Dutchtown’s Nelson an Impact Junior

Shamar Nelson is a 2021 slot receiver that has made his fair share of impact plays for his Dutchtown team the last few years. The ultra-quick athlete has excellent running instincts, making defenders whiff in the open field on a regular basis that draws excitement any time he touches the football.

Last week, Nelson made another spectacular play, where he caught a short pass down the sideline. The junior made the first defender miss, and started springing up field where more oncoming opponents where angling themselves for a tackle, but Nelson is lightening in a bottle. He is tough to catch.

Heading down the sideline now, Nelson made two huge cuts against the grain that sent Creekside defenders to the turf, and then used his speed to burn the rest of the defense for a 80-yard touchdown reception. The play earned him top 10 honors on our site, and with over 3000 votes, Nelson made the #1 play in the state of Georgia for Week 2, which is the 2nd time in the last two years. In fact, Nelson is the first athlete ever to win top play on our site twice, which is impressive with the amount of elite talent that has been featured in the RG Top 10.

“First I want to say thank you for nominating my touchdown,” Nelson said.

Last year, Nelson was a spark-plug for his team getting just under 300 yards receiving. Nelson climbing the high school ladder, and now entering his junior year, there are expectations and more responsibilities.

“My goals for this season is to have +100 yards per game, just get my name out there more in recruiting, and get offers coming in,” he said.

That’s individually, Nelson has an even bigger vision for his Dutchtown squad.

“Team wise, I want us to go 15-0. We talk about it all the time, and we work towards it. I know we are getting there this year.”

The college recruiting process starts for athletes at different times, but when you see a player like Nelson with his dynamic running instincts, it’s easy to see colleges starting to take notice in the 2021 athlete. 

“No I have not heard from any coaches yet, and I also haven’t been on any visits but I plan on going on some this year.”

That’s not a huge surprise, colleges can officially start contacting juniors on September 1st, but if Nelson continues to make plays like he did last Friday, you can rest assured the uber-quick receiver will be hearing from D1 colleges. You simply cannot teach his ability to shake defenders, and despite having a slender frame, he is really tough to bring down.

Last offseason, Nelson focused on a number of skill that would sharpen his game and get him ready for the 2019 season. “I improved on my route running, RAC Yards and getting open.”

When asked about who he models his game after, Nelson responded, “Somebody that I model my game after is
Marquise Brown because of his way to get open and his quickness in his routes.”

Brown, a star at Oklahoma, now a Baltimore Raven, stands only 5’9″, and Nelson is at 5’8″, so there is definitely a lot commonalities from appearance alone, but they also have the uncanny ability to make defenders miss in tight spaces. Expect more highlight plays coming this way for Shemar Nelson and the #1 ranked Dutchtown team in 5-A, so stay tuned to @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest on everything Georgia HS football.



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  2. Team Shemar! Congratulations, keep up the hard work it will pay off.

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    Yesssssss!!! Congratulations!! 🔥🔥🔥

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    Great and Wonderful work remember to stay focus on your skill and your (mind) education also.

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