Slept-On Seter Has Sensational Senior Season


Moving to a new state in your senior year can be tough for any high school student, but for a high school football player like John Seter, it can be downright debilitating to your college recruitment. Consistently we see seniors that are new to the state overlooked by college scouts. There is no clear reason why outside of the fact that they get lost in the shuffle of the chaotic college recruiting process. 

John SeterSo let us introduce you to Lovejoy’s gun-slinging quarterback John Seter, who lived in Connecticut just prior to this season. The 2017 recruit has good height at 6’4″ and throws a nice tight spiral on his passes, which leaves our staff scratching our heads—how come no colleges have offered?

Seter has put together an impressive senior performance. He has thrown for 2,102 yards on the season, completed 117 passes out of 196 and converted 23 touchdowns. Scratch a few drops here and there, and those numbers only continue to climb.

It is surprising to say the least, and hopefully a situation that will be rectified soon enough. College scouts looking for a diamond-in-the-rough quarterback must watch his film at the top of the article. Seter has all the tools to become a serious college signal-caller; he just needs the opportunity provided.

Click HERE to view his Recruit Georgia profile.

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