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Click the links below to immediately start rating profiles from our +2300 Georgia ONLY football player database! If you have not familiarized yourself with our unique user submitted rating system then learn more and read beneath the links!



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You have the to power rate any player in our database.

That is right, Recruit Georgia followers, you can evaluate any player from our database. In fact, over a thousand players have already been rated. So we want to continue hearing your opinion about Georgia’s top athletes, and we think this user-rating system is perfect. 

The player database automatically sorts by the highest average rating out of a 1-5 star system.

5681576114913280Let’s explain our system a little more in depth. The more people who rate a profile highly, the earlier a player will be listed in our database. In contrast, if you were to rate a player lower, they will drop down in our database.

You have the power to dictate where a player is positioned. Thousands of coaches follow our Twitter account and being on the first page will absolutely increase a prospect’s exposure.

When searching our database, click on any athletes picture to enter their RG Profile. Two options are under a players picture; scoop and rate. Press/click on rate.  

Adding a rating to a player is easy. Fell free to provide your name (or a fake one) and email address or write it anonymously – to our rating system it doesn’t matter. No registration is required and ratings are instantaneous. Literally anyone can submit a rating. 

Provide appropriate ratings, share your thoughts, and make the Recruit Georgia Player Ratings more accurate. Everyone’s analysis is welcome, malicious comments are not!

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to leave a comment below, email or send us a message on Twitter.

Start rating now and get your teammates onto the front page of not just their class, but there overall position now too. The database is in YOUR hands (links down below).



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  1. These rankings are so biased. 99% are from metro Atlanta, that’s a joke. If you send 80% of those meteo Atl kids below Forsyth and play Mary Persons, Northside, Warner Robins, Houston Co., Jones Co., Westside-Macon, Peach Co, Dooly Co, West Laurens, Hawkinsville, Washington Co., Valdosta, Lowndes, Thomas Co Central. Macon Co, Upson-Lee, and the 30-40 other powerhouse country strong, cow topping schools they would walk away with their tail between their legs. That’s why they won’t play below the Ga Mason-Dixon line. Stockbridge gets their heads beat in the 1st rd of playoffs historically because they usually play a south Ga power like Peach. If Grayson, Buford, N Gwinnett would come play a preseason or spring game vs Northside-WR, Peach Co, or Washington Co they would not come back for another generation.

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