Week 4 Top Plays


Welcome to the RG Top 10! In the video above we have selected 10 of the best plays we found from WEEK 4 in the state of Georgia! Most videos are courtesy of Hudl.com, Prep Sports Nation, Score Sports Network & Mason Wittner. Each exciting play is an impressive combination of athleticism and impressive football talent, but who deserves to walk away with the TOP PLAY of the weekend? That is for you to decide! 

Voting stops 10 PM Monday and you can only vote once every hour. Top 3 plays will get a featured story this week, and #1 play will receive a custom highlight, so cast your vote now, and let the best play win! – MORE TOP PLAYS

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Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!



  1. Mekhi Mews is an outstanding athlete that knows what he’s doing and adds tremendous value to his team??????

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Everything said about all of these athletes absolutely true. But this contest is about the most outstanding play. Please vote for the most outstanding play of the week, and not who had the best game. Good luck to all the athletes!

      1. Reply Post By Anonymous

        Trey Goodman!!

    2. Reply Post By Jason Millan

      Mehki Mews

  2. Reply Post By DeCareo Quarles

    Mehki Mews

  3. Reply Post By Velma sutton

    Go go

    1. Reply Post By jailed Hinton

      Mekhi andrews ! Saw a bitty with a FATTY post em on snap so go ANDREW

      1. Reply Post By Marietta Solomon

        Trey Goodman

  4. Reply Post By La'Fonte'

    Mekhi ‘THE BUS’ Mews is awesome if i must say so myself over 300 yds last game

  5. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Bryce Wilcox is an amazing Christian athlete. Awesome on and off the field. Always making outstanding plays.

  6. Reply Post By Anonymous

    It’s the Goodman catch for me if we’re talking about the best play.

  7. Reply Post By Anonymous

    All the plays are good but it’s the Goodman one handed catch for me if we’re talking about the best play.

  8. Reply Post By Bysheera Hammonds

    Mehki is such a playmaker and just an awesome young man! We are voting and praying for you!
    – Ms.Bysheera
    (Jibrahn’s mom)

    1. It’s Goodman All The Way For Me

    2. trey goodman is the truth, this is natural born instinct you cannot teach this ability, God given

  9. Go Mekhi Mews!! You are Awesome!!

  10. Let’s go Trey Goodman!! proud of all these young men, but the one armed catch has got to be the play of the week!! Outstanding!!

  11. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Trey Goodman without a doubt.

  12. Mekhi! Mekhi! Mekhi!

    1. Mehki mews for sure. he had shown outstanding potential

  13. Mehki is my favorite

  14. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Goodman’s catch is definitely a Game changer and deserving of play of the week. In my opinion


  16. Reply Post By Avery Goodman

    My nephew Trey Goodman has the catch of the week

  17. Trey you seen that

  18. mekhi mews

  19. Trey Goodman

    1. Reply Post By Myles Mcwilliams

      Mehki Mews

  20. Reply Post By GabbeyHayes

    Trey Goodman with the one-handed catch. Now, that’s what I’m talking about!!

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Maybe they should have another category catch of the week

  21. Reply Post By Marvia Williams

    I think that MEHKI MEWS Should win he’s outstanding intelligent and just all-around nice and he should win.

  22. mekhi mews Is the truth and he deserves to win please vote for him respect to all the other plays but my boy he the one one!!!

  23. Trey Goodman

  24. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Trey Goodman’s catch was insane. Easily best catch I’ve seen this year. Keep it up

  25. Trey Goodman that one handed catch that was awesome

  26. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Trey Goodman

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