Week 7 Top Plays



Above we have selected the top 5 plays in the state of Georgia – plays are courtesy of Fox5 and Hudl.com.

Justin Sherrer of Etowah comes in at #5 with his long 90 yard fake punt against Cherokee. Hebron Christian’s Logan Johnson had a 70 yard punt return for a touchdown against Lakeview making the #4 spot. Lovejoy’s Dayton Wade does his Odel Beckham JR impression with an amazing one-handed catch where he reaches back for the ball to make the #3 play in Georgia. Claxton’s Shakar Denson took back an interception where he crawled under defenders at one point in route to a TD to make the #2 spot. Sequoyah’s DJ King makes an acrobatic 50 yard TD reception where he does a 180 and takes the football away from the defender for the #1 play in Georgia.

Each player who made the top 5 will receive a featured story on the website this week. The #1 play will receive a custom highlight video. Watch more Top Play Highlights HERE.



Which play did you think was the best? Leave a comment below!



  1. shakari denson

  2. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Shakari Denson

  3. Reply Post By Anonymous


  4. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Dayton Wade

  5. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Shakari denson

  6. Shakari Denson

  7. Reply Post By Dakota Tillman

    Shakari Denson

  8. Reply Post By Enneshia denson

    Shakari denson has done a phenomenal job and I loom forward to seeing more of him

  9. Shakari denson

  10. Reply Post By Deontay Mincey

    Shakari Denson

  11. Shakari Denson #18

  12. Reply Post By Fabiola

    Play #2, Shakari Denson

  13. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Shakari Denson

  14. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Shankar I Denson

  15. Reply Post By Jerome Washington

    Shakari Denson

  16. Reply Post By Tayshaun

    Shakari denson #18

  17. Reply Post By Eriyanna

    Shakari Denson

  18. Reply Post By BigDawg

    Shakari Denson

  19. Shakari Denison

  20. Shakari Denson!! Go Tigers! ??

  21. Reply Post By Deana Floyd

    Shakari Denson

  22. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Shakari Denison

  23. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Shakari denson

  24. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Shakari Denson #18

  25. Reply Post By Orin Williams

    Shakari Denson #18

  26. Reply Post By Jordi Anderson

    Shakari Denison, CHS, #18

  27. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Shankari Denson

  28. Reply Post By Kylie Perez

    Shakari Denson #18

  29. Reply Post By JaQueisha

    Shakari Denson

  30. Shakari Denson

  31. Reply Post By Mindy Y

    Shakari Denison!!! CHS!!!

  32. Shakari Denison CHS#18

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