Week 12 Top Plays



In the video above we have selected 10 of the best plays from WEEK 12 in the state of Georgia. Most videos are courtesy of Hudl.com. Each exciting play showcases a combination of athleticism and football talent, but who deserves to walk away with the TOP Play of the weekend – that is for you to decide!


Voting stops Monday at 11 pm and you can vote up to 5 times. The winner will receive a featured article on our website, so cast your vote now, and let the best play win!






Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!



  1. Reply Post By Dorothy Morgan

    Jalen Morgan 🏈🏈 # 4
    Gives his heart and soul in every play.
    Strong, dependable, self motivated .

    1. Reply Post By yontrea bell

      Dantavian Stephens!!

  2. Reply Post By Anonymous

    That Burnam Boy

  3. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Dantavian has the #1 catch of the year

  4. Reply Post By LUCIUS ROBINSON

    This Kid Dantavian Stephens is Division 1 material as a world class trainer I give him two thumbs up, now let him in the Division 1.

  5. Reply Post By beastmode

    This keal foo

  6. Reply Post By "Slappy"

    DT……deserves too win he is a true example of what a leader should be!!!

  7. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I vote Dantavian Stephens!!! A 3 sport star that can play either at the next level

  8. Reply Post By 10ec-OG

    Jalen Morgan- Jr. BEASTMODE

  9. Reply Post By Jason Black

    Gainey is a Christian Athlete that is a great example for all young people. He will represent his school in All Star Classic fit Sophomores

  10. Reply Post By Antoine Lott

    Keep it up nephew, you have only scratched the surface of your full potential. STAY FOCUSED, STAY FOCUSED, STAY FOCUSED!!!

  11. Dantavian Stephens deserves this more than anybody. He works hard for everything and he never gives up.

  12. Reply Post By Diandra

    Jontavious Ferguson

  13. Reply Post By Diandra

    Jontavious Ferguson he’s the best player and he’s a great team player

  14. I really don’t know what is going on with the accuracy of the voting system I don’t know if it needs to be calibrated or what but I know that Jalen had almost 50% of the votes before I went to sleep last night and I get up this morning to check in on it and his votes are down to 17% REALLY. WHAT IS GOING ON? IS THIS RIGGED OR SOMETHING? I’M PROTESTING!! JALEN IS THE BEST AND YOU ALL KNOW IT. I’M INVESTIGATING. JALEN IS THE BEST JALEN IS THE BEST JALEN IS THE BEST. BEAST MODE!!! YOU Can’t stop a BEAST….BUT Y’ALL ARE TRYING. HE’S A WINNER REGARDLESS HE’S#1! JALEN IS THE BEST JALEN IS THE BEST JALEN IS THE BEST JALEN IS THE BEST!!!

  15. Reply Post By Sonia Turner

    Jontavious Ferguson let’s get it Big Blue

  16. Jontavious Ferguson. Go Big Blue

  17. Reply Post By Tonya Barmore

    I have had the pleasure of watching Jalen Morgan play football since he was a young child. Not only is he a top notch athlete in football, basketball and baseball he is also academically focused and excels in everything he does. He is a very respectful and humble young man that will go far. My vote is for Jalen Morgan!

  18. Dantavian deserves this because he’s truly amazing at what he does. He has catch of the year and the highest number interceptions in the CSRA. He deserves it!

  19. Reply Post By Angelia

    Let do this Jontavius Ferguson Go Big Blue

  20. Jontavious Ferguson. GO BIG BLUE

  21. Jontavious Ferguson. GO BIG BLUE

  22. Jontavious Ferguson. GO BIG BLUE

  23. Reply Post By Nancy James nanaj53@yahoo.com

    Jontavious Ferguson I have watched this young man play football since he was 5/6 years old. Awesome athlete. Go Big Blue!!!!?

  24. Reply Post By Anonymous


  25. Reply Post By Anonymous

    DT Stephens!

  26. A great student and gifted athlete and just a sophomore Say no more

  27. This is young man is every man’s dream for a son, well mannered, athletic, and intelligent. He display leadership in every phase of his life. Well done Jontavious Ferguson.

  28. Reply Post By Kenyada Sanders

    Jontavius Ferguson!!!! Go Big Blue 🏈🏈🏈 #11

  29. Reply Post By Echol Hood

    Dantavian Stephens gets my vote, he’s all around the best!!!!🏈🏈💯

  30. Reply Post By Demetria

    Let’s go Johntavius Ferguson!!! Go Big Blue!!!!

  31. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Now what’s going on with the votes

  32. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Jalen Morgan all day. Justin Hall left some big shoes to fill and I think the cougars have found the man to do it with him. The best part is, he’s only a splophomore. We haven’t even scratched the surface of his full potential.

  33. Reply Post By Ladavia

    My nephew Dantavian Stephens AKA Dt Stephens AKA ARC HOMECOMING KING. He plays amazing & gives it his all. He has only been playing high school football for 2 years since he was hurt in middle school. You honestly can’t tell. Thanks to all & don’t forget to vote DT

  34. Reply Post By Tom Walsh

    Jontavious Ferguson, fantastic on both offense and defense. Go Blue

  35. Reply Post By Tom Walsh

    Ferguson is a weapon for Manchester Blue Devils. Gotta watch him on every play.

  36. Reply Post By Jalisa Fergusom

    The one and only Jontavious Ferguson. A beast on that field. #11

  37. Reply Post By Eugene Garlin

    Keep the highlights coming J.Morgan… your skills are undeniable!!! You got my vote nephew week after week. Don’t Stop “THEY SEE YOU”

  38. Reply Post By Michelle Burley-Oliver

    I vote DT Stephens he gives it his all and he well deserves it. A great all around player.

  39. Dt man not just one play , he’s always pulling a 🐇 out tha 🎩 . See for your self check him out MAXX PREP

  40. Reply Post By Anonymous

    And the winner is……. drum roll please!!

    DT STEPHENS!!!!!!!!

  41. Denfenders miss tackles all day but a play like dantavian’s , requires hand eyes, agility, versatility and most of all consentration.

  42. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I think Dantavian (DT) Stephens is the winner!!! You can catch him in the State Playoffs against Woodward Academy Friday at 7:30. He will probably be the one that is being double covered. lol

  43. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I vote Dantavian Stephens, he’s the one, gives his all.

  44. Dantavian Stephens gets my vote.

  45. Dantavian Stephens is a hard working young man, he has my vote

  46. Dantavian Stephens is the one,he has my vote.

  47. Dantavian Stephens is a go getter, he has my vote.

  48. I vote Dantavian Stephens, I’ve been watching him for a long time, he your man.

  49. Dantavian Stephens is your man, he has my vote.

  50. Reply Post By Shawanda Wilson

    Dantavian Stephens hands down

  51. Reply Post By Gee Wilson

    Dantavian Stephens has my vote!

  52. Reply Post By Mary Wilcher

    Dantavian Stephens is on point

  53. Reply Post By Sunshine

    Dantavian Stephens is my pick!

  54. Reply Post By Shawanda Robertson Wilson

    I pick Dantavian Stephens

  55. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Going with ARC Dantavian Stephens as my pick.

  56. Reply Post By Brian Russell

    Jaylen Morgan- He’s committed, talented, displays character on and off the field and a team player. Keep up the great work Jaylen!!

    1. Reply Post By Brian Russell


    2. Reply Post By Barbara Russell


  57. Dantavian stephens

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