Week 2 Top Plays


In the video above we have selected 10 of the best plays we found from WEEK 2 in the state of Georgia. Most videos are courtesy of Hudl.com, or the athlete themselves. Each exciting play is an impressive combination of athleticism and football talent, but who deserves to walk away with the TOP PLAY of the weekend – that is for you to decide! 


Voting stops 10 PM Tuesday and you can only vote once every hour. Top play will get a featured story on the site Wednesday night, and a custom highlight, so cast your vote now, and let the best play win! – MORE TOP PLAYS


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Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!



  1. Derwin Burgess should be the winner of the top plays of the week because he is great player with great sportsmanship and makes outstanding plays. His speed on the field is like lightning (quick).

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Marshall Chambers the best out there period H – Town ❤️?

    2. Reply Post By Anonymous

      I’m having trouble voting every hour, is anybody else having trouble voting? It is saying they already count my vote. Something is wrong and it is not fair. There are other family members that is having the same problem.

      1. I will monitor more closely, but just in the last few hours 1500 more votes went thru. I just made a vote for a player not in contention right now, and will try back in an hour exactly to see if it affects me too.

        1. No problem for me. I would suggest using your internet browser if you are doing it thru a social media link. That could potentially be the issue, but also a complete guess.

          1. Post By Elwyn Mapp

            Let’s go shemar u earned it

  2. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Great cut shamar nelson

    1. Reply Post By Elwyn Mapp

      Shemar Nelson should be the winner he made several good plays and helped when a good game

    2. Reply Post By Anonymous

      yes and i tried from a computer, it said the same thing. is there a solution?

      1. Try clearing your cookies on your browser. I don’t know what else you can do after that. I’m not seeing any errors on my end, the vote is going up steadily.

        I’ve used this voting app for awhile now and handled player of the year voting last December with zero complaints. There is not much I can do at this point, the vote has to continue. The voting app is not sourced on my website, but hosted through another called PollDaddy, which is used by news stations, it’s a very reputable poll service. I’ve been pretty confident with their service since I started.

      2. Shemar Nelson for the win! #ftl

  3. Reply Post By Wanda Cooper

    Derwin Burgess of Riverdale High should win the high school play of the week because he is an outstanding athlete.

  4. Reply Post By Toriano Rogers

    Shamar Nelson!
    Great play and he never stops after the catch.

  5. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Go Shermar!!!!!!

  6. Sharma should WIN…

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Derwin Burgess is a outstanding athlete.

  7. Reply Post By Tina Mapp

    Grandma Tina good Shemar

  8. Reply Post By Tina Mapp

    Great job keep helping your team win…….

  9. Reply Post By Jessica Jackson

    Derwin Burgess Jr. should win, hands down! His plays speak volumes! In addition to his sportsmanship and leadership on and off the field. Not to mention his grades are on point. He is a true example of a scholar athlete.

  10. Pure athleticism Shemar Nelson performed. Making one player miss. Making moves on the other players and getting the touchdown!

    1. Reply Post By Jasmine

      Rodney Shelley Should Win It. He Is A Outstanding Player. Great At All His Games And Really Deserve It.

  11. You did and you are doing your thing like No Other, keep moving, and keep it up. Shemar Nelson, grand nephew, best of luck, Auntie

    1. Reply Post By M. Nelson

      Shemar Nelson!!!

  12. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Knazier Clarke should win he is consistently making these plays

  13. Reply Post By S.Nelson

    Congratulations to all these student athletes for giving 100% on the field every play. Thanks to Georgia Recruit for selecting Shemar Nelson as one of the candidates for this week( to God be glory). Also thanks for all the support and votes that have been selected for my son. He will continue to grind. On and off the field. Best of luck to everyone. How Bulldawgs!

    1. Reply Post By Mrs.Rodriguez

      ??Go!! Derwin Burgess!! ??

  14. Reply Post By Knox Kearns

    Cob should win he grins on the field and gives 100 percent every play.

  15. Reply Post By Connie j

    Go Shemar!!!

  16. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Marshall Chambers has great sportsmanship and also is an all around young man. Marshall has my vote.

    1. Reply Post By Jasmine Cullins

      Go Rodney Shelley. He Is A Very Great Player. He Should Win It

  17. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Rodney Shelley should win

  18. Reply Post By Zondra Jones

    Rodney Shelley should be the pick of the week

    1. Reply Post By Shelley Mc

      Rodney Shelley should be the pick of the week, he’s so incredibly talented.

  19. Reply Post By Tina Mapp

    Love big man keep doing great..???

  20. Reply Post By Jay feat

    Shemar Nelson was just checking the antilock brake system…it works!! ???? ?

  21. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Shemar Nelson is the best choice based on skill and athleticism! Don’t forget the name.

  22. Reply Post By Taevin Rogers

    If voting was by play…. Definitely Shemar Nelson that’s how to make a catch and keep going know matter what

  23. You can’t over look his skills and moves, SMILE my nephew Shemar Nelson (still here for you) Auntie !

  24. Reply Post By Anonymous

    You can’t over look his skills and moves, SMILE my nephew Shemar Nelson (still here for you) !

  25. ?#Team Shemar!!!!?

  26. Rodney Shelly should get play of the week because the play wasn’t in design, it took great concentration, speed, athleticism, and football intelligence to keep up with the play and be aware of the ball. these plays may happen once a season so its a no brainer !!!!!

  27. Reply Post By Anonymous

    17 is the goat but y’all knew that

  28. Reply Post By Constance mason

    Rodney Shelley definitely deserves play of the week I mean do u see that drive that the kid has #17

  29. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Rodney Shelley Cause He Is A All Around Player

  30. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Rodney Shelley should win…..awesome player

  31. stop voting

  32. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Rodney Shelley for the Win

  33. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Rodney Shelley. The top player All Round Player.

  34. Reply Post By Stacie Andrews

    Rodney Shelley for the WIN

  35. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Let’s gooooo Shemar Nelson!!!!

  36. Reply Post By Anonymous

    #17 Rodney shelly has plenty more videos coming!! Stay tuned and watch them Westlake Lions!!

  37. Reply Post By Auntie D

    You won (Smile)??????!!

  38. Reply Post By SkeeroBaby

    Let’s get it Shemar Nelson u deserve ever bit of it!!! Yessir!!

  39. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Rodney Shelly has my vote

  40. It’s an honor to be top 10. Everyone did a great job. We look forward to meeting here again. Congratulation to my Shemar Nelson.
    Keep up the hard work and dedication what’s for you , you will have.

  41. All of the athletes looked impressive, but I am Team Shemar Nelson all the way! To God be the Glory!

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