen this kid in action since elementary school. A lover of football, this kid will do well in someone’s school as a running back in D-1 sports. Tough, Tough ball runner, put him behind a ok line and turn him a loose. Beast!!!!!

  20. Grayson Moore all day #panthers

  21. Grayson Moore, #panthers, deserves my vote

  22. Grayson Moore #34 all the way!
    Ridgeland Panthers
    Gray gray is a beast

  23. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Rockdale’s #5 is something serious! He gets my vote all day! Good job young fella!

  24. Grayson baby

  25. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Billy whiteshoes johnson

  26. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Best little big. Man I’ve seen.

  27. Brandon Snowball my pick

  28. Snowball is at it again

  29. Go get them Snowball

  30. Reply Post By Setara Ruffin

    Jamichael Baldwin – Rockdale Co
    Most definitely! Keep doing your thing lil cuz

  31. Snowball is the one

  32. Get me Snowball

  33. Reply Post By Mr & Mrs Esau Ruffin

    Jamichael Baldwin – Rockdale Co
    Let’s go nephew!

  34. Reply Post By Mason Harris

    #34 Grayson Moore. The most underrated player in the state.

  35. Reply Post By Setara Ruffin

    ??Jamichael Baldwin – Rockdale ??
    You can’t deny that move…..EPIC?? they was dizzy for sure!!!


  36. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Brandon Snowball

  37. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Brandon Snowball is the best of the best.

  38. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Brandon is as solid as a rock.

  39. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Brandon deserves to win

  40. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Brandon Arabia Mtn

  41. JayMike, #5 Rockdale, is doing the doggone thang! Good luck man.

  42. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Good luck ,you deserve it.

  43. Reply Post By Willie Miller jr

    A package deal!!!

  44. Reply Post By Willie Miller jr

    Good luck

  45. Reply Post By Willie Miller jr

    Got nothing but talent!!!

  46. Reply Post By Willie Miller jr

    Smart kid on the field and off the field

  47. Reply Post By Willie Miller jr

    He deserve it!!!

  48. Reply Post By LCHS FAN

    Aubrey Solomon is an agile and respectful young man and you had to have been there to see this defensive tackle do what he did. IT WAS CRAZY. Regardless who wins all these young men did great and kudos. (note spelling of last name)

    1. Apologies on spelling Solomon’s name incorrect. There goes my 1 year streak of getting player’s name correctly for the top play video. At least I’m not a Michigan recruiting assistant…. Seriously though, that was an amazing play and one of the best I have seen all year.

  49. Reply Post By Anonymous

    #Snowball from Arabia Mountain

  50. Mykek Tubbs is a great player and great student.

  51. Mykel Tubbs had a great play.

  52. Mykel Tubbs had the best catch of the week.

  53. Mykel Tubbs is an outstanding high school player.

  54. Mykel Tubbs gets my vote!

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