Flowers Ready to Overpower Competition

Dennard Flowers made some impressive plays during his sophomore year where he was predominantly a defensive end and special teams player, but last weekend against Fayette County, the class of 2021 athlete made a play to remember. Driving down field, Hampton had set up camp right inside the redzone where they were in prime positioning to score. The passing target? Why not their 6’4″ do-it-all player Dennard Flowers.

Right at the snap Flowers went gunning up the middle of the field, positioning himself in the redzone for a jump-ball pass. The Hampton junior was quickly sandwiched by two Fayette County players, but using his excellent length, the 6’4″ Flowers was able to leap up and haul in the pass over the defenders. The play wins Week 1’s top play with right under 1000 votes, and also led his Hampton team to their first win of the season.

Flowers talked shortly about getting the first victory of the 2019 season. “It always feels good to win but I just keep my composure and just start preparing for the next game and not dwell on the past.”

As mentioned earlier, Flowers was not much of an offensive player last season, and honestly a lot was up in the air going into this fall. We asked if he had any expectations on what his role was going to be during the 2019 season.

“No, I didn’t know, but since we have such a small depth chart, I knew that me and a few other individuals would have to step up and make plays.”

With the final score only 15-13, there was no doubt that Flowers needed to make a play last weekend, and when his number was called upon, the junior was ready. Flowers was looking to make a difference, but also amends after last season.

“Going up for the catch, I was thinking about when I dropped a wide open past the previous year and that I had to redeem myself,” Flowers said.

Hampton has not made the playoffs in their short history dating back to 2014. Since their inception, head coach Chad Ashley has been there each season, and last year his Hornet squad had their best year yet with a 4-6 season. Starting off 1-0 is huge for the still young school, and is a big step towards ultimately their top team goal.

“Really our main goal as a team is to make playoffs.” Flowers continued to talk about individual achievements, “My personal goal is to wake everybody up that slept on me my sophomore year and let the work I pour in show on the field.”

Right now, no colleges have contacted Flowers just yet, but if he continues to make leaping grabs over multiple defenders, they will come calling soon enough. Flowers has gained a lot of weight from last year, that’s clear just watching his high school film, and overall, the junior has more explosiveness to his step.

At 6’4″, and just 186 lbs., the 2021 recruit still has a lot of room to grow, but there is some legit potential as a D1 receiving target at the next level, so stay tuned to @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter, as we continue to track Dennard Flowers and the rest of the athletes around the state of Georgia.


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